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Top Being Worried And Scared Quotes

Being Worried And Scared Quotes By Chantal Kreviazuk

Of course, I would be depressed sometimes, and my Mom would be worried about me because I would just sleep to escape. Cause I was so scared of being a musician or artist, or whatever you want to call it. — Chantal Kreviazuk

Being Worried And Scared Quotes By Fredrik Backman

It's just as easy to be exclusive as it is to be inclusive, just as easy to create an Us as a Them. Benji has never been worried about being beaten up or hated if anyone finds out the truth about him; he's been hated by every opposing team since he was a child. The only thing he's scared of is that one day there will be jokes that his teammates and coach won't tell when he's in the room. The exclusivity of laughter. — Fredrik Backman

Being Worried And Scared Quotes By J.L. Merrow

I was worried I'd scared you off," I said as I slid into the passenger seat. "Being too gay and all." "No - I, er ... " He hesitated, and I looked at him sharply. Well, slightly less bluntly, anyway. My head still hurt. "I don't have a problem with you being gay, Jude. I'm ... well, I'm into blokes myself." "You are?" I may have squeaked a bit. "But you're so ... " Butch, I should have said. And manly, and muscular, and gorgeous, and I bet you're hairy too in all the right places. What came out was, "Straight. — J.L. Merrow

Being Worried And Scared Quotes By Sandra Bullock

Stop being scared of the unknown, because anything I worried about didn't happen. Other stuff happened. The unknown, we can't do anything about, — Sandra Bullock

Being Worried And Scared Quotes By Maria V. Snyder

You had me tied in knots. You saved Belen's life, and I wanted to kill and thank you all at the same time. And during those nights when we didn't know if you'd live or die, I went from being angry, to worried to frustrated to scared all within a single heartbeat. If you had die, I would have killed you. — Maria V. Snyder

Being Worried And Scared Quotes By Nick Harkaway

There is a sense that everything should be easy, but easy decisions are the ones we should be scared of because if they're easy then we're probably being sold something. This is why I'm worried about "nudge" - it's pushing people in the direction of what you think they should be doing. Easy decisions are dangerous ones. — Nick Harkaway

Being Worried And Scared Quotes By Mel Brooks

Being brave is being scared and worried and still doing it [what you do]. Because if you're just a wacko, a mashugana, a crazy guy, then you're not brave, your nuts! — Mel Brooks