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Announcer Quotes By Jim McElwain

I spent 15 years in I-AA football, which is awesome, because you wear every hat in the building at one time. I was everything from a PA announcer to a popcorn salesman to a teacher at a university, as part of the PE department. When you don't have resources, what you do is study as much as you can and try to put it in your own terms. There's no one thing I've invented. — Jim McElwain

Announcer Quotes By Sarah Vowell

Standing there at Powell's grave, telling my nephew about a buried skull, I realize how much of our relationship revolves around body parts and severed heads. Once Owen learned to walk, we started playing a game I call Frankenstein, in which I am Frankenstein's monster and I chase him around trying to harvest his organs and appendages because my master is building another boy. "Frankenstein needs your spleen," I yell, aping the voice of an announcer at a monster truck rally. "Give me your spleen!" Which is why the seemingly gross book I gave him for his birthday, a collection of poetry for children called The Blood-Hungry Spleen was actually a sentimental choice, even though my sister tells me it didn't go over so well when he brought it to preschool. — Sarah Vowell

Announcer Quotes By Ernie Harwell

In radio, they say, nothing happens until the announcer says it happens. — Ernie Harwell

Announcer Quotes By Dick Enberg

Baseball is the best announcer game, the game that I first enjoyed playing, and the game I had a passion for. — Dick Enberg

Announcer Quotes By J.D. Salinger

Zooey was in dreamy top form. The announcer had them off on the subject of housing developments, and the little Burke girl said she hated houses that all look alike-meaning a long row of identical 'development' houses. Zooey said they were 'nice.' He said it would be very nice to come home and be in the wrong house. To eat dinner with the wrong people by mistake, sleep in the wrong bed by mistake, and kiss everybody goodbye in the morning thinking they were your own family. He said he even wished everybody in the world looked exactly alike. He said you'd keep thinking everybody you met was your wife or your mother or father, and people would always be throwing their arms around each other wherever they went, and it would look 'very nice. — J.D. Salinger

Announcer Quotes By Bryan Burrough

By mid-summer only Ma Barker remained in Chicago, lost in her jigsaw puzzles. Karpis drove over to visit her one weekend and found she was doing surprisingly well. He and Dock took her to see a movie. To their horror, the film was preceded by a newsreel warning moviegoers to be on the lookout for Dillinger, Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd, Karpis, and the Barkers. Karpis scrunched low in his seat as their pictures flashed on the screen. "One of these men may be sitting next to you," the announcer said. Karpis pulled his hat low over his forehead. — Bryan Burrough

Announcer Quotes By Dick Enberg

To be the announcer where you live is a very special opportunity. — Dick Enberg

Announcer Quotes By Dan Gilroy

I don't know too many people who, when the TV announcer says, 'Viewer discretion is advised', then turn the TV off. Those are code words for, 'Turn the sound up; this is gonna be really good.' — Dan Gilroy

Announcer Quotes By Dick Van Dyke

I wanted to be a radio announcer. — Dick Van Dyke

Announcer Quotes By Al Michaels

I did the 1972 Sapporo Games, and I was also the Reds announcer and was folded into the NBC coverage for the 1972 World Series. I also did the 1979 World Series for ABC. — Al Michaels

Announcer Quotes By Logan Marshall-Green

I just always wanted to be a baseball announcer. I'm a huge Mets fan, and I wanted to be the next Bob Murphy. As far as careers go, that was the first career that I really thought about. Well, before that, I wanted to be a Mello Yello truck driver. — Logan Marshall-Green

Announcer Quotes By Lauren Kate

Where did they go?"
"Don't know." The prisoner cracked a smile too big for his thin face. "I don't think they did, either. You should have seen how long it took them to open an Announcer. Looked like couple of bumbling fools."
Daniel felt himself almost begin to laugh. — Lauren Kate

Announcer Quotes By Ernie Harwell

What happens with any announcer when he comes into an area, if he stays four or five years and does a fairly decent job, people accept him and he becomes part of the family. — Ernie Harwell

Announcer Quotes By Walt Disney Company

The scoreboard read 2:2 with forty-seven seconds left on the clock. Cheerleaders, including Audrey, clapped, chanted, and danced. Jane, the mascot, in a knight's suit of armor, jumped up and down with them. An announcer stood on the field with a golden microphone, as the teams got into their huddles and took up positions along the kill zones. Mal and Evie stood in the bleachers, watching Jay and Carlos down on the bench. — Walt Disney Company

Announcer Quotes By Larry Bird

The best basketball announcer is one who allows you to close your eyes. — Larry Bird

Announcer Quotes By Ernie Harwell

The best thing anyone can do is be himself. Everyone was made different by God, and that's the way it should be. And if I were a writer or an announcer starting out, I don't think I'd imitate anybody. I'd try to be whatever I am. — Ernie Harwell

Announcer Quotes By David Letterman

I heard doctors revived a man who had been dead for 4-1/2 minutes. When they asked him what it was like being dead, he said it was like listening to Yankees announcer Phil Rizzuto during a rain delay. — David Letterman

Announcer Quotes By Fintan O'Toole

He has the vocal modulation of a railway-station announcer, the expressive power of a fence-post and the charisma of a week-old head of lettuce. — Fintan O'Toole

Announcer Quotes By Ernie Harwell

I think once you start as an announcer, you have to decide what kind of approach you're going to have. I decided very early that I was going to be a reporter, that I would not cheer for the team. I don't denigrate people who do it. It's fine. I think you just have to fit whatever kind of personality you have, and I think my nature was to be more down the middle and that's the way I conducted the broadcasts. — Ernie Harwell

Announcer Quotes By Ernie Harwell

Baseball is a tongue-tied kid from Georgia growing up to be an announcer and praising the Lord for showing him the way to Cooperstown. This is a game for America. Still a game for America, this baseball! — Ernie Harwell

Announcer Quotes By Andy Stanley

I WILL NOT TRUST IN RICHES Wealth has some pretty powerful side effects. If wealth were an over-the-counter medicine, there would be bold warnings printed on the packaging. Warning: May cause arrogance. While taking this medicine, extra precaution should be taken not to offend people. If taken for prolonged periods, may impair perception, causing hope to migrate. If you saw a commercial for wealth on TV, it would show pictures of happy people holding hands in the park. Meanwhile, the announcer would be listing all the ways it can ruin your kidneys, rot your stomach, cause sudden heart failure, and destroy your life. — Andy Stanley

Announcer Quotes By Randy West

As I slowly managed to take what I had learned into a transition from contestant to announcer and warm-up, I first had to prove myself on pilots. And as you know, many pilots are taped for each show that is lucky enough to breakthrough to being a series. — Randy West

Announcer Quotes By Lauren Kate

Then the Announcer would transform: into a screen through which to glimpse the past-or into a portal through which to step.
This Announcer was sticky,but she soon pulled it apart,guided it into shape. She reached inside and opened the portal.
She couldn't stay here any longer. She had a mission now: to find herself alive in another time and learn what price the Outcasts had referred to, and eventually,to trace the origin of the curse between Daniel and her.
Then to break it.
The others gasped as she manipulated the Announcer.
"When did you learn how to do that?" Daniil whispered.
Luce shook her head. Her explanation would only baffle Daniil.
"Lucinda!" The last thing she heard was his voice calling out her true name.
Strange,she'd been looking right at his stricken face but hadn't seen her lips move. Her mind was playing tricks.
"Lucinda!" he shouted once more, his voice rising in panic,just before Luce dove headfirst into the beckoning darkness. — Lauren Kate

Announcer Quotes By Charles Duhigg

Back in Beijing, it was 9:56 A.M. - four minutes before the race's start - and Phelps stood behind his starting block, bouncing slightly on his toes. When the announcer said his name, Phelps stepped onto the block, as he always did before a race, and then stepped down, as he always did. He swung his arms three times, as he had before every race since he was twelve years old. He stepped up on the blocks again, got into his stance, and, when the gun sounded, leapt. Phelps knew that something was wrong as soon as he hit the water. There was moisture inside his goggles. He couldn — Charles Duhigg

Announcer Quotes By Chick Hearn

I do something that I don't think anyone else does. I warm up before a game. Baseball and basketball players warm up, so why shouldn't the announcer warm up? — Chick Hearn

Announcer Quotes By Christopher Meloni

I didn't get into acting to be a public service announcer or an advocate and yet, by virtue of this show and how we handle the subject matter that we've been given, that's kind of how it's evolved in certain ways. — Christopher Meloni

Announcer Quotes By Lauren Kate

Luce is different now. She's-" He could almost smell her.Clean, pure light, like sunshine. "Something fundamental has shifted.We finally have a real chance. And I-I have never been more elated ... nor more sick with terror." He opened his eyes and was surprised to see Daniil nod.
"What are you waiting for?" Daniil asked with a smile. "Go get her."
And with that,Daniel teased open a shadow along the roof ledge-an Announcer-and stepped inside. — Lauren Kate

Announcer Quotes By Dick Van Dyke

I was the class clown, you know, that kind of thing, and I gathered around me a group of guys who also were silly. I was in all the plays and everything. But I don't know, at that time show businesses looked like the moon, you know, it was so far away. I wanted to be a radio announcer. — Dick Van Dyke

Announcer Quotes By Steven Wright

George is a radio announcer, and when he walks under a bridge ... you can't hear him talk. — Steven Wright

Announcer Quotes By John Madden

It's been the video game ever since I got out of coaching. Even when I was an announcer, fewer and fewer people remembered me as 'Coach,' and as the years went on, people just started knowing me from the game. — John Madden

Announcer Quotes By Pete Townshend

Announcer - "And where are you from Pete?"
Pete Townshend - "London, I'm from London."
Announcer - "London where, exactly?"
Pete - "London, England — Pete Townshend

Announcer Quotes By Nassim Haramein

Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking Inside a radio for the announcer. — Nassim Haramein

Announcer Quotes By G. Norman Lippert

Ladies and gentlemen," Damien's voice echoed throughout the grandstands from his place in the announcer's booth, "we seem to be experiencing some sort of highly localized weather phenomenon. Please stay in your seats. You are probably safe there. Those on the field, please remain where you are. Cyclones cannot see you if you don't move."
In the crowd, someone shouted out, "That's dinosaurs, you crazy fruitbat!"
"Same concept," Damien answered in his amplified voice. — G. Norman Lippert

Announcer Quotes By Lauren Kate

Look, let me give you the CliffsNotes: You're a bitch in this life and Daniel doesn't care. Shocker! He courts you for a few weeks, there's some exchanging of flowers. A big kiss and then kaboom. Okay? Not much more to see.

You don't understand.

What? I don't understand that Victorians are as stuffy as an attic and as boring as watching wallpaper peel? Come on, if you're going to zigzag through your past, make it count. Let's hit some highlights.

Luce didn't budge. Is there a way to make you disappear?

Do I have to stuff you in this Announcer like a cat in a suitcase? Let's move! — Lauren Kate

Announcer Quotes By Lauren Kate

You will have to pass through the Announcer first. Don't get hung up there. Move through until you find him in the Fall."
"I have to go alone, don't I?"
"I would follow you to the ends of the Earth and beyond. But you're the only one who can do this," Daniel said. He took her hand and kissed her fingers, her palm. He was shaking. "I'll be here."
Their lips met one last time.
"I love you, Luce," Daniel said. "I will love you always, whether or not Lucifer succeeds-"
"No, don't say that," Luce said. "He won't-"
"But if he does," Daniel continued, "I want you to know that I would do it all again. I will choose you every time."
A calmness came over Luce. She would not fail him. She would not fail herself.
"I won't be long."
She squeezed his hand and turned away and plunged through darkness, into Lucifer's Announcer. — Lauren Kate

Announcer Quotes By Michael Schudson

Even if, as is generally the case, everything that the ad says about the product is scrupulously honest, or at any rate scrupulously avoids outright dishonesty, the implication of the direct address of most commercials - that the announcer speaks with the viewer's welfare at heart - is fraudulent. — Michael Schudson

Announcer Quotes By George Bernard Shaw

If the announcer can produce the impression that he is a gentleman, he may pronounce as he pleases. — George Bernard Shaw

Announcer Quotes By Suzanne Collins

The cylinder begins to rise. For maybe fifteen seconds, I'm in darkness and then I can feel the metal plate pushing me out of the cylinder, into the open air. For a moment, my eyes are dazzled by the bright sunlight and I'm conscious only of a strong wind with the hopeful smell of pine trees. Then I hear the legendary announcer, Claudius Templesmith, as his voice booms all around me. Ladies and gentlemen, let the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games begin! — Suzanne Collins

Announcer Quotes By John Wyndham

But he survived, that radio announcer. His ship and five others out of the flotilla of ten came through, a bit radioactive, but otherwise unharmed. And I understand that the first thing that happened to him when he reported back to his office after treatment
was a reprimand for the use of overcolloquial language which had given offense to a number of listeners by its neglect of the Third Commandment. — John Wyndham

Announcer Quotes By Maria Semple

The war in Congo rages on with no end in sight," the announcer said. "And now comes word of a new campaign by the soldiers, to find the women they have already raped and re-rape them." "Holy Christ on a cross!" Mom said. "I draw the line at re-raping." And she turned off NPR. — Maria Semple

Announcer Quotes By Ozzie Smith

We saw very little of the real Jack Buck behind the microphone. He would touch people in ways that we will never know. Jack was much more than just an announcer. — Ozzie Smith

Announcer Quotes By Anne Eliot

She stopped at a red light and turned to face him. "Look. You must know your eyes are truly distracting, and you keep LOOKING at me. I've also never talked to anyone who sounds like a movie trailer announcer before. Your voice is so cool. I'm sure you know that. It's probably part of your famousness. But here in this car it's unsettling, because I have this sensation you might suddenly begin sentences with some dramatic start." She lowered her voice. "like ... IN A WORLD, FAR, FAR AWAY ... — Anne Eliot

Announcer Quotes By Joseph Barbera

In those days, boxing was very glamorous and romantic. You listened to fights on the radio, and a good announcer made it seem like a contest between gladiators. — Joseph Barbera

Announcer Quotes By Eve Langlais

Then what is your name?" asked the announcer, his amphibious face wrinkled in clear agitation - or constipation. Hard to tell. The reminder that he didn't know his own name bothered him, but also gave him the perfect reply. "Call me Oblivion." "More — Eve Langlais

Announcer Quotes By Dick Van Dyke

When I was a kid, I had ambitions for being a television announcer, which was before television took off, you know, in the late '40s. And just through necessity, going out looking for work, I was starting to sing, and dance, and act, and I never expected to do that, nor to have any success at it at least. — Dick Van Dyke

Announcer Quotes By Kel Kade

The final match-up of the round was by far the most satisfying for Rezkin. It was against the mace wielding Sandman who had murdered the young stave-master. The beast had already attempted to end the life of another competitor that morning. Dark Tidings did not even give the man a chance to put on a show. As soon as the announcer finished speaking, he drew the black blade, strode forward with purpose and disarmed the man, literally. After losing both appendages, the brute fell to his knees in shock. While the healers were running to treat the man before he bled out, Dark Tidings stood over the Sandman and said, 'Bracken Freedon of the Isle of Sand. You have been judged and found guilty. Bring nigh to thee, King's Dark Tidings.' The black blade came down in one fell swoop and took the man's head clean from his body. Green lighting crackled within the black swords length... — Kel Kade

Announcer Quotes By Curt Gowdy

An announcer is only as good as yesterday's performance. — Curt Gowdy

Announcer Quotes By Zack Hample

Then quote Hall-of-Fame announcer Red Barber: "Baseball is dull only to dull minds. — Zack Hample

Announcer Quotes By Terrell Owens

You have a white guy as an announcer and sportscaster. Me, I'm black. I do it and I've already done some stuff in the past. We're more expressive than the white guys. You look at the skill players. We're the ones that get into the end zone. We get in the end zone more than they do. — Terrell Owens

Announcer Quotes By Ernie Harwell

Everybody in the minor leagues - if you're a player, an announcer, whatever - wants to be in the big leagues. — Ernie Harwell

Announcer Quotes By Tucker Elliot

Skip Caray was my favorite announcer as I grew up listening to the Braves on TBS and on the radio. One night, listening to a game that was headed into extra-innings, the broadcast was just breaking away to commercial when Skip said, 'Free baseball in Atlanta!' One of the best lines I've ever heard. — Tucker Elliot

Announcer Quotes By J.D. Salinger

Anyway, I started bitching one night before the broadcast. Seymour'd told me to shine my shoes just as I was going out the door with Waker. I was furious. The studio audience were all morons, the announcer was a moron, the sponsors were morons, and I just damn well wasn't going to shine my shoes for them, I told Seymour. I said they couldn't see them anyway, where we sat. He said to shine them anyway. He said to shine them for the Fat Lady. — J.D. Salinger

Announcer Quotes By Daniel Tosh

I do think we can be a little less PC when it comes to sports, though. Just once I want to hear an announcer go 'God, black people are fast. Holy cow! All of them. They're fast. Back to you Bob.' — Daniel Tosh

Announcer Quotes By Peyton Manning

I have to leave the games now if the announcer says something I don't agree with. I'm thinking, 'Peyton, it is not healthy to be all worked up before a game.' — Peyton Manning

Announcer Quotes By Randy West

As an announcer, 'The Price Is Right' is the mother of all shows not only because of its legacy, but because it is by far the most demanding game show. — Randy West

Announcer Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

After a few moments and a series of clicks, I heard, "Jayne here. How can I help you?"
"Actually, I'm the one that can help you."
"Ms. Lane," he said flatly.
"The one and only. You want to know what's going on in this city, Inspector? Join me for tea this afternoon. Four o'clock. At the bookstore." I caught myself on the verge of adding, in a deep announcer's voice, and come alone. I'm the product of a generation that watches too much TV. — Karen Marie Moning

Announcer Quotes By Bob Sheppard

Nobody, but nobody stays a public-address announcer for more than a couple of years. Truly. Public-address announcing is not a career. Public-address announcers only work 81 days a year, so you don't make a living. — Bob Sheppard

Announcer Quotes By Mike Wallace

When I went to Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, what I really wanted to be was a radio announcer. — Mike Wallace

Announcer Quotes By Dick Van Dyke

I wanted to be Stan Laurel, then I wanted to be Fred Astaire and then Captain Kangaroo. I actually started out as a radio announcer when I was 17 and never left the business, so that's literally 70 years. — Dick Van Dyke

Announcer Quotes By Ernie Harwell

The game's the thing. That's why people tune in. They don't tune in to hear an announcer. — Ernie Harwell

Announcer Quotes By John Turturro

Al Michaels is a good announcer. I think Keith Jackson is a terrific announcer. I always loved him on Monday Night Football. I never understood why they got rid of him. — John Turturro

Announcer Quotes By Casey Kasem

Garbage. It's a natural quality of huskiness in the midrange of my voice that I call 'garbage.' It's not a clear-toned announcer's voice. It's more like the voice of the guy next door. — Casey Kasem

Announcer Quotes By Johnny Miller

I don't want to brag, but I do more homework on the course than any other announcer. I chart the greens to get all the breaks. I walk down into the greenside bunkers. I walk into the fairway bunkers to see whether a player can reach the green from them. — Johnny Miller