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Top Artistic Edge Quotes

Artistic Edge Quotes By Chris Kirkpatrick

I enjoy trying to inspire myself. I enjoy the artistic side of everything. Music, art, fashion, everything. I just like to be on the cutting edge of it. I'm into designing houses and interior design. I like change. I like creating things out of nothing. — Chris Kirkpatrick

Artistic Edge Quotes By Katy Butler

Let's spend less on trying to fix the unfixable in the last five years of life and spend more supporting people so that they can stay the least disabled as they possibly can, the most independent as they possibly can, and keep them at home. — Katy Butler

Artistic Edge Quotes By Northside Baptist Church

When we are brought low, that's when God is preparing us — Northside Baptist Church

Artistic Edge Quotes By Michael Pollan

There's a lot of money in the Western diet. The more you process any food, the more profitable it becomes. The healthcare industry makes more money treating chronic diseases (which account for three quarters of the $2 trillion plus we spend each year on health care in this country) than preventing them. — Michael Pollan

Artistic Edge Quotes By Richard Gere

I'd bought a lot of really challenging, cutting-edge Joel-Peter Witkin photographs very early on. There were severed heads and amputated feet and hands in them - gruesome stuff. I had them all around the house, and if someone couldn't relate to it in some artistic way and instead just said "Yuck," then there probably wouldn't have been anywhere for us to go. — Richard Gere

Artistic Edge Quotes By Tove Jansson

They never asked, "Were you able to work today?" Maybe they had, twenty or thirty years earlier, but they'd gradually learned not to. There are empty spaces that must be respected - those often long periods when a person can't see the pictures or find the words and needs to be left alone.
When Mari came in, Jonna was on a ladder building shelves in her front hall. Mari knew that when Jonna started putting up shelves she was approaching a period of work. Of course the hall would be far too narrow and cramped, but that was immaterial. The last time, it was shelves in the bedroom and the result had been a series of excellent woodcuts. She glanced into the bathroom as she passed, but Jonna had not yet put printing paper in to soak, not yet. Before Jonna could do her graphic work in peace, she always spent some time printing up sets of earlier, neglected works - a job that had been set aside so she could focus on new ideas. After all, a period of creative grace can be short. — Tove Jansson

Artistic Edge Quotes By C. D. Innes

Avant garde has become a ubiquitous label, eclectically applied to any type of art that is anti-traditional in form. At its simplest, the term is sometimes taken to describe what is new at any given time: the leading edge of artistic experiment, which is continually outdated by the next step forward. — C. D. Innes

Artistic Edge Quotes By James Taylor

When you write a song, it may come from a personal space, but it very seldom actually represents you. It comes out of a sort of mood of melancholy, somehow. It's almost theatrical. — James Taylor

Artistic Edge Quotes By Ann A. McDonald

I got an exhibition!"

"You mean, a patron," that same strange man interrupted again, a jealous edge to his voice.

"Now, now," Elliot grinned. "I'll be sure to spread the wealth and introduce all you starving artists to my new rich friends."

"No thanks," the other man replied. "Being a kept man, funded by some millionaire to create, is the antithesis of artistic freedom. — Ann A. McDonald

Artistic Edge Quotes By Tom DiCillo

The story of The Doors is one of the most compelling in the history of American rock music; three hugely talented musicians and a lead singer whose commitment to artistic freedom was so intense he rocketed them to a success that always hovered on the edge of chaos. As an independent filmmaker this sensibility affected me greatly. — Tom DiCillo

Artistic Edge Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

The bliss of blessedness! — Lailah Gifty Akita

Artistic Edge Quotes By Taylor Mali

Teachers shouldn't make the mistake of always thinking they're the smartest person in the room — Taylor Mali

Artistic Edge Quotes By Marie Helvin

I lost count of how many times photographers and designers would tell me to lose a bit of weight, especially as I got a little older and my body started to develop. — Marie Helvin

Artistic Edge Quotes By Mary Ruefle

Choice, and all its attendant energy, is a characteristic of youth. It is before one chooses that one feels desire and longing without fulfillment, which gives an edge to any artistic endeavor. Galway Kinnell recently said in an interview that a young poet has so many choices but an old poet must simply endure his chosen life. — Mary Ruefle

Artistic Edge Quotes By David Bowie

I was very into making the Big Artistic Statement - it had to be innovative; it had to be cutting edge. I was desperately keen on being original. — David Bowie

Artistic Edge Quotes By Sharon Salzberg

My experience working with lots of creative people is that they don't lose their artistic edge when they lose a fierce level of anguish. They just create from a different place. — Sharon Salzberg

Artistic Edge Quotes By Niki Tsongas

We should not be making near-term decisions with long-term consequences without robustly debating these questions and fully considering the substantial and unpredictable risks of these actions. — Niki Tsongas

Artistic Edge Quotes By James Balog

In some cases, I allow the edge of the set, the edge of my own artificial, artistic imposition, to show up because I don't want to hide from that. I want to acknowledge that there is a living human and a living eye and a living mind and a living heart responding to what's going on out there. — James Balog

Artistic Edge Quotes By Johnny Galecki

Just selfishly, I wanted to be associated with something as synonymous with cool and cutting edge and artistic as CBGB. People are aware of that, at least, even if nothing else. That's something to be proud of, to be a small part of the association with something like that. — Johnny Galecki

Artistic Edge Quotes By Billy Corgan

The music business - and I guess you could say any artistic endeavor - usually rewards those who are on the leading edge of where everything is going, but you can't be too far. — Billy Corgan