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Being Buzzed Quotes By Robinne Lee

I awoke some hours later to Hayes's body sliding up against mine, his arm wrapping around my waist, drawing me into his warmth. Like being in a womb. His breath soft at the back of my neck.

"You came back to me," his lips buzzed my ear.

"Of course I did. Liam."

He laughed.

"Wait. Whose room is this?"

"Mr. Marchand's."

"Crap. I might be in the wrong room."

He smiled, rolling me over to face him. "Hiiii."


"You want to come to an August Moon concert with me tonight?"

"It depends..." I said.

"It depends?"

"Do I have good seats?"

His finger was tracing my cheekbone. "You can sit on my face."

"Okay. In that case I'll come. — Robinne Lee

Being Buzzed Quotes By Annette Funicello

Then, as now, the Disney studio buzzed with activity. You had a strong impression of being at the center of something very exciting. — Annette Funicello

Being Buzzed Quotes By Nora Roberts

Pleasure at simply being there had him swinging fast across the road, shooting up the snaking lane carved into the rock, then, in shock, slamming on the brakes to avoid crashing into a high iron gate.
He scowled at it for a moment before the intercom beside his car buzzed on.
"Templeton House.May i help you?"
"What the hell is this? Who put this damn thing up?"
"I-Mr. Joshua?"
Recognizing the voice, he struggled to bank down on his irritation. "Annie, open this ridiculous gate,will you? And unless we're under attack, leave the damn thing open. — Nora Roberts

Being Buzzed Quotes By Chris Rock

Every now and then I'm in a situation where someone doesn't recognize me, and I experience racism. Things like not being buzzed into a store or sitting in first class on a plane and having someone ask to see my ticket four times. — Chris Rock

Being Buzzed Quotes By Tim Lebbon

She had already contacted her Peacemaker to ensure that everything there was as it should be. Ironholgs had spat and buzzed as if annoyed at being disturbed, but all was well. She yearned to be back in the ship, alone. — Tim Lebbon