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Top Jersey Quotes

Jersey Quotes By Jon Bon Jovi

Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey. — Jon Bon Jovi

Jersey Quotes By Kasi Blake

What do we do while we wait for my parents to find Jersey?" She let him go, took a step back.
"We live a normal life."
The words left his lips without emotion or meaning, because at this point he knew there was no such thing as a normal life for him.
Deep in his heart, he was still a vampire. — Kasi Blake

Jersey Quotes By Michelle Rodriguez

I was in Jersey when the whole World Trade Center thing happened and I felt powerless. So, I went to Hawaii and did a surf movie. It's kind of fluffy. — Michelle Rodriguez

Jersey Quotes By Steven Van Zandt

The British invasion was the most important event of my life. I was in New Jersey and the night I saw the Beatles changed everything. I had seen Elvis before and he had done nothing for me, but these guys were in a band. — Steven Van Zandt

Jersey Quotes By Junot Diaz

A particularly Jersey malaise
the inextinguishable longing for elsewheres. — Junot Diaz

Jersey Quotes By Mario Balotelli

I'm a naturalized Italian, but I'm from Ghana. I was abandoned by my parents and adopted by two angels. I suffer with racism everyday. I'm the first black to wear the jersey of Italy. I'm not angry, but my life experiencies make me act differently from other people. Then, try to learn more before you criticize me. — Mario Balotelli

Jersey Quotes By Jon Bon Jovi

If you're from New Jersey, let people make all those bad jokes about our state. Don't let anyone know how great it is here. It's the best kept secret. — Jon Bon Jovi

Jersey Quotes By J.C. Nelson

The village was run-down, stank of butcher blood, and was filled with ravenous creatures that would rip your throat out for a snack. All of that I could deal with. The thing that made it truly abysmal was that it was in New Jersey. — J.C. Nelson

Jersey Quotes By Kate Braverman

I know California isn't a real destination. You can't get there from New Jersey, not simply by following a line drawn on a map. The process of arrival is more subtle and complex. It involves acts of contrition. You must appease the gods. You must find novel forms of penance. You must tattoo your children and look at the wonder. It's about conjuring and awakening and intuitions you wish you never had. — Kate Braverman

Jersey Quotes By Oscar Nunez

I remember, growing up, if something big - God forbid - happened, the first jokes you heard on the subject came out of Jersey. — Oscar Nunez

Jersey Quotes By Julie Ann Walker

Ali was sorry she ever compared Rugby Jersey guy to a giant bumblebee. — Julie Ann Walker

Jersey Quotes By Alfred Kazin

Brooklyn Heights itself is a window on the port. Here, where the perspective is fixed by the towers of Manhattan and the hills of New Jersey and Staten Island, the channels running between seem fingers of the world ocean. Here one can easily embrace the suggestion, which Whitman felt so easily, that the whole American world opens out from here, north and west. — Alfred Kazin

Jersey Quotes By Jesse Eisenberg

I grew up in Queens and New Jersey. I started doing children's theater when I was seven to get out of school because I didn't fit in. — Jesse Eisenberg

Jersey Quotes By Richard Virenque

He's dangerous, he's beautiful, and he loves the heat, like me - that's why I had a scorpion tattooed on my leg in 1999 after my fifth jersey. — Richard Virenque

Jersey Quotes By Charles Barkley

I don't mess with that cat. I'm pretty sure he carries a blade under his jersey. — Charles Barkley

Jersey Quotes By Michael Lewis

The U.S. stock market now trades inside black boxes, in heavily guarded buildings in New Jersey and Chicago. — Michael Lewis

Jersey Quotes By Janet Evanovich

Think of this as an adventure, Diesel said.
I'm from Jersey. I get my adventure on the Turnpike. — Janet Evanovich

Jersey Quotes By Neal Shusterman

[Dad] So your intentions were good. That's what matters.
[Anthony] But isn't, like, the road to hell paved with good intentions?
Yeah, well, so's the road to heaven. And if you spend too much time thinking about where those good intentions are taking you, you know where you end up?
I was thinking 'nowhere,' but you get the point. — Neal Shusterman

Jersey Quotes By Derek Luke

Then I was working in a store in Newark, New Jersey, and I saw an actor in person, and I got so excited. My whole day changed. That's when I decided to challenge myself to make my dreams become a reality. — Derek Luke

Jersey Quotes By Janet Evanovich

Adaptation is one of the great advantages to being born and bred in Jersey. We're simply not bested by bad air or tainted water. We're like that catfish with lungs. Take us out of our environment and we can grow whatever body parts we need to survive. After Jersey the rest of the country's a piece of cake. You want to send someone into a fallout zone? Get him from Jersey. He'll be fine. — Janet Evanovich

Jersey Quotes By Pablo Schreiber

I lived in Red Hook, Brooklyn, for about 10 years, and then we moved out to Jersey City after my wife and I bought a house up in the Catskills. I miss Brooklyn, but the commute to the Catskills is about 45 minutes shorter. — Pablo Schreiber

Jersey Quotes By A.S. King

I get the urge to feel it, too, so when she takes her hand away, I turn her toward me and I feel the edges of New Jersey. I kiss Hoboken and Atlantic City. I kiss Newark and Trenton. I kiss Camden, and then I follow the road west, over the Walt Whitman Bridge into Pennsylvania. And I kiss home. — A.S. King

Jersey Quotes By H.M. Ward

We're seriously going to drive to Jersey with a bird wearing a bra in the backseat? — H.M. Ward

Jersey Quotes By Wade E. Taylor

Wade Taylor received a very special revelation of the message within the Song of Solomon. As a Bible school student, he had driven a group of fellow students to an outstation in New Jersey. Saturday evening, hoping that they would get together to pray about the meetings on Sunday, he was disappointed when — Wade E. Taylor

Jersey Quotes By Adam Lambert

My dad is a Deadhead, my mom's a Jewish-American princess from Jersey. — Adam Lambert

Jersey Quotes By Adriana Trigiani

Italy, despite its earthiness and charm, can never be New Jersey. Here we value evolution and change; Italy, while it warms the heart, is a monument to the past. In America we change our rooms as often as our fashions. In Italy you're likely to find throw pillows older than the Shroud of Turin. It's just a different way to live. — Adriana Trigiani

Jersey Quotes By David Levering Lewis

In 1900, as the immigrants come down the gangplank into Jersey City, they expect the streets to be paved with gold, and they were only paved with gold in Frank Baum's 'The Wizard of Oz,' of course. — David Levering Lewis

Jersey Quotes By Frankie Valli

One day, when I was still living at home, a friend told 'Texas' Jean Valli about me. She was originally from Syracuse, N.Y., and lived in New Jersey but sang country. One night, she had me come up on stage where she was performing. I sang 'My Mother's Eyes,' and she was knocked out. — Frankie Valli

Jersey Quotes By Nicole

I feel like today should be a perfect Meatball day ... Let's just get wastey-pants! — Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

Jersey Quotes By Frankie Valli

The very first time I ever heard anything of mine on the radio, I was in New Jersey, and I was in my teens. I did my first record, which was an old standard called 'My Mother's Eyes.' It was the old Georgie Jessel theme. I heard it on local radio out of Newark. And it was very exciting! — Frankie Valli

Jersey Quotes By Michelle Rodriguez

When I was about 11, 12, we moved to Jersey City. Everywhere I go I'm an outsider. — Michelle Rodriguez

Jersey Quotes By M. Scott Peck

ascertain, Jersey had no knowledge of demonology. At this point, all I could do was tell her and her family that I was very uncertain about the case, and that, after I got home, I would be — M. Scott Peck

Jersey Quotes By Ice-T

I was born in Newark, New Jersey, and grew up in Summit, an upscale town in north Jersey. There was this tiny area of Summit where most of the black families lived. My parents and I lived in a duplex house on Williams Street. — Ice-T

Jersey Quotes By Missy Elliot

I don't have time for lie-on-the-beach vacations. I'm a zoo person. There's one in New Jersey where animals actually come up to your car. I love the monkeys - I used to give them bubblegum to chew. — Missy Elliot

Jersey Quotes By Queen Latifah

Yeah, I'm from Jersey; it's almost like I was automatically born a Nets fan. — Queen Latifah

Jersey Quotes By Stephen King

New Jersey. If there's anyone more purely foolish than a New Yorker, it's a fellow from New Jersey. — Stephen King

Jersey Quotes By L.J. Davis

A few miles away across the East River was the apartment he could never get used to, the job where he had nothing to do, the dozen or so people he knew slightly and cared about not at all: a fabric of existence as blank and seamless as the freshly plaster wall he passed. Soon his wife would return from New Jersey. Soon everyone would be back, and things would go on much as they had before. From the street outside came the sound of laughter and shouting, bottles breaking, voices droning in the warm air, and children playing far past their bedtime. It all meant nothing whatever to Lowell. Standing in the parlor of a house no longer his, listening to the voices of people whose lives were closed to him forever, contemplating a future much like his past, he realized that it was finally too late for him. Everything had gone wrong, and he had succeeded at nothing, and he was never going to have any kind of life at all. — L.J. Davis

Jersey Quotes By Elizabeth Rodriguez

I grew up in a broken home, working class. My paternal grandmother raised me and my brother; my father was with us, and my mother lived in Jersey. — Elizabeth Rodriguez

Jersey Quotes By Rick Riordan

I'm nobody's sidekick," Annabeth growled. "And, Percy, his accent sounds familiar because he sounds like his mother. We killed her in New Jersey."
Percy frowned. "I'm pretty sure that accent isn't New Jersey. Who's his - ? Oh."
It all fell into place. Aunty Em's Garden Gnome Emporium - the lair of Medusa. She'd talked with that same accent, at least until Percy had cut off her head.
"Medusa is your mom?" he asked. "Dude, that sucks for you. — Rick Riordan

Jersey Quotes By Conan O'Brien

The results of a new study are out this week saying that New Jersey is one of the most livable states in the country. The study has a margin of error of 100 percent. — Conan O'Brien

Jersey Quotes By Nina Arianda

When I was 13, I moved from New Jersey to Germany with my family. The high school was so supportive of my dream to continue with my theater training; instead of taking PE, I would get credit for dance lessons. — Nina Arianda

Jersey Quotes By Chris Lilley

I'm not a big fan of 'Jersey Shore' and those kinds of shows where people are really playing up to the cameras. — Chris Lilley

Jersey Quotes By Samuel L. Jackson

It was actually a lot more helpful to have Calvin Hart, a cop, as my template. He was also my technical advisor on Shaft. This time, I kinda got to go to Jersey City with him, and hang around, and watch him interact with other cops, people in the projects, and see what it means to be him. People call him 'Big Daddy' and he's this larger-than-life hero to a lot of people. — Samuel L. Jackson

Jersey Quotes By Anderson Cooper

fashioned of flowing silk or jersey, — Anderson Cooper

Jersey Quotes By David Letterman

A new survey indicates that Obama supporters love iPhones. So if you have an iPhone, chances are you are going to be supporting President Obama. In a related story, if you support Governor Chris Christie from New Jersey, chances are you love IHOP. — David Letterman

Jersey Quotes By Frankie Valli

'Jersey Boys' has been the most amazing experience ever and has exposed an entire new audience to the music. It's great to see people of all ages coming to the show. — Frankie Valli

Jersey Quotes By Kieran Scott

When Dad was a kid, he wanted to be a lumberjack, but unfortunately he'd been cursed with the build of an accountant and the brain of an astrophysicist. These qualities had combined to make him the third-most-visited orthodontist in northern New Jersey. — Kieran Scott

Jersey Quotes By Frankie Valli

I do belong to Jersey. There's no doubt about that in my mind. They have been so loyal and so good to me; how could I possibly belong any place else? — Frankie Valli

Jersey Quotes By Philip Roth

Also, she had been secretary to the soccer coach, an office pretty much without laurels in our own time, but apparently the post for a young girl to hold in Jersey City during the First World War. — Philip Roth

Jersey Quotes By Jon Stewart

I was born in New York City, but I was raised in New Jersey, part of the great Jewish emigration of 1963. — Jon Stewart

Jersey Quotes By Patti Smith

I'm from South Jersey: The idea of eating a roll with olive oil and anchovies or some kind of sardine and drinking mint tea definitely comes from reading Paul Bowles. — Patti Smith

Jersey Quotes By Jersey Joe Walcott

I liked that title. I didn't want to lose it to anybody, but if I had to lose it, I'm glad I lost it to you. You're a good fighter and gonna be a great champ. — Jersey Joe Walcott

Jersey Quotes By Tucker Elliot

There are many ways to measure a manager's success and contributions to a franchise ... but in this case the two numbers that illustrate it best are eight and four: Bobby Cox's #6 jersey was just the eighth number retired in franchise history, and of the remaining seven, four of them played for Bobby. — Tucker Elliot

Jersey Quotes By David Hackett Fischer

Fiddlesticks!" Rall replied. "These clodhoppers will not attack us, and should they do so, we will simply fall on them and rout them."58 (on describing that they had nothing to fear from the COlonists of New Jersey before the night of December 25, 1776; when Washington and his men crossed the Deleware.) — David Hackett Fischer

Jersey Quotes By George Will

She is so totally absorbed in a vocation - both a gift and a mastering passion - that she has no time to be absorbed with the self's worries about itself. And that is the moral of the story: You can pursue happiness by wearing a torn jersey. You can catch it by being good at something you love. — George Will

Jersey Quotes By Chris Christie

I'm a conservative, pro-life governor in a state where it is really tough to be both. A state like New Jersey, with lots of Democrats, but still we cut taxes, we balanced budgets. We fought the teacher's union. — Chris Christie

Jersey Quotes By Vinny Guadagnino

I took the LSAT the day 'Jersey Shore' premiered, and after that I was too busy to go to law school. — Vinny Guadagnino

Jersey Quotes By Vincent Frank

I do feel we can create more jobs and opportunities for Jersey City residents, but in the spirit of free enterprise, I do not think it is right to force companies to hire a fixed percentage of local residents. — Vincent Frank

Jersey Quotes By Mary McCormack

Really, I'm just a simple girl from Jersey. — Mary McCormack

Jersey Quotes By Fran Lebowitz

I believed passionately that Communists were a race of horned men who divided their time equally between the burning of Nancy Drew books and the devising of a plan of nuclear attack that would land the largest and most lethal bomb squarely upon the third-grade class of Thomas Jefferson School in Morristown, New Jersey. — Fran Lebowitz

Jersey Quotes By Chris Christie

The people of New Jersey stepped up. They shared in the sacrifice. You know what else they did? They rewarded politicians who lead instead of politicians who pandered. — Chris Christie

Jersey Quotes By Scott Walker

We could see the Teamsters coming in from New Jersey, the AFL-CIO from Chicago. You could see all of the people being bused in. — Scott Walker

Jersey Quotes By Suzanne M. Trauth

It's not always true that all the world's a stage. Sometimes it's a boxing ring. Right now I had a ringside seat at the Windjammer restaurant in Etonville, New Jersey. — Suzanne M. Trauth

Jersey Quotes By Harry Sinden

Putting on the same jerseys doesn't make a team. You're still just a collection of individuals until you find a common goal. — Harry Sinden

Jersey Quotes By John Lloyd Young

I think Frankie Valli did everything right. He kept singing. And you also have to remember, he was confined to a certain society, which was this sort of like - the wrong side of the law kind of society of Italian guys from the streets of Belleville, New Jersey. So he found his way. — John Lloyd Young

Jersey Quotes By Nora Sakavic

I want - I know I shouldn't stay, but I can't - I don't want to lose this. I don't want to lose any of you. I don't want to be Nathaniel anymore. I want to be Neil for as long as I can." "Good," Wymack said. "I'd have a hell of a time fitting 'Wesninski' on a jersey." Browning — Nora Sakavic

Jersey Quotes By A.S. King

It occurs to me if we kissed now, we'd be like a folded map of America. My Pennsylvania scab next to her New Jersey black eye. I wonder, then, how many other kids could join in. Where are the Montanas and the Colorados? Where is the Vermont? Florida? How many maps would we make? — A.S. King

Jersey Quotes By Robert Benchley

Consider the number of young people all over the world who are getting married, day in and day out, for no other reason than thatsomeone of the opposite sex looks well in a green jersey or sings baritone, and then tell me that divorce has reached menacing proportions. The surface of divorce has not even been scratched yet. — Robert Benchley

Jersey Quotes By Janet Evanovich

Damn, I thought everyone carried a gun in New Jersey!!! — Janet Evanovich

Jersey Quotes By Rosie Genova

If Nonna sensed weakness, she'd zero in for the kill — Rosie Genova

Jersey Quotes By Carli Lloyd

There's no reason that young girls shouldn't feel like they can't smash people on the field. Nothing dirty. You want to keep it clean. You just want to play hard. Get your jersey dirty, shorts dirty, and just have fun out there. — Carli Lloyd

Jersey Quotes By Jim McElwain

Eliminate the clutter. That's the key. Eliminate the clutter and understand the important things. First and foremost, the most important thing is affecting the people around you in a positive way. Second thing is, be one of those guys that's going to out-study every person there is on what you need to do from a game-plan standpoint, what you need to do from a characteristic standpoint to stand apart. The last thing is, throw it to the color jersey we're wearing. — Jim McElwain

Jersey Quotes By J. Robert Spencer

I'm most excited that the hard work has paid off for myself and the team. You put your heart and soul into something and you want to show it to an audience outside of Jersey Boys. It gives a chance to not only show my work, but of Jeffrey Schecter as an actor and co-writer. It gets to show off our cinematographer, my production team. That's what I'm most proud of everybody gets to have their own moment to enjoy it. — J. Robert Spencer

Jersey Quotes By Laura Kuenssberg

Andrea Leadsom also denies any tax avoidance, says she 'shopped around' for a good deal and it was from a British bank that booked the biz in Jersey. — Laura Kuenssberg

Jersey Quotes By Johnny Depp

I moved from Kentucky to Miramar, Florida, at about 8. I think I was in second grade. I still had my Southern accent, and down there, you got to experience a melting pot in full fury. All the kids I hung out with were, like, Sicilian kids from Jersey and New York. — Johnny Depp

Jersey Quotes By Kathleen O'Reilly

I think you'll make a great Congressman, Sam Porter. The people of New York couldn't ask for anything better.
New Jersey."
What do you mean, New Jersey?"
I live in Jersey. That's my home state."
But what about people of New York? Don't we deserve honest representatives, too?" It was one thing when he was going to be her Congressman, but he was going to be someone else's Congressman, not hers?
New York has good representatives."
But not as good as you, Sam. We deserve the best."
Move to Jersey. — Kathleen O'Reilly

Jersey Quotes By Agatha Christie

I hate mourning," she said. "It always smells of moth balls because it's been laid up somewhere." "You don't need to go on wearing mourning. It's only to go to the funeral in," said Tommy. "Oh no, I know that. In a minute or two I'm going to go up and put on a scarlet jersey just to cheer things up. You can make me another White Lady." "Really, Tuppence, I had no idea that funerals would bring out this party feeling. — Agatha Christie

Jersey Quotes By Mario Lemieux

I think we have to show some pride in the jersey that we are wearing, and can't quit. — Mario Lemieux

Jersey Quotes By Bill Maher

New Jersey Mayor Corey Booker last night personally rescued a woman from a burning building. Or as Fox News reported it, 'black man loots house, steals white woman.' — Bill Maher

Jersey Quotes By Jeff Smith

Feasting is also closely related to memory. We eat certain things in a particular way in order to remember who we are. Why else would you eat grits in Madison, New Jersey? — Jeff Smith

Jersey Quotes By Rob Thurman

The place was out in Jersey ... Newark. And while that made living with yourself harder, it did make parking somewhat easier. — Rob Thurman

Jersey Quotes By Jon Meacham

Jefferson's views on religious liberty, however, appealed to many more moderate voters. New Jersey Republicans charged that Jefferson's enemies used religion as a means of assault "because he is not a fanatic, nor willing that the Quaker, the Baptist, the Methodist, or any other denominations of Christians, should pay the pastors of other sects; because he does not think that a Catholic should be banished for believing in transubstantiation, or a Jew, for believing in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob."14 Still, — Jon Meacham

Jersey Quotes By Jere Longman

What she revealed was not sexy lingerie, but a supportive piece of athletic equipment. After the consolation match that preceded the championship game, both Brazilian and Norwegian players removed their jerseys and exchanged them on the floor of the Rose Bowl. Chastain had previously removed her jersey after regulation to air it out. While training in Florida, the players frequently doffed their shirts after practice in the smothering heat, and they sometimes gave interviews in their sports bras, which were items of utility, not titillation. Chastain 'has brought instant attention to a piece of clothing that is humble and practical, not a traditional bra of shine and lace and cleavage, but a sturdy compression garment,' wrote Ann Gerhart of the Washington Post. 'The sports bra is the cloth symbol of Title IX's success. — Jere Longman

Jersey Quotes By Martin Scorsese

During Prohibition, Atlantic City created the idea of the speakeasy, which turned into nightclubs and that extraordinary political complexity and corruption coming out of New Jersey at the time. The long hand that they had-and maybe still do-even had to do with presidential elections. — Martin Scorsese

Jersey Quotes By Brendan I. Koerner

In 1887, Oregon became the first state to make Labor Day an official holiday, with Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York quickly following suit. — Brendan I. Koerner

Jersey Quotes By Paul Rudnick

Whenever I stumble over my own feet, or blurt out a thought that makes no sense at all, or leave the house wearing one pattern too many, I always think, It's okay, I'm from New Jersey. I love New Jersey, because it's not just an all-purpose punch line, but probably a handy legal defense, as in, Yes, I shot my wife because I thought she was Bigfoot, but I'm from New Jersey. — Paul Rudnick

Jersey Quotes By Rob Thurman

But you know what they say ... Size isn't everything. Of course the people that say that are divided into two categories: dickless wonders and those not facing the troll that could've eaten New Jersey. — Rob Thurman

Jersey Quotes By Joseph M. Kyrillos

What we need to do is to inspire businessmen and businesswomen to open up small businesses and medium businesses, and have big businesses come and relocate to New Jersey. — Joseph M. Kyrillos

Jersey Quotes By Jeff Lindsay

Another huge new development was going up to improve life for all of us by turning trees and animals into cement and old people from New Jersey. — Jeff Lindsay

Jersey Quotes By Stephen King

One man may shoot himself in the forehead with a .38 and wake up in the hospital. Another may shoot himself in the forehead with a .22 and wake up in hell ... if there is such a place. It tend to believe it's here on earth, possibly in New Jersey. — Stephen King

Jersey Quotes By Lesley Gore

I have nothing but the best memories of growing up in New Jersey. Of course, I grew up in a nice town, a suburb. But Tenafly was right next to Englewood, which had a tremendous amount of racial tension in the '60s. So I was aware of the real world. — Lesley Gore

Jersey Quotes By Kerry Bishe

There are a great number of people from New Jersey who go on to have pretty successful careers. — Kerry Bishe

Jersey Quotes By Sibella Giorello

Dead bodies, I told myself, were nothing more than broken shells on a beach. It was just that in the morgue, that beach so often looked like a bad stretch of the Jersey shore. — Sibella Giorello

Jersey Quotes By Mark Messier

My jersey hanging from the ceiling is going to be a symbol of the hard work of the people I played with. — Mark Messier

Jersey Quotes By Jen Frederick

Jersey chasers are a dime a dozen, always willing to take a ride on the football side, but you've got to be careful with the overly eager ones, the ones who aren't just trying to make a trophy outta you, but a fuckin' Lifetime Achievement award. As in, poking holes in condoms and look at that, you're a baby daddy. I don't know if Josie falls into that latter category, but she's a little too eager for my taste. — Jen Frederick

Jersey Quotes By Adam Hughes

I was born in Riverside and spent my whole growing-up years in Florence, a little township on the Delaware River. I tell people that I'm from the West Coast of New Jersey. — Adam Hughes

Jersey Quotes By Michael Wilbon

Nothing is a violent as football and I bet you like. Just say you don't like it, or can't identify, don't come up with excuses like "It's too violent" while you wear some team's NFL jersey. — Michael Wilbon

Jersey Quotes By Jennifer Hotes

A steady spray of mist silently soaks my fooyball jersey, an irritating rain we locals call spit. Not worth the trouble of opening an umbrella. Not worth spit. Kind of like me. — Jennifer Hotes

Jersey Quotes By Chris Christie

I was born into a middle class family in New Jersey. My dad came home from serving in the Army after having lost his father, worked in the Breyers ice cream plant in Newark, New Jersey. Was the first person to graduate from college. — Chris Christie

Jersey Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Never wear pride as the jersey of your dreams. You will miss the goal and lose your dreams if you put on pride! — Israelmore Ayivor