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Top Altair Quotes

Altair Quotes By Oliver Bowden

It is not our right to punish one for thinking as he does, no matter how much we disagree. — Oliver Bowden

Altair Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

If it were worth the while to settle in those parts near to the Pleiades or the Hyades, to Aldebaran or Altair, then I was really there, or at an equal remoteness from the life which I had left behind, dwindled and twinkling with as fine a ray to my nearest neighbor, and to be seen only in moonless nights by him. Such was that part of creation where I had squatted; — Henry David Thoreau

Altair Quotes By Assassins Creed

Our lives are so brief and unimportant. The cosmos cares nothing for us. For what we've done; Had we wrought evil instead of good. Had I chosen to abuse the Apple instead of seal it away. None of it would have mattered. There is no counting. No reckoning. No final judgement. There is simply silence. And darkness. Utter and absolute ...
-AltairAssassins Creed

Altair Quotes By Ken Craft

In the dog days, when Altair and Deneb
set toward western waters, Vega
flaring in their starry wake, the choir
of peepers and crickets melds liquid
to languid; the first maple leaves ripen
and curl to red fists; pine needles spread
gold scripture across the water;
nuthatch feet circle tree trunks--
gentle scriveners
scribing the dawn of dying days. — Ken Craft

Altair Quotes By Oliver Bowden

It is one thing to have a mind that is open. It is quite another to have one so open that the birds can shit into it. — Oliver Bowden