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Alpha Female Wolf Quotes & Sayings

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Alpha Female Wolf Quotes By Lia Davis

If the Alpha female wolf was there, then they were plotting a search party. Great — Lia Davis

Alpha Female Wolf Quotes By Kristen Chandler

The thing about an Alpha, male or female, is that they can lead. When things get desperate they attack instead of retreat. — Kristen Chandler

Alpha Female Wolf Quotes By Marissa Meyer

Wolf, are you asking me to be ... your alpha female?"
He hesitated.
Scarlet couldn't help it - she burst into laughter. "Oh - I'm sorry. That was mean. I know I shouldn't tease you about this."
Still grinning, she made to retract her hand, but he was suddenly gripping it, refusing to relinquish the touch. "You just look so scared, like I'm going to disappear any minute. We're stuck on a spaceship, Wolf. I'm not going anywhere."
His lips twitched, his nervousness beginning to ease away, though his hand stayed tense over hers.
"Alpha female," he murmured. "I sort of like that."
Beaming, Scarlet gave a mild shrug. "It could grow on me. — Marissa Meyer