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Top Being Stripped Bare Quotes

Being Stripped Bare Quotes By Vanessa Jaye

Looks to me like Felicity didn't enjoy being mauled, Daniel pointed out reasonably. When what he reasonably wanted to do, was shove Stuart's head so far up his ass the next time he gargled he'd give himself a colonic. -Felicity Stripped Bare — Vanessa Jaye

Being Stripped Bare Quotes By Holly Black

Don't." She looks directly into my eyes. After a month of being forced to avoid her, I feel stripped bare by her gaze. "You can be as much of a charming bastard as you want, but you're never going to bullshit your way into my heart again. — Holly Black

Being Stripped Bare Quotes By Annabeth Albert

This is what you like, isn't it?" Ben held him tight, big body surrounding Maddox, strength meeting strength. "Slow and soft?" "Love being close to you," Maddox admitted, soul stripped bare by this unexpected side of Ben. "Don't even need to come. Just kissing and rubbing like this is...special." "Yeah, it is." Ben didn't laugh at his sappiness. Instead, his eyes were dark and intense in the early morning light. "Wanted this so long." "Me — Annabeth Albert

Being Stripped Bare Quotes By Melissa Cutler

How much the pain grew inside him after Ossie died until the only way to deal with it was to throw himself into the fray. And the whole time, Vanessa's body was wrapped around him like she was the only one being strong as a shield while he stripped his life bare. — Melissa Cutler