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All Jokes Aside Quotes By Will Arnett

All jokes aside, it's a very difficult job playing the straight man. Jason is potentially the most brilliant straight man that ever was because he's also really funny while doing it, which is even harder. I've always seen myself playing characters who are flawed. We use comedy in our lives to obscure the drama. — Will Arnett

All Jokes Aside Quotes By Jeff Ryan

But Zelda was never about plot. Indeed, one's head could explode if all the games were considered one story, since Link is always meeting Zelda and villainous Gannon for the first time. Imagine trying to explain why James Bond has stayed forty years old for forty years, while changing faces and hair color. Better to accept the story as a constant retelling, and don't dwell on continuity matters. Mario has made a cottage industry of jokes about how Bowser had only one playbook - kidnap the princess - and this time it'll work! He's utterly incapable of coming up with any other plan. Aside from that one time he obtained a degree in hotel management. — Jeff Ryan

All Jokes Aside Quotes By Horace

Jokes aside, let us turn to serious matters. — Horace

All Jokes Aside Quotes By J.D. Salinger

One of the few things left in the world, aside from the world itself, that sadden me every day is an awareness that you get upset if Boo Boo or Walt tells you you're saying something that sounds like me. You sort of take it as an accusation of piracy, a little slam at your individuality. Is it so bad that we sometimes sound like each other? The membrane is so thin between us. Is it so important for us to keep in mind which is whose ... For us, doesn't each of our individualities begin right at the point where we own up to our extremely close connections and accept the inevitability of borrowing one another's jokes, talents, idiocies? — J.D. Salinger

All Jokes Aside Quotes By Claire Contreras

All jokes aside, if you hurt her again, I will fucking murder you, and I'm not talking about a nice quiet murder, I'm talking dick cut off, internal organs everywhere kind of murder. So please, be mindful of that. — Claire Contreras

All Jokes Aside Quotes By Roberto Mancini

We were almost getting used to playing without fans in the Champions League. Jokes aside though, I think help from our fans will be indispensable for such a big match. — Roberto Mancini