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Ambassador Quotes By Kevin Whately

Dementia is often regarded as an embarrassing condition that should be hushed up and not spoken about. But I feel passionately that more needs to be done to raise awareness, which is why I became an ambassador for the Alzheimer's Society. — Kevin Whately

Ambassador Quotes By Orson Welles

Take myself as a good-will ambassador. I'm great - I'm taking myself as a character - for the intellectuals and the man on the street. I'm great where Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. leaves off. I'm
not so good with high society, in either North or South America, because I'm highly unconventional. Perhaps I bewilder people by being at once the esthete, the intellectual and the
vulgarian. — Orson Welles

Ambassador Quotes By Ambrose

It is not the ambassador, it is not the messenger, but the Lord Himself that saveth His people. The Lord remaineth alone, for no man can be partner with God in forgiving sins; this office belongs solely to Christ, who taketh away the sins of the world. — Ambrose

Ambassador Quotes By Thomas E. Woods Jr.

The lingering effects of war can inspire callousness even after the guns have fallen silent. Many of us have seen the notorious clip from 60 Minutes in which Madeleine Albright, then U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and soon to be U.S. Secretary of State, declared that the price of half a million dead children as a result of the sanctions against Iraq during the 1990s had been worth it. — Thomas E. Woods Jr.

Ambassador Quotes By Newt Gingrich

The Bush administration has now provided three case studies in arrogance, isolation and destructiveness: Michael Brown during Hurricane Katrina, Ambassador Jerry Bremer in Baghdad and Secretary Paulson at Treasury. It is a tragic and very expensive legacy. No conservative and no Republican should doubt how much it has hurt our cause and our party. — Newt Gingrich

Ambassador Quotes By Jim Butcher

If Gabriel is an ambassador, if Michael is a general, if Rafael is a healer and spiritual champion, then Uriel is a spymaster - Heaven's spook. — Jim Butcher

Ambassador Quotes By Lilly Singh

I never want to position myself where I seem like an ambassador of anti-racism. I am fortunate enough to say that I've never experienced extreme amounts of racism, but a lot of my friends do. — Lilly Singh

Ambassador Quotes By Daniel Logan

I love doing the conventions and being an ambassador for 'Star Wars.' — Daniel Logan

Ambassador Quotes By Eric Schlosser

The Soviet Union welcomed the new system. At the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, urgent messages from the Soviet ambassador in Washington had been encoded by hand and then given to a Western Union messenger who arrived at the embassy on a bicycle. — Eric Schlosser

Ambassador Quotes By Henry Wotton

An ambassador is an honest man sent abroad to lie and intrigue for the benefit of his country. — Henry Wotton

Ambassador Quotes By Brenda Cooper

We're instant ambassadors. Just add robot body and voila! If they'd told us anything real, they might have had to kill us. — Brenda Cooper

Ambassador Quotes By Jeffery Russell

He glanced helplessly at Ruby, hoping for some help. She was a scribe and had more experience with dwarves than the six hours that Durham had acquired. He's assumed that, as a fellow human, she would make an effort to be some sort of cultural ambassador to help him survive past lunch. Ruby's current interpretation of being helpful seemed to be a silent smirk. — Jeffery Russell

Ambassador Quotes By Stephen King

He pulled the door open and saw a Checker cab sitting out there, an ambassador from the land of sanity. — Stephen King

Ambassador Quotes By Nadeem Aslam

Tell me,' the man leans forward ans says, 'have you heard of a lady called Madeleine? No? In 1996, this lady named Albright Madeleine, the US ambassador to the United Nations, was asked on television how she felt about the fact that five hundred thousand Iraqi children had died as a result of US economic sanctions? Do you know what she said? She said that it was "a very hard choice" but "we think the price is worth it". These are her exact words. How do you feel about that?
'How do you think I feel about that? And I would take your love for children more seriously if you didn't have children cleaning your floors. — Nadeem Aslam

Ambassador Quotes By John Kasich

I remember when the Egyptian ambassador to the United States stood in the Rose Garden and pledged Arab commitment to removing Saddam Hussein from Kuwait. — John Kasich

Ambassador Quotes By David K. E. Bruce

The real duties of an ambassador are to enter into or follow negotiations between his own government and that of the country to which he is accredited. — David K. E. Bruce

Ambassador Quotes By Tony DiTerlizzi

Now, as Global Ambassador for Starlight Children's Foundation, which brightens the lives of poorly children, I visit hospitals and tell stories to the young patients. Sometimes I read. Sometimes I draw. — Tony DiTerlizzi

Ambassador Quotes By Mark Webber

Red Bull are backing a spinal-injury research charity called Wings For Life, which I am an ambassador for, with a programme called Faces for Charity that will run at this year's British Grand Prix. — Mark Webber

Ambassador Quotes By Elliott Abrams

For 22 years, Bandar bin Sultan was Saudi Arabia's influential, irrepressible ambassador in Washington. — Elliott Abrams

Ambassador Quotes By Noam Chomsky

Moynihan, when he was ambassador to the United Nations, produced the same effect when he attacked the Third World. These attacks aroused great admiration here; for example, when he denounced Idi Amin of Uganda as a "racist murderer." The question is not whether Idi Amin is a racist murderer. No doubt the appellation is correct. The question is, what does it mean for Moynihan to make this accusation and for others to applaud his honesty and courage in doing so? Who is Moynihan? He served in four administrations, those of Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford - that is to say, administrations that were guilty of racist murder on a scale undreamed of by Idi Amin. Imagine that some minor functionary of the Third Reich had correctly accused someone of being a racist murderer. — Noam Chomsky

Ambassador Quotes By Oprah Winfrey

I have named myself an unofficial ambassador for Australia and I have the biggest mouth on Earth. — Oprah Winfrey

Ambassador Quotes By Mike Tindall

I was an ambassador for Betway during the Rugby World Cup and at the moment I'm working as an ambassador for Artemis Investment Management. I also organised the first Rugby Aid in 2015. We had celebrities playing rugby against former England team players and raised a ton of money for Rugby For Heroes [a charity for former servicemen and women]. Only one celeb got crunched quite badly - Jaime Laing from Made in Chelsea ended up with cracked ribs. — Mike Tindall

Ambassador Quotes By Theodore C. Sorensen

The ambassador was never present, but his presence was never absent. — Theodore C. Sorensen

Ambassador Quotes By Joel Shepherd

Sasha smiled darkly. "We must find this ambassador. If I were to throw him at the feet of the Ilduuri Steel, their attitude toward the Remischtuul might change."
"Getting this ambassador may not be easy."
Sasha shrugged. "I don't need all of him. His head will do. — Joel Shepherd

Ambassador Quotes By Lourdes Garcia-Navarro

Israel is trying to legitimize the settlements, and he [Celso Amorim] said, quote, "Dayan is the leader of a policy condemned by the United Nations, and as such, it would go against Brazil's interest and world peace to allow him to become ambassador here." And for the moment, it doesn't look like the Brazilians are going to be standing down on this issue. — Lourdes Garcia-Navarro

Ambassador Quotes By Donald Rumsfeld

When I served as US Ambassador to NATO in the 1970s, the center of gravity in Europe was France and Germany. — Donald Rumsfeld

Ambassador Quotes By Elliott Abrams

The attack on the British embassy in Tehran came just days after the Iranian 'parliament' voted to expel the British ambassador, and therefore reeks of official complicity. — Elliott Abrams

Ambassador Quotes By Kylie Jenner

I'm a brand ambassador. I've been a fan of Nip+Fab for a while, so it fit perfectly. I just love their stuff. — Kylie Jenner

Ambassador Quotes By Tony Jaa

My happiness is being able to present my talents for people to see, and I feel like I'm an ambassador of Thai history and Thai culture on film so that people can see Muay Thai. — Tony Jaa

Ambassador Quotes By Theophan The Recluse

Do this and you will be an apostle, a fulfiller of what the Lord chose you for, an accomplisher of your calling as messenger. When at first you succeed in all this, then perhaps the Lord will appoint you as a special ambassador-to save others after you have saved yourself; and to help those who are tempted, after you yourself pass through all temptations, and through all experiences in good and evil. — Theophan The Recluse

Ambassador Quotes By Andrew Young

There is a sense in which the United States ambassador speaks to the United States, as well as for the United States. I have always seen my role as a thermostat rather than a thermometer. So I'm going to be actively working ... for my own concerns. I have always had people advise me on what to say, but never on what not to say. — Andrew Young

Ambassador Quotes By Aaron Allston

I was years older than you when I became an ambassador for the first time. Remember that, Tycho? How did we get through that assignment, anyway?"
"Pretty much, we opened fire on everyone who disagreed with us."
Wedge nodded and turned to his daughter. "When all else fails, just do that. — Aaron Allston

Ambassador Quotes By Marcus Du Sautoy

I think science is a foreign land for many people, so I think of my role as an ambassador's job. — Marcus Du Sautoy

Ambassador Quotes By Walter Bagehot

An ambassador is not simply an agent; he is also a spectacle. — Walter Bagehot

Ambassador Quotes By Richard Clogg

****your Parliament and your Constitution. America is an elephant. Cyprus is a flea. Greece is a flea. If those two fleas continue itching the elephant, they may just get whacked by the elephant's trunk, whacked good. President Lyndon Johnson to the Greek ambassador in Washington (1964) — Richard Clogg

Ambassador Quotes By Douglas Murray

On 11 September 2012 crowds of friendly locals in Kabul, Afghanistan, were chanting the usual 'Death to America' slogans. At the same time American flags were torched from London to Sydney. And in Benghazi, Libya, a group of 'spontaneous protesters' arrived at the US consulate with rocket-propelled grenades and savagely murdered the US ambassador. In Washington, members of the Obama administration were, as we have already seen, showing that they weren't taking any of this personally. It wasn't about them and it certainly wasn't about their ambassador, who had in fact been murdered by terrorists in a pre-planned attack. The administration was still claiming all this was caused by an excerpt from an amateur film which had been up on YouTube for weeks. — Douglas Murray

Ambassador Quotes By Tony Stewart

To be honest, I still don't feel like I'm a representative or an ambassador for the sport. — Tony Stewart

Ambassador Quotes By Jessica Valenti

There is something to be said for the power of figureheads. After Hillary Clinton became secretary of state, a record number of countries posted female ambassadors to the U.S. - some of whom have dubbed this 'the Hillary effect.' — Jessica Valenti

Ambassador Quotes By Sakshi Tanwar

I think I've become the brand ambassador of arranged marriages, especially for working Indian women. — Sakshi Tanwar

Ambassador Quotes By Dorothy Dunnett

Courtenay matter. There must be letters. Many of them appear, as you know, to concern the problems of navigation in which he was interested, but it is not difficult to read behind the lines. He died in Padua, and from what I can learn, all his papers were sealed in a casket and locked up by the Bailiff for safety. Rumour has it that Peter Vannes the English Ambassador has been told to — Dorothy Dunnett

Ambassador Quotes By Stephen Kinzer

Acheson immediately understood the urgency of this message. He summoned Ambassador Franks and told him that the United States resolutely opposed "the use of force or the threat of the use of force" against Iran, and that Truman himself had "stressed most strongly that no situation should be allowed to develop into an armed conflict between a body of British troops and the Persian forces. — Stephen Kinzer

Ambassador Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

I'm not the Ambassador," said Crosby. "I wish I was, but I'm just a plain, ordinary business man. — Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Ambassador Quotes By Felix De Weldon

I finished my studies in England, I opened my studio in London, and the first one-man exhibit I had on Bond Street, which was opened by the Austrian ambassador. — Felix De Weldon

Ambassador Quotes By Vladimir Lorchenkov

Keep harping on about how Europe's close to accepting you," the American ambassador to Moldova suggested coldly to the president, when the latter came to ask for a loan. "They'll grab onto that like a rabbit after a carrot. But I'm sorry. I cannot give you any money. — Vladimir Lorchenkov

Ambassador Quotes By China Mieville

His Infernal Excellency," he declared, "the ambassador of Hell. — China Mieville

Ambassador Quotes By Evo Morales

I have no regrets - in fact, I am pleased to have expelled the US ambassador, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and to have closed the US military base in Bolivia. Now, without a US ambassador, there is less conspiracy, and more political stability and social stability. Without the International Monetary Fund, we are better off economically. — Evo Morales

Ambassador Quotes By Lew Wasserman

We had an interesting thing at that first dinner. It was prior to the availability of several new hotels in Los Angeles, and we were more or less committed to the old Ambassador Hotel that has the famous Coconut Grove. — Lew Wasserman

Ambassador Quotes By Sadao Araki

In appointing our Ambassador to the United States at this important time, with the 1936 crisis ahead, such considerations as dignity, past career, equity and sentiment must be discarded and a man of ability chosen in the interests of the country. In the light of these considerations, we find Hiroshi Saito, present Minister of Holland, the right person for the post. — Sadao Araki

Ambassador Quotes By Q

Au contraire, he's the person you wanted to be. One who was less arrogant, and undisciplined as a youth. One who was less like me. The Jean-Luc Picard you wanted to be, the one who did not fight the Nausicaan, had quite a different career from the one you remember. That Picard never had a brush with death, never came face to face with his own mortality, never realised how fragile life is or how important each moment must be. So his life never came into focus. He drifted for much of his career, with no plan or agenda, going from one assignment to the next, never seizing the opportunities that presented themselves. He never lead the away team on Milika Three to save the ambassador, or take charge of the Stargazer's Bridge when its Captain was killed. And no one ever offered him a command. He learned to play it safe. And he never, ever got noticed by anyone. — Q

Ambassador Quotes By Jeremy Lin

From the sense of being an ambassador for Jesus Christ, hopefully, through my story and through all the improbables and the miracles that happened in my life, people are inspired or at least a little bit warmer to the idea of exploring who Jesus is. — Jeremy Lin

Ambassador Quotes By Leigh Bardugo

Why does your weak king send a filthy pirate to do his bidding?" sneered the Fjerdan ambassador, his words echoing across the cathedral.
"Privateer," corrected Sturmhond. "I suppose he thought my good looks would give me the advantage. Not a concern where you're from, I take it?"
"Preening, ridiculous peacock. You stink of Grisha foulness."
Sturmhond sniffed the air. "I'm amazed you can detect anything over the reek of ice and inbreeding."
The ambassador turned purple, and one of his companions hastily drew him away. — Leigh Bardugo

Ambassador Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

Mother had the social restraint of an ambassador. — Robert A. Heinlein

Ambassador Quotes By Chris Sharma

Climbing is an amazing, unique sport, and I want to share that with as many people as possible. I want to be an ambassador for the sport and raise the profile. I try to take advantage of any opportunity to share climbing with the world. — Chris Sharma

Ambassador Quotes By Milos Zeman

I won't let any ambassador have a say about my foreign travels. — Milos Zeman

Ambassador Quotes By Megan Whalen Turner

I am an ambassador," Akretenesh warned me, anger bringing his confidence back. "You cannot shoot."
"I don't mean to," I reassured him, still smiling. I adopted his soothing tones. "Indeed, you are the only man I won't shoot. But if I aimed at anyone else, it might give others a dangerously mistaken sense of their own safety." I raised my voice a trifle, though it wasn't really necessary. "We will have another vote, Xorcheus."
They elected me Sounis. It was unanimous. — Megan Whalen Turner

Ambassador Quotes By Kerri Walsh

I take my role as an ambassador for the sport, and as a role model for boys, girls, mommies, daddies - whoever it is - very, very seriously. I know the impact my role models have had in my life, and I'm in a really beautiful position to be able to be that for others. — Kerri Walsh

Ambassador Quotes By Bob Livingston

We'd play at the Ambassador's house for an invited group of dignitaries from the government that might have gone to school in America; to the U.S. Consulate that invites certain people that they're trying to target. — Bob Livingston

Ambassador Quotes By Guy Fieri

I wanna be the ambassador to Chimichanga Flavor Town. — Guy Fieri

Ambassador Quotes By Ronald Reagan

I'm beginning to wonder if the symbol of the United States pretty soon isn't going to be an ambassador with a flag under his arm climbing into an escape helicopter. — Ronald Reagan

Ambassador Quotes By William Shakespeare

Suppose the ambassador from the French comes back:
Tells Harry that the King doth offer him Katherine his daughter;
and with her to dowry some petty and unprofitable dukedoms:
The offer likes not; — William Shakespeare

Ambassador Quotes By Bernard Kelvin Clive

You are the first brand ambassador of your company — Bernard Kelvin Clive

Ambassador Quotes By Norman Davies

An ambassador', quipped Sir Henry Wootton, 'is an honest man sent to lie abroad for the good of his country. — Norman Davies

Ambassador Quotes By Herbie Hancock

I never dreamed I would be a Goodwill Ambassador, and for UNESCO. Perfect organization. It is apolitical and it's about education, science and culture. I mean that is what I live. That is what UNESCO is really about; it's all about bringing human beings together with one common goal, which is to move human kind forward. — Herbie Hancock

Ambassador Quotes By Lee Goldberg

During a Middle East peace talk you insulted the Iraqi ambassador." "He was a pervert who liked little girls. — Lee Goldberg

Ambassador Quotes By Kresley Cole

Just hear me out. While you were napping, I was busy chatting up our allies. Didn't you know
your woman's a golden-tongued ambassador! My sisters always said I graduated from the shock-and-awe school of diplomacy, but joke 'em if they can't take a fuck, right? — Kresley Cole

Ambassador Quotes By Yoweri Museveni

The problems of tribal conflicts in Kenya are much older, caused by the former colonial power. A former American ambassador there once wrote about how the CIA has contributed to the divisions between Kenyans. — Yoweri Museveni

Ambassador Quotes By Joseph Addison

Advertisements are of great use to the vulgar. First of all, as they are instruments of ambition. A man that is by no means big enough for the Gazette, may easily creep into the advertisements; by which means we often see an apothecary in the same paper of news with a plenipotentiary, or a running footman with an ambassador. — Joseph Addison

Ambassador Quotes By Meshell Ndegeocello

Your government has problems ... my government has problems. I can't be a judge. All I can do is be an ambassador of love. I'm a musician, not a soldier, and if I'm invited to a place in order to play and bring love, I'll always accept the invitation. — Meshell Ndegeocello

Ambassador Quotes By Pope Francis

We are called to be 'ambassadors for Christ' (2 Cor 5:20). Ours is a ministry of reconciliation ... To be an ambassador for Christ means above all to invite everyone to a renewed personal encounter with the Lord Jesus. — Pope Francis

Ambassador Quotes By Josepha Sherman

Easier by far, thought Ambassador Spock, to get forgiveness than permission. Humans might have invented that saying, but its applications were universal. The — Josepha Sherman

Ambassador Quotes By Megan Whalen Turner

Upset at the sight of blood?" he said. "Not my wife, Ornon."
"Your blood, " the ambassador pointed out. Eugenides glanced at the hook in his arm and conceded the point. "Yes," he said. — Megan Whalen Turner

Ambassador Quotes By Ernest Hemingway,

Now a writer can make himself a nice career while he is alive by espousing a political cause, working for it, making a profession of believing in it, and if it wins he will be very well placed. All politics is a matter of working hard without reward, or with a living wage for a time, in the hope of booty later. A man can be a Fascist or a Communist and if his outfit gets in he can get to be an ambassador or have a million copies of his books printed by the Government or any of the other rewards the boys dream about. — Ernest Hemingway,

Ambassador Quotes By Maurice Ashley

I see myself more as an ambassador of the game. And I hope to bring chess to a higher level in the United States. Making bigger tournaments, more interesting events. Making it a respectable profession for young people to be able to pursue in the future. — Maurice Ashley

Ambassador Quotes By Lawrence Eagleburger

Any Ambassador or Foreign Service Officer who has his or her head screwed on right knows that the U.S. position in the world is far more dependent on our ability to compete in world markets. — Lawrence Eagleburger

Ambassador Quotes By John Negroponte

Right, well I am, I was a career diplomat for 37 years from 1960 until 1997 during the early 1980s from 1981 to 1985 I was the United States Ambassador to Honduras. — John Negroponte

Ambassador Quotes By Barbara Mikulski

I would like to be the first ambassador to the United States from the United States. — Barbara Mikulski

Ambassador Quotes By Xenocrates

An ambassador should study the welfare of his country, and not spend his time in feasting and riot. — Xenocrates

Ambassador Quotes By Edward Grey

I said to the German Ambassador that, as long as there was only a dispute between Austria and Serbia alone, I did not feel entitled to intervene; but that, directly it was a matter between Austria and Russia, it became a question of the peace of Europe, which concerned us all. — Edward Grey

Ambassador Quotes By James Costos

I'm an ambassador 24 hours a day. — James Costos

Ambassador Quotes By James Baldwin

John's heart was hardened against the Lord. His father was God's minister, the ambassador of the King of Heaven, and John could not bow before the throne of grace without first kneeling to his father. — James Baldwin

Ambassador Quotes By Lindy Boggs

It has been a privilege beyond belief for me to have represented the State of Louisiana in Congress and to have been given the blessed assignment of U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See. — Lindy Boggs

Ambassador Quotes By Paul Theroux

Ambassador Noyes had another trait I had noticed in many slow-witted people: he was tremendously interested in philosophy. — Paul Theroux

Ambassador Quotes By Joichi Ito

I have always viewed my role as a sort of ambassador or bridge between groups to help provide a dialog. — Joichi Ito

Ambassador Quotes By Rima Fakih

I'm not a party animal; I took my job as Miss USA very seriously ... Sometimes, of course, I want to let it all go. Even though I'm a beauty queen, you're also an unofficial ambassador, and there's a lot of pressure. — Rima Fakih

Ambassador Quotes By Lesley Nicol

I'm an ambassador for Medical Detection dogs. — Lesley Nicol

Ambassador Quotes By George Bernard Shaw

HIGGINS [sitting down beside her] Rubbish! you shall marry an ambassador. You shall marry the Governor-General of India or the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, or somebody who wants a deputy-queen. I'm not going to have my masterpiece thrown away on Freddy.

LIZA. You think I like you to say that. But I haven't forgot what you said a minute ago; and I won't be coaxed round as if I was a baby or a puppy. If I can't have kindness, I'll have independence.

HIGGINS. Independence? That's middle class blasphemy. We are all dependent on one another, every soul of us on earth.

LIZA [rising determinedly] I'll let you see whether I'm dependent on you. If you can preach, I can teach. I'll go and be a teacher.

HIGGINS. What'll you teach, in heaven's name?

LIZA. What you taught me. I'll teach phonetics.

HIGGINS. Ha! Ha! Ha! — George Bernard Shaw

Ambassador Quotes By Michael S. Horton

As Scripture presents it, the Word itself - wielded by the heavenly agent (the Holy Spirit) and the earthly ambassador (the preacher) - does what it threatens in the law and promises in the gospel. The Word itself does this work, not because it provides an occasion for us to do something but simply by its being used by God according to his own sovereign will. — Michael S. Horton

Ambassador Quotes By Li Bingbing

I only started to understand the concept of "environmental protection" 14 years ago. I was an ambassador for a charity event, and the staff told me that the consumption of disposable chopsticks in China, per year, could result in the devastation of unimaginable acres of forest. — Li Bingbing

Ambassador Quotes By Andrew Young

When people ask where I studied to be an ambassador, I say my neighborhood and my school. I've tried to tell my kids that you don't wait until you're in high school or college to start dealing with problems of people being different. The younger you start, the better. — Andrew Young

Ambassador Quotes By Ayelet Shaked

Every time I meet an ambassador, I bring to the a table a list of NGOs I think are acting against Israel, promoting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) or denouncing our soldiers. I ask from them to stop contributing to these specific NGOs. But, unfortunately, it does not help. I do not want countries that are friends of ours to contribute to such organizations. — Ayelet Shaked

Ambassador Quotes By Andrew Young

Nothing is illegal if one hundred businessmen decide to do it. -Andrew Young, author, civil rights activist, US congressman, mayor, and UN ambassador (b. 1932) — Andrew Young

Ambassador Quotes By Tina Mitchell

Start where you are right at this very moment, capture everything you are thankful for, and then carry on with that feeling inside. You will be surprised at how far carrying that emotion will take you! — Tina Mitchell

Ambassador Quotes By Ally Carter

Ambassador Winters, allow me to introduce my aunt Abby and her ... boyfriend.' Townsed tensed. Abby glared. And Rebecca Baxter looked like she was going to choke on her chewing gum. — Ally Carter

Ambassador Quotes By Megan Whalen Turner

It isn't deep," the Eddisian Ambassador said from the other side of the bed. He was leaning over the wound, looking critical and mildly disappointed. Eugenides didn't miss a beat.
"It is ... too ... deep!" he insisted, outraged. — Megan Whalen Turner

Ambassador Quotes By Husain Haqqani

Bhutto brought up the coup in Afghanistan, which has resulted in deposing the country's monarchy and replacing it with a republic under a nationalist cousin of the king. Kissinger said he had discussed the matter with the Soviet Ambassador. "I told him if the recent coup in Afghanistan remained an internal Afghan affair, that would be one matter" he said, "but if it resurrected the Pashtunistan dispute, the U.S. would be engaged. This is the basic policy of the president. — Husain Haqqani

Ambassador Quotes By Taner Akcam

In a report dated 20 February 1894, French ambassador Paul Cambon describes a high-ranking Turkish official telling him that "the Armenian question does not exist, but we shall create it. — Taner Akcam

Ambassador Quotes By William Dalrymple

The first Embassy to Afghanistan by a western power left the Company's Delhi Residency on 13 October 1808, with the Ambassador accompanied by 200 calvary, 4,000 infantry, a dozen elephants and no fewer than 600 camels. It was dazzling, but it was also clear from this attempt to reach out to the Afghans that the British were not interested in cultivating Shah Shuja's friendship for its own sake, but were concerned only to outflank their imperial rivals: the Afghans were perceived as mere pawns on the chessboard of western diplomacy, to be engaged or sacrificed at will. It was a precedent that was to be followed many other times, by several different powers, over the years and decades to come; and each time the Afghans would show themselves capable of defending their inhospitable terrain far more effectively than any of their would-be manipulators could possibly have suspected. — William Dalrymple

Ambassador Quotes By Michael Scheuer

As Ronald Spiers, a former U.S. ambassador to Turkey and Pakistan, has said, the "Robotic repetition of 'because they hate freedom' does not do as an explanation. — Michael Scheuer

Ambassador Quotes By Rebel Wilson

I contracted malaria in rural Mozambique. I was a youth ambassador for Australia. For a year after high school, you give positive speeches about Australia and as part of it I traveled to lots of different countries. — Rebel Wilson

Ambassador Quotes By Larry Crabb

It is the understanding of others and the awareness of their needs, that the ambassador of CHRIST should strive to cultivate — Larry Crabb