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At length her hair came loose and whisked my face. I did not mind such blond whips of sunlight. — Daniel Kraus

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Darkness is a defining characteristic of Rotters. But it's worthy to remember that darkness is just that - it's dark - and what is being concealed in the dark is not just the horrible and fearsome, it's also the inspirational and moving. Horror means nothing without happiness; dark means nothing without light. Rotters may make you feel scared, but hopefully it will also make you simply feel. It's that kind of book, or at least I hope it is. — Daniel Kraus

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Ah, the molasses of emotion. How it sugars the most dangerous of decisions. — Daniel Kraus

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Such a shovel, it seemed a waste not to use it. — Daniel Kraus

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What you do with your time alive defines you, Reader, but hear me, I beg you, when I say that you are not done being defined. — Daniel Kraus

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I don't like anyone. I don't understand why that's so difficult for people to understand. — Daniel Kraus

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It's funny, isn't it? While we were distracted by the silly scraps that make up human history, you and I became eternal, impervious to rot, infinity itself. — Daniel Kraus

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I am, I believe, a young man on whom a grand joke is being played, fated to live one century, perhaps a second, perhaps a third, only to be scrubbed and rescrubbed from the record, to exit, if I ever do, as if I'd never existed at all. — Daniel Kraus

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His exhaled smoke was the exact colour of ennui. — Daniel Kraus

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The ambulance left. My shoulders became gallows and from them I hanged. — Daniel Kraus

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The weathered dairy barn, the wilted chicken coop, the leaning corn crib, the corroded silos
all were revealed as structures of utility and grace. Someone must have rigged Ry's perception so that he had spent his whole life seeing only the ultimate futility of these structures while concealing what made them worthy, the struggle itself, the striving for a better day. — Daniel Kraus

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Fantasies. Indulge them at your peril. — Daniel Kraus

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The past is perpetually in play, always malleable, ever salvageable. Did any of this story happen as I said it did? The telling of a tale puts a prism to it from which incalculable new angles rainbow forth. You made this as real as I; remember it however you'd like. — Daniel Kraus