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At Any Given Moment Quotes By Stephanie Zacharek

It's impossible to tell what's going on at any given moment in Tomb of the Dragon Emperor; it's even harder to care about being able to tell. — Stephanie Zacharek

At Any Given Moment Quotes By William James

If we claim only reasonable probability, it will be as much as men who love the truth can ever at any given moment hope to have within their grasp. Pretty surely it will be more than we could have had, if we were unconscious of our liability to err. — William James

At Any Given Moment Quotes By George Orwell

At any given moment, there is a sort of all pervading orthodoxy, a general tacit agreement not to discuss large and uncomfortable facts. — George Orwell

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Michael Brown

A reliable indicator we have entered present moment awareness is if our experience, no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable it may feel at any given moment, is infused with gratefulness. — Michael Brown

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Diana Nyad

Take every minute, one at a time. Don't be fooled by a perfect sea at any given moment. Accept and rise to whatever circumstance presents itself. Be in it full tilt, your best self. Summon your courage, your true grit. When the body fades, don't let negative edges of despair creep in. Allowing flecks of negativity leads to a Pandora's box syndrome. You can't stop the doubts once you consent to let them seep into your tired, weakened brain. You must set your will. Set it now. Let nothing penetrate or cripple it. — Diana Nyad

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Thomas Huxley

Only one absolute certainty is possible to man, namely that at any given moment the feeling which he has exists. — Thomas Huxley

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Iain Pears

It is a machine which I invented, designed and built. It is a way of gaining access to a variety of realities. As I say, at the moment it leads to a world created from Henry's imagination.' 'Does he know?' 'No, and I'd prefer it if you didn't tell him. He might be offended.' 'What do you mean by variety of realities?' 'It means that for any given state of the universe, there are an infinite number of other possibilities. For example, we came to this restaurant and you ordered chicken. You could have ordered fish. A universe where you did order fish is a viable alternative to this one. One where you ordered roast Brontosaurus is more distant and more difficult to access.' Rosie's — Iain Pears

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Bruno Maddox

The forces of chaos, I had learned, were only *enemy forces if you attempted to resist them. The moment you accepted the idea that your life could, and probably would, veer off in an implausible new direction at any given moment, those forces started working *for you. Because if anything was possible...well, then *anything was possible. — Bruno Maddox

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Steven Erikson

In natural justice, Arathan, the weak cannot hide, unless we grant them the privilege. And understand, it is ever a privilege, for wich the weak should be eternally grateful. At any given moment, should the strong will it, they can swing a sword and end the life of the weak. And that will be today's lesson. Forbearance. — Steven Erikson

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Amaka Imani Nkosazana

At any given moment, your circumstances can change. You may not be where you want to be right now. You may not even be doing what you prefer to do. But, if you change your way of thinking and realize that you have all the opportunities available to you just like each one of us. You can begin to focus on what you want to achieve and make it happen — Amaka Imani Nkosazana

At Any Given Moment Quotes By David Levithan

How to Be Alone
Remember that at any given moment
There are a thousand things
You can love — David Levithan

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Sarah Paulson

Anything is possible, and the truth is any human being at any given moment, no matter how good they are - not only at their job but also as a person - they're capable of anything, and it's not always a conscious thing. — Sarah Paulson

At Any Given Moment Quotes By H.E. Davey

Emotional baggage, which is carried over from the past, colors our perceptions. Likewise, past conclusions and beliefs, based on reasoning that may or may not have been accurate, also tint our perception of reality. Retaining our capacity for reason is common sense, but definite conclusions and beliefs keep us from seeing life as it really is at any given moment.
Emotional reactions can be unreasonable, and reason can be flawed. It's difficult to have deep confidence in either one, especially when they're often at war with each other. But the universal mind exists in the instant, in a moment beyond time, and it sees the universe as it literally is. It's the universe perceiving itself. It is, moreover, something we can have absolute confidence in, and with that confidence, we can maintain a genuinely positive attitude. — H.E. Davey

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Kevin Michel

Every hour of your life that ticks by, there are numerous points and moments when you can choose to pause - and be aware of your mental and physical state. At any given point, you can freeze the flow that is your life, and be fully conscious for a moment. — Kevin Michel

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Gary Kemp

In the '80s the band was 24/7. You were only as good as what you were producing at any given moment. Now my family is more important. I also think having the shock of your mum and dad dying humbles you slightly. — Gary Kemp

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Darren Fletcher

Some critics could argue that club or fun pop-y dance music isn't meaningful, when it totally is. All different types of music are meaningful depending on what people are going through in their lives at any given moment. — Darren Fletcher

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Leo Tolstoy

The activity of a commander-in-chief does not at all resemble the activity we imagine to ourselves when we sit at ease in our studies examining some campaign on the map, with a certain number of troops on this and that side in a certain known locality, and begin our plans from some given moment. A commander-in-chief is never dealing with the beginning of any event - the position from which we always contemplate it. The commander-in-chief is always in the midst of a series of shifting events and so he never can at any moment consider the whole import of an event that is occurring. Moment by moment the event is imperceptibly shaping itself, and at every moment of this continuous, uninterrupted shaping of events the commander-in-chief is in the midst of a most complex play of intrigues, worries, contingencies, authorities, projects, counsels, threats, and deceptions and is continually obliged to reply to innumerable questions addressed to him, which constantly conflict with one another. — Leo Tolstoy

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Elizabeth Berg

You are always in my thoughts. When you were little, I knew your whereabouts at any given moment. Now that you are ... off on your own, I still always know where you are, because I keep you in my heart. — Elizabeth Berg

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Jill Smokler

See, this favorite child of mine changes by the day. No, by the minute, actually. Who is this favorite child of mine? It's the particular one who is pissing me off least at any given moment in time. They have all had their fair share of being the favorite and they have all inspired the "Oh my God, did I really give birth to you" moments as well. It's one of the best things about having more than one child: there's always another one to go to when one of the others is driving you up a fucking wall. — Jill Smokler

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Anonymous

Our tendency to notice the very things we are thinking about or have just learned at any given moment: — Anonymous

At Any Given Moment Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

I came to see myself one day and it was like looking into a mirror. I came to see that at any given moment, I am both equally ready to stay and to leave. It's like I always have my luggage with me and I can unpack or repack on short notice. I guess that's something you can call a traveler's heart. You are ready to stay with every atom in your body; but you are also ready to leave that way. You're not afraid of forever but you're also not afraid of nothing at all. — C. JoyBell C.

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Stephen Richards

It's just nice to reflect sometimes and remember the things and people that are making a huge impact at any given moment. — Stephen Richards

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Ben Parr

Trending topics helped make Twitter a more relevant metric of what the world was talking about at any given moment. Google has worked for years in the space, most notably with Google Trends and Hot Searches, but Google+ offers the search giant the ability to see what is truly trending in real time. — Ben Parr

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Gypsie M. Holley

Regret doesn't make sense to me. I have none. Because I realize that what I do at any given moment, is my decision to make, already accepting either benefit or consequence of that action. So, regret is a useless word, and knowledge is the result. — Gypsie M. Holley

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Marcel Proust

At first he had appreciated only the material quality of the sounds which those instruments secreted. And it had been a source of keen pleasure when, below the narrow ribbon the violin part, delicate, unyielding, substantial and governing the whole, he had suddenly perceived, where it was trying to surge upwards in a flowing tide of sound, the mass of the piano-part, multiform, coherent, level, and breaking everywhere in melody like the deep blue tumult of the sea, silvered and charmed into a minor key by the moonlight. But at a given moment, without being able to distinguish any clear outline, or to give a name to what was pleasing him, suddenly enraptured, he had tried to collect, to treasure in his memory the phrase or harmony - he knew not which - that had just been played, and had opened and expanded his soul, just as the fragrance of certain roses, wafted upon the moist air of evening, has the power of dilating our nostrils. — Marcel Proust

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Michael Dirda

At any given moment, I've always assumed that nearly everyone around me was smarter than I was, more naturally gifted, quicker-witted, and probably capable of understanding Heidegger and Derrida. — Michael Dirda

At Any Given Moment Quotes By H.E. Davey

Retaining our capacity for reason
is common sense, but definite conclusions and beliefs keep us from seeing life as it really is at any given moment. — H.E. Davey

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Genesis P-Orridge

Art and life really are the same, and both can only be about a spiritual journey, a path towards a re-union with a supreme creator, with god, with the divine; and this is true no matter how unlikely, how strange, how unorthodox, one's particular life path might appear to one's self or others at any given moment. — Genesis P-Orridge

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Nicole Williams

Why did he have to be everything I did and everything I didn't need at any given moment? — Nicole Williams

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Andre Brink

I can see it, hear it, feel it, taste it - but I can never be on the inside of it with you. I cannot even be sure whether I really know what it is like. Is it 'like' my own? Or incomparable? Just as I can never know if what you see at any given moment is exactly the same as what I see. We look at a colour. We both call it red. But it is only because we have been taught to call it by that name. There is no guarantee - not ever - that we see it in the same way, that your red is my red. — Andre Brink

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Charlotte Joko Beck

It's of no use to look back and say, "I should have been different." At any given moment, we are the way we are, and we see what we're able to see. For that reason, guilt is always inappropriate. — Charlotte Joko Beck

At Any Given Moment Quotes By George Orwell

From the totalitarian point of view history is something to be created rather than learned. A totalitarian state is in effect a theocracy, and its ruling caste, in order to keep its position, has to be thought of as infallible. But since, in practice, no one is infallible, it is frequently necessary to rearrange past events in order to show that this or that mistake was not made, or that this or that imaginary triumph actually happened. Then again, every major change in policy demands a corresponding change of doctrine and a revelation of prominent historical figures. This kind of thing happens everywhere, but is clearly likelier to lead to outright falsification in societies where only one opinion is permissible at any given moment. Totalitarianism demands, in fact, the continuous alteration of the past, and in the long run probably demands a disbelief in the very existence of objective truth. — George Orwell

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Sarah Dessen

For me, family means the silent treatment. At any given moment, someone is always not speaking to someone else.'
Really,' I said.
We're passive-aggressive people,' she explained, taking a sip of her coffee. 'Silence is our weapon of choice. Right now, for instance, I'm not speaking to two of my sisters and one brother ... At mine [my house], silence is golden. And common.'
To me,' Reggie said, picking up a bottle of Vitamin A and moving it thoughtfully from one hand to the other, 'family is, like, the wellspring of human energy. The place where all life begins.' ...
Harriet considered this as she took a sip of coffee. 'Huh,' she said. 'I guess when someone else does something worse. Then you need people on your side, so you make up with one person, jsut as you're getting pissed off at another.'
So it's an endless cycle,' I said.
I guess.' She took another sip. 'Coming together, falling apart. Isn't that what families are all about? — Sarah Dessen

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Patricia Vanasse

I've learned that the only things we are in control of are the choices we make at any one given moment. — Patricia Vanasse

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Michel Foucault

In any given culture and at any given moment, there is always only one 'episteme' that defines the conditions of possibility of all knowledge, whether expressed in theory or silently invested in a practice. — Michel Foucault

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Richard Harris

[A]s you will come to see, everything in life comes at a price. Nothing is free, not a single thing, tangible or intangible. There is an equilibrium at play all the time. For every gain, there is a loss of equal value. For every heart that is broken, one is sutured. It's called balance, and it's the only reason the universe doesn't collapse onto itself at any given moment. — Richard Harris

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

True wisdom gives the only possible answer at any given moment, and that night, going back to bed was the only possible answer. — Elizabeth Gilbert

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Sophia Dembling

Another explained, I think I'd speak for any introvert when I say if you could hear all the thoughts running through an introvert's mind at any given moment - you'd feel like you'd just had your ear talked off for the last hour. — Sophia Dembling

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Martin Heidegger

He who never says anything cannot keep silent at any given moment. — Martin Heidegger

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Janine Crowley Haynes

embrace this thing called bipolar disorder is not an easy task. You live day to day with the realization that you can lose your mind at any given moment. It's not my intention to minimize other physical ailments, because they are truly hardships as well. However, losing control of your sanity brings along with it a fear that can only be understood through the experience. — Janine Crowley Haynes

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Julia Golding

Ram, can't you see it doesn't matter anymore what I do, but you, you're still needed at home. You go. If my people are still there, tell them the truth. Let them rejoice that Fergox took me away before I could do any more damage to my country."

"No, I refuse that mission, Princess. See, you are still ordering me around like a ruler--it's in you, it's what you are meant to be, no matter what others are telling you. I've given my word that I'll only escape with you by my side. So forget about yourself for a moment: if you care anything about me, about the fate of my country and yours, you are coming with me or I don't go."

"But, Ram--"

"You've got my little horse still?"

She nodded.

"I believe that in the Islands it is understood that when you accepted it, you took responsibility for my soul. I'm holding you to that, Tashi. — Julia Golding

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Frank Herbert

A man is a fool not to put everything he has, at any given moment, into what he is creating. You're there now doing the thing on paper. You're not killing the goose, you're just producing an egg. So I don't worry about inspiration, or anything like that. It's a matter of just sitting down and working. I have never had the problem of a writing block. I've heard about it. I've felt reluctant to write on some days, for whole weeks, or sometimes even longer. I'd much rather go fishing, for example, or go sharpen pencils, or go swimming, or what not. But, later, coming back and reading what I have produced, I am unable to detect the difference between what came easily and when I had to sit down and say, "Well, now it's writing time and now I'll write." There's no difference on paper between the two. — Frank Herbert

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Wayne Dyer

Faith is a way of going within and creating a sense of control over one's life at any given moment. — Wayne Dyer

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Lisa See

A woman isn't just one thing. The past is in us, constantly changing us. Heartache and failure shift our perspectives as do joy and triumphs. At any moment, on any given day, we can be friends, competitors, or enemies. We can be generous or stingy, loving or petty, helpful or untrustworthy. — Lisa See

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

My hips bristle with totems and talismans, proof that I am not simply a character in a fixed book or film. I am no single narrative. As neither Rebecca de Winter nor Jane Eyre, I am free to revise my story, to reinvent myself, my world, at any given moment. Advancing beside Archer, I am resplendent in my savage finery of seized power. In my service charge the collected blackguards of a dozen tyrants now dispatched to a lesser oblivion. My fingers, stained crimson with the blood of despots, are not the fingers which paged through the paper lives of helpless romantic heroines. No more am I a passive damsel who waits for circumstance to decide her fate; now have I become the scalawag, the swashbuckler, the Heathcliff of my dreams bent on rescuing myself. For now do I embody all the traits I had so hoped to find in Goran. Meaning: No longer am I limited. — Chuck Palahniuk

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Harry Truman

People who run for office and are defeated aren't rejected in the usual sense of the word. They're just defeated because they couldn't get enough votes that one time. It doesn't mean the public despises them. It's a preference for somebody else for that particular office at that particular moment, that's all. The examples I've given have shown that when those men were passed up, they were still highly thought of and were still great men. There were a good many like that. You take the Adams family. After John Quincy Adams passed on, there were Adams descendants in Lincoln's cabinet. They wrote important histories and things of that kind. Even in the states, some good men are governors who have been defeated previously in elections, even in previous tries for governor. If they don't become pessimists and decide to lay down and take it, if they get up and start over again, why, they don't have any trouble. — Harry Truman

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Mya

Clothing, hair and make-up are just reflective of how I am feeling at any given moment and that varies from day to day. — Mya

At Any Given Moment Quotes By James Gleick

You can't waste time and you can't save time; you can only choose what you do at any given moment ... — James Gleick

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Dave Barry

Tokyo is huge. Something like 15 million people live there, and my estimate is that at any given moment, 14.7 million of them are lost. — Dave Barry

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Honore De Balzac

Was she acting entirely consciously? No: women are always sincere, even in the midst of their most shocking duplicities, because it is always some natural emotion which dominates them. Perhaps, having given this young man such a hold on her, by having openly demonstrated her affection for him, Delphine was merely responding to a sense of personal dignity, which led her either to revoke any concessions she might have made or, at least, to enjoy suspending them. Even at the very moment when passion seizes her, it is perfectly natural for a Parisian woman to delay her final fall, as a way of testing the heart of the man into whose hands she is about to deliver herself and her future! — Honore De Balzac

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Walter Lippmann

What each man does is based not on direct and certain knowledge, but on pictures made by himself or given to him ... The way in which the world is imagined determines at any particular moment what men will do. — Walter Lippmann

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Paul Caponigro

Can you keep your balance? Can you see what and where you are at any given moment? — Paul Caponigro

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Paulo Coelho

He knew that any given thing on the face of the earth could reveal the history of all things. One could open a book to any page, or look at a person's hand; one could turn a card, or watch the flight of birds ... whatever the thing observed, one could find a connection with his experience of the moment. Actually, it wasn't that those things, in themselves, revaled anything at all; it was just that people, looking at what was ocurring around them, could find a means of penetration to the Soul of the World. — Paulo Coelho

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Anne Lamott

I do know the sorrow of being ordinary, and that much of our life is spent doing the crazy mental arithmetic of how, at any given moment, we might improve, or at least disguise or present our defects and screw-ups in either more charming or more intimidating ways. — Anne Lamott

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Jodi Picoult

I've been doing my job, but who cares, if the system keeps on creating situations where my job is necessary? Shouldn't we focus on the big picture, instead of just catching whatever falls out the window at any given moment? — Jodi Picoult

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

A leader who accepts the outside financing of his movement is like the man who accustoms his body to live on medication. To the extent an organism is administered medication, to the same extent it is condemned to being unable to react on its own. Moreover, when it is deprived of the medication, it dies; it is at the mercy of the pharmacist! Likewise, a political movement is at the mercy of those who finance it. These could cease their financing at any given moment and the movement, unaccustomed to living on its own, dies. — Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

At Any Given Moment Quotes By G.K. Chesterton

The favourite evolutionary argument finds its best answer in the axe. The Evolutionist says, "Where do you draw the line?" the Revolutionist answers, "I draw it HERE: exactly between your head and body." There must at any given moment be an abstract right and wrong if any blow is to be struck; there must be something eternal if there is to be anything sudden. Therefore — G.K. Chesterton

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Jodi Picoult

Why is it so delusional to think that a person who feels someone else's grief or pain isn't hampered by that excess of emotion? Or that imitating others in order to fit in to the crowd is more acceptable than doing what interests you at any given moment? Why isn't it considered rude to look a total stranger in the eye when you first meet him, or to invade his personal space by shaking hands? Couldn't it be considered a flaw to veer off topic based on a comment someone else makes instead of sticking to your original subject? Or to be oblivious when something in your environment changes - like a piece of clothing that gets moved from a drawer to a closet?" That — Jodi Picoult

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Asghar Abbas

We've been dead for thousands and thousands of years. Dead or sleeping, depends on how you feel about it at any given moment. But that's okay. The trouble starts when you are born, then everything becomes taxing and temporary. When they pulled us into awareness, they killed us. Then we get saddled with a seven minute relay, at best. A soft limbo that's only palliative and comforting in theory. A momentary respite that's a cosmic joke of course and still resented by the divine. A petty haggling of which we weren't even a part of. When forced into an existence, we turned into the ward of all that breathes, subjected to the known universe, and though always partial to the unknown, which wasn't really found and never understood, is lost to us. — Asghar Abbas

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Dean Rusk

One third of the people of the world are asleep at any given moment. The other two thirds are awake and probably stirring up trouble somewhere. — Dean Rusk

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Constantin Stanislavski

You must be so thoroughly immersed in the given circumstances of the play, then you decide what it is at any given moment what that the actor wants. — Constantin Stanislavski

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Amy Gibson

At any given moment,
is blowing a kiss.
And somewhere, someone is catching it. — Amy Gibson

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Andrew Mason

One of the challenges of innovation is figuring out how to wipe your mind clean about what you should be doing at any given moment, and not having a religious attachment to what's gotten you there thus far. — Andrew Mason

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Martin Short

I decided that, as a stand-up, I'd position myself as a cerebral, observational comic, making references to Camus and Kierkegaard. I wasn't so much concerned with getting laughs as I was with seeing audience members turn to each other at any given moment and say, "Exactly! — Martin Short

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Jim Rohn

Character is the result of hundreds and hundreds of choices you make that gradually turn who you are, at any given moment, into who you want to be. — Jim Rohn

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Wolfgang Pauli

Wolfgang Pauli, in the months before Heisenberg's paper on matrix mechanics pointed the way to a new quantum theory, wrote to a friend, "At the moment physics is again terribly confused. In any case, it is too difficult for me, and I wish I had been a movie comedian or something of the sort and had never heard of physics." That testimony is particularly impressive if contrasted with Pauli's words less than five months later: "Heisenberg's type of mechanics has again given me hope and joy in life. To be sure it does not supply the solution to the riddle, but I believe it is again possible to march forward. — Wolfgang Pauli

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Jesse Bradford

I think I tend to live in sort of a meta state of existence where I'm always analyzing and analyzing whatever I'm going through at any given moment, and a lot of times I'll reflect back on and go, 'Oh look at that - if I acted this way when that happened, I might not have thought of that that way.' — Jesse Bradford

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Barry Neil Kaufman

If we become uncomfortable in any given moment, we can look at a flower, a pebble in the street or the tire on our car and be grateful. We can gaze at a person in the distance or at a cloud in the sky and be appreciative. We can smile at a stranger, hug someone we know or tidy a disorganized shelf and be thankful for the opportunity. If we choose gratitude, we will be happy! — Barry Neil Kaufman

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Anne Truitt

In the range of my character at any given moment, I have acted in the only way it seemed to me I could have acted. This in no way means that I have done what was right; only what was possible for me. Sometimes I have done what I knew was wrong, and have rationalized. But rationalization is a form of desperation. It takes kindness to forgive oneself for one's life. — Anne Truitt

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Connor Franta

Life should be more about living in the moment than fearing what's happening outside it. It's about honoring what you want to do at any given time, regardless of what everyone else is doing. There's no use worrying about things that are out of your control. — Connor Franta

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Franz Kafka

I was wise, if you like, because I was prepared for death at any moment, but not because I had taken care of everything that was given to me to do, rather because I had done none of it and could not even hope ever to do any of it. — Franz Kafka

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Diana Gabaldon

Well, if women's work was never done, why trouble about how much of it wasn't being accomplished at any given moment? — Diana Gabaldon

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Soren Kierkegaard

It is really true what philosophy tells us, that life must be understood backwards. But with this, one forgets the second proposition, that it must be lived forwards. A proposition which, the more it is subjected to careful thought, the more it ends up concluding precisely that life at any given moment cannot really ever be fully understood; exactly because there is no single moment where time stops completely in order for me to take position [to do this]: going backwards. — Soren Kierkegaard

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Gore Vidal

At any given moment, public opinion is a chaos of superstition, misinformation and prejudice. — Gore Vidal

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Steve Maraboli

At any given moment the choice to be happy is present- we just have to choose to be happy. — Steve Maraboli

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Cheryl Richardson

Feelings are you inner guidance system-your emotional compass. When you allow this compass to direct your actions you build self-trust. When you feel hungry, you eat. When you feel tired, you rest. When you feel lonely, you reach out for a connection to others. In this most basic way your feelings link you with the wisest part of yourself. They tell you what you need to know at any given moment. — Cheryl Richardson

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Anne Katherine

In every one of your relationships, you are on a continuum between intimacy and separation. You stand on a slide that tilts you toward either intimacy or separateness. Exactly where you stand at any given moment is the result of your decisions, your feelings, how you handle situations, and the way you and the other person communicate. — Anne Katherine

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Padma Lakshmi

food has played a central role not only in my professional but also in my emotional life, in all of my dealings with loved ones and most of all in my relationship to myself and my body. I am what feeds me. And how I feed myself at any given moment says a lot about what I'm going through or what I need. I don't believe I am alone. Yes, we eat for our stomachs, but we hunger with our hearts. Like most people and many women, I think about what to eat all the time. I am constantly plotting my next meal, planning how and what I will shop for, and ever hatching new plans to avoid the foods I know will undermine my well-being. Foods are like men: some are good, some are bad, and some are okay only in small doses. But most should be tried at least once. — Padma Lakshmi

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Amor Towles

I suppose Anne was right when she observed that at any given moment we're all seeking someone's forgiveness. — Amor Towles

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Aldous Huxley

At any given moment, life is completely senseless. But viewed over a period, it seems to reveal itself as an organism existing in time, having a purpose, trending in a certain direction. — Aldous Huxley

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Kevin Hearne

When you're driving, you don't focus on everything at once, but you have peripheral awareness of it, right? You focus on what you need to at any given moment, whether it's the car in front of you, the jackass in the lifted truck passing you, or the sirens behind you, whatever. Everything exists, everything is there, but you don't have to see it all at once. Does that help? You don't have to see all the bindings you're seeing right now. Just focus on the outlines of the physical stuff you saw before. — Kevin Hearne

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

Simply notice that you're aware. At any given moment, you can choose to follow the chain of thoughts, emotions, and sensations that reinforce a perception of yourself as vulnerable and limited, or to remember that your true nature is pure, unconditioned, and incapable of being harmed. — Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Eleanor Robson Belmont

An actor must communicate his author's given message
comedy, tragedy, serio- comedy; then comes his unique moment, as he is confronted by the looked-for, yet at times unexpected, reaction of the audience. This split second is his; he is in command of his medium; the effect vanishes into thin air; but that moment has a power all its own and, like power in any form, is stimulating and alluring. — Eleanor Robson Belmont

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Susan Orlean

The one thing I've discovered about social media is that people love answering questions. In fact, it sometimes feels like at any given moment, millions of people are online who have been waiting for exactly the question you fire off. — Susan Orlean

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Karen Maezen Miller

All practice is the practice of making a turn in a different direction. Toward one thing and away from another; the particulars in any given situation don't matter, because you always know the right way. A different way. With practice, you get better at turning.
This is my practice. It's not anything special you need to learn. It is not some new information you neet to get. It is nothing you haven't heard before. It is just a turn you might not yet have made, or made again, and again, and again. A turn toward intimate engagement with the life you already have.
Fulfillment derives not from lofty achievements, but from ordinary feats. It arrives not once in a lifetime, but every moment of the livelong day. — Karen Maezen Miller

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Robin Quivers

So the point is, I don't have a right to tell anybody what's right or wrong about their lives. Who am I to tell you at any given moment of the day what would be right for you? — Robin Quivers

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Annemarie Schwarzenbach

The simultaneity of near and far confused me; I thought it possible to find the past, the present and the future united in one place, giving it all that life can hold; but I had grave doubts that at any given moment life might reign both here and there, on this side and that side of the seas and mountains. And such doubts, demanding resolution, may have inspired earliest journeys: I went forth, not to learn what fear was but to test what the names held and feel their magic in the flesh, just as, at the open window, you feel the miraculous power of the sun you'd long seen reflected on distant hills and spread on dewy meadows. — Annemarie Schwarzenbach

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Huey Newton

Any unarmed people are slaves, or are subject to slavery at any given moment. — Huey Newton

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Arthur Herman

The cattle raid, the creach, was not only a test of leadership and honor, celebrated in bardic song. It also paid a tidy profit, when the clan could charge ransom to return the stolen cattle. The term in Scots was blackmail - mail being the word for "rent" or "tribute," and black the typical color of the Highlander's cattle. Blackmail determined the rhythm of life in many parts of the Highlands. Some observers estimated that at any given moment the average chief had half his warriors out stealing his neighbor's cattle, and the other half out recovering the cattle his neighbors had stolen from him. — Arthur Herman

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Peter Enns

was learning to trust God enough (what a concept) to know that, like family (the Bible calls him "Father" after all), he will come through no matter what, that his love and commitment to me is deeper than how my brain happens to be processing information at any given moment, to trust that God will be with me, not despite the journey but precisely because I was trusting God enough to take it. — Peter Enns

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Kazuo Ishiguro

It is all very well, in these changing times, to adapt one's work to take in duties not traditionally within one's realm; but bantering is of another dimension altogether. For one thing, how would one know for sure that at any given moment a response of the bantering sort is truly what is expected? One need hardly dwell on the catastrophic possibility of uttering a bantering remark only to discover it wholly inappropriate. — Kazuo Ishiguro

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Jame Richards

The sunset competes with the red glow over Johnstown.
And I know,
at any given moment,
metal is liquid fire
lighting the night sky,
becoming steel
that will build tracks
to anywhere she might be.
It will build bridges between the glittering stars
and the likes of me. — Jame Richards

At Any Given Moment Quotes By R.C. Sproul

Everyone has the right to do his own thing. This slogan is as crass as it is silly. If it were followed by everyone resolutely, society itself would be an impossibility. No one would have any true rights protected, because it at any given moment my rights could trample your rights — R.C. Sproul

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Jennifer Beals

At any given moment in your life, you have the choice between love and fear. And that's a choice you make. You make the choice of how you react to events. — Jennifer Beals

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Jennifer Megan Varnadore

You never have a guarantee of tomorrow. Everyone's thread is held taut, just waiting for that last scissor cut to sever at any given moment. Live your life in the way you should live it, and look at your troubles as tests of faith. They build your character, like gold being tried by the fire; getting rid of all its faults. — Jennifer Megan Varnadore

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Peter Shaffer

Black Comedy is a farce that is played in the dark, as you know, with the lights full on. It's the Chinese convention of reversing light and dark, and exactly where anybody is at any given moment is the play. — Peter Shaffer

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Rollo May

To believe fully and at the same moment to have doubts is not at all a contradiction: it presupposes a greater respect for truth, an awareness that truth always goes beyond anything that can be said or done at any given moment. — Rollo May

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Cleopatra breathed my air,' Katherine muttered.
'She's delirious!' Chip said.
'No, she's right,' Alex said. 'Haven't you heard that thing about how, at any given moment, at least one atom of the air in your lungs was probably once in Cleopatra's lungs? Or George Washington's or Albert Einstein's or Martin Luther King's, or whoever you want to pick from history? — Margaret Peterson Haddix

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Brian Herbert

The Unknown surrounds us at any given moment. That is where we seek knowledge. — Brian Herbert

At Any Given Moment Quotes By Bill Bryson

According to Time Out magazine, at any given moment there are 600,000 people on the Underground, making it both a larger and more interesting place than Oslo. — Bill Bryson