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Banned Love Quotes By Hans Urs Von Balthasar

We no longer dare to believe in beauty and we make of it a mere appearance in order the more easily to dispose of it. Our situation today shows that beauty demands for itself at least as much courage and decision as do truth and goodness, and she will not allow herself to be separated and banned from her two sisters without taking them along with herself in an act of mysterious vengeance. We can be sure that whoever sneers at her name as if she were the ornament of a bourgeois past
whether he admits it or not
can no longer pray and soon will no longer be able to love. — Hans Urs Von Balthasar

Banned Love Quotes By Jung Chang

I would love mainland Chinese to read my book. There is a Chinese translation which I worked on myself, published in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Many copies have gone into China but it is still banned. — Jung Chang

Banned Love Quotes By Steven Pinker

In behaviorism, an infant's talents and abilities didn't matter because there was no such thing as a talent or an ability. Watson had banned them from psychology, together with other contents of the mind, such as ideas, beliefs, desires, and feelings. They were subjective and unmeasurable, he said, and unfit for science, which studies only objective and measurable things. To a behaviorist, the only legitimate topic for psychology is overt behavior and how it is controlled by the present and past environment. (There is an old joke in psychology: What does a behaviorist say after making love? "It was good for you; how was it for me?") — Steven Pinker

Banned Love Quotes By Clyde Brion Davis

If a novelist were so uncouth and possessed of so little moral sense that he should write of illicit love, his book would be barred from the public libraries and he woukd be ostracized by society. — Clyde Brion Davis

Banned Love Quotes By Marco Rubio

I love the people of Venezuela. I want that country to have freedom. I want it to have human rights and to be banned by a dictator like Nicolas Maduro is, to me, a badge of honor. — Marco Rubio

Banned Love Quotes By Isaac Bashevis Singer

While the poet entertains he continues to search for eternal truths, for the essence of being. In his own fashion he tries to solve the riddle of time and change, to find an answer to suffering, to reveal love in the very abyss of cruelty and injustice. Strange as these words may sound I often play with the idea that when all the social theories collapse and wars and revolutions leave humanity in utter gloom, the poet
whom Plato banned from his Republic
may rise up to save us all. — Isaac Bashevis Singer

Banned Love Quotes By Jill Thrussell

A world where love can be banned. Your fate is dictated by the highest bidder. Exports have no choice. — Jill Thrussell

Banned Love Quotes By Jennifer Lowery

He was too explosive for her to touch him so intimately. It would lead to the wrong things. And places he'd banned himself from. As her protector, he had to stay away from her. That was how it worked. This, he could not stray from. Not again.
Even if it killed him. — Jennifer Lowery

Banned Love Quotes By Jennifer Aniston

It would be great to have a little getaway place somewhere hot, maybe down in Mexico, since I love it there. But now that I've banned myself from the sun, I don't know how that will work. — Jennifer Aniston

Banned Love Quotes By Stanley Coren

For those who love dogs, it would be the worst form of a lie to call any place where dogs were banned "Paradise." Certainly no loving God would separate people from their canine friends for eternity. — Stanley Coren