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Battle Of Trenton Quotes By John A. Lejeune

From the Battle of Trenton to the Argonne, Marines have won foremost honors in war, and in the long eras of tranquility at home, generation after generation of Marines have grown gray in war in both hemispheres and in every corner of the seven seas, that our country and its citizens might enjoy peace and security. — John A. Lejeune

Battle Of Trenton Quotes By Talon P.S.

The echo of two boys playing in a pool testing each other to see who could hold their breath the longest.
... Whadda ya wanna do now? - I know, we could wrestle like the Roman gladiators - Okay - What do we fight for? - Loser has to do the victor's homework for a week - Nah, raise the stakes. Loser has to suck the victor's johnny - Trenton recalled the long ago memory of two boys wrestling, butt naked in the back yard and the battle went on forever locked in each other's grip. A stalemate tangle in each other's arm. And they kissed finding each other's tongue. The taste of it so good and frightening at the same time and they pulled apart fearfully - Deez - Yeah Trent - I don't think we should tell anyone about this, okay? - Yeah okay - — Talon P.S.

Battle Of Trenton Quotes By Trenton Lee Stewart

So began one of the fiercest and strangest battles ever fought, a battle that involved all manner of business supplies, elegant clothing and accessories, and no shortage of trickery and taunts. — Trenton Lee Stewart