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Top Being Inspired By Music Quotes

Being Inspired By Music Quotes By Eugene H. Peterson

Deception is nowhere more common than in religion. And the persons most easily and damningly deceived are the leaders. Those who deceive others are first themselves deceived, for not many, I think, begin with evil intent. The devil, after all, is a spiritual being. His usual mode of temptation is not an obvious evil but to an apparent good. The commonest forms of devil-inspired worship do not take place furtively at black masses with decapitated cats but flourish under the bright lights of acclaim and glory, in a swirl of organ music. — Eugene H. Peterson

Being Inspired By Music Quotes By Nickolas Ashford

I think I can see people wanting to hear more music-music now as opposed to all hip-hop. You know, which I have nothing against hip-hop. I think some of it is really good. But on the other hand, some of the real great artists are just being lost because they're not getting the airplay or anything to make them inspired to record again. — Nickolas Ashford

Being Inspired By Music Quotes By Roy Hargrove

Well David "Fathead" Newman was my first experience with improvisation. When I saw him play for the first time I realized that there is an importance of spontaneous music being made on the spot. It was so soulful and singing through his horn. So that's how I was inspired early on. — Roy Hargrove

Being Inspired By Music Quotes By Idina Menzel

People have these incredible expectations. So instead of being inspired by, say, Joni Mitchell's music, I look at it and say to myself, 'I'm going to quit - why would I think of writing or performing after listening to that?' — Idina Menzel

Being Inspired By Music Quotes By Pete Townshend

Link is a quiet man to meet- easy and courteous. His music, though, betrays that deep inside he gets very very mean very often. I remember being made very uneasy the first time I heard Rumble , and yet very excited by the guitar sound. And his voice! He sounds like a cross between Jagger and Van Morrison, even sometimes like Robbie Robertson. We met him in New York in 1970 while recording Who's Next ... this later inspired the b-side Wasp Man, a tune we dedicated to Link Wray. — Pete Townshend

Being Inspired By Music Quotes By Ziggy Marley

I'm inspired to do music. I really can't stop unless I stop being inspired. — Ziggy Marley

Being Inspired By Music Quotes By Kytka Hilmar-Jezek

One significant development with regards to these muses of modern-day art is that the gender roles that were used in the past are no longer valid. The days where the women were the ones who solely inspired the men are no longer as both men and women alike are able to make efforts to create music and other forms of art. — Kytka Hilmar-Jezek

Being Inspired By Music Quotes By John Zande

To possess and exercise omniscience is to never have sensed temperature, experienced a single emotion, or practiced a single vice. It is to have never been amazed, concerned, analytical, or sympathetic. By exercising omniscience, an Omni-maximum being could not move, be moved, or inspired. Such a being could not interfere, empathise, interject, alter, adjust, or give advice. Ever. Such a being could not devise a plan, hear music, imagine a story, or recognise art or deviancy in any guise, for it could never differentiate creativity from cold reality. Such a being could not know doubt, desire, success, or failure. It could not, therefore, know itself, and if it is incapable of that, then it is incapable of experiencing pleasure. — John Zande

Being Inspired By Music Quotes By Tess Henley

My voice is a combination of how I grew up and what I was listening to growing up. I like a lot of different kinds of music and am always being inspired in different ways by different artists for different reasons. — Tess Henley

Being Inspired By Music Quotes By Mary Balogh

I fancy the romantic image of myself being soothed and inspired by music and the sweet aroma and flickering lights of candles. — Mary Balogh

Being Inspired By Music Quotes By Tristan Prettyman

Writing music obviously comes from being inspired by things, and big changes in your life, and relationships and growing older and being more independent. — Tristan Prettyman

Being Inspired By Music Quotes By Amy Lee

I love contrast in music. Being inspired by classical, actually - in high school especially - classical and metal both, I remember having this cool realization that they are really similar. It's just different instrumentation. — Amy Lee

Being Inspired By Music Quotes By Marina And The Diamonds

[Being in the States] is almost like being on a holiday. It's kind of annoying because everyone's like "Oh, you're so obsessed with America," but it's not really that. I just really enjoy being here - I'm not the first British artist to make music here and be inspired by the country. — Marina And The Diamonds