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Alarm Clock Quotes By Lori Wilde

Like a battalion of marines at roll call, her neck hairs marshaled to five-alarm status. She stumbled back to her desk, jerked open the botton drawer, retrieved a pair of Nighthawk binoculars, fixed the scopes on him, and fiddled with the focus. Gotcha. Hair the colour of coal. Chocolate brown eyes. A five-o'clock shadow ringing his craggy jawline. Handsome as the day was long ...
He sauntered towards her, oozing charisma from every pore. Charlee forgot to breathe. And then he committed the gravest sin of all, knocking her world helter-skelter. The scoundrel smiled. — Lori Wilde

Alarm Clock Quotes By David H. Murdock

My day begins a little before 6 A.M. I never set an alarm clock. — David H. Murdock

Alarm Clock Quotes By Martin Amis

He awoke at six, as usual. He needed no alarm clock. He was already comprehensively alarmed. — Martin Amis

Alarm Clock Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Never wait for the alarm clock to wake you up; your passion must wake you up against sluggish lifestyles. Positive passion keeps you hot until the work it finished! — Israelmore Ayivor

Alarm Clock Quotes By Jamais Cascio

We've already seen digital picture frames pre-loaded with viruses; I'm not eager to have my refrigerator hacked or my alarm clock turned against me. — Jamais Cascio

Alarm Clock Quotes By Colleen Hoover

Shit. Fallon! Shit, shit, shit, dammit, shit, shit." I hear Ben cursing like a sailor, but I don't understand why. I feel his hands meet my shoulders. "Fallon the Transient, wake the hell up!" I open my eyes and he's sitting up on the bed, running one hand through his hair. He looks pissed. I sit up on the bed and rub the sleep out of my eyes. The sleep. We fell asleep? I look over at my alarm clock and it reads 8:15. I reach over and pick it up to bring it closer to my face. That can't be right. But it is. It's 8:15. "Shit," I say. "We missed dinner," Ben says. "I know." "We slept for two hours." "Yeah. I know." "We wasted two fucking hours, Fallon." He looks genuinely distraught. Cute, but distraught. "I'm sorry. — Colleen Hoover

Alarm Clock Quotes By Stephen Hawking

A snooze button is a poor substitute for no alarm clock at all. — Stephen Hawking

Alarm Clock Quotes By Maryrose Wood

There is no alarm clock like embarrassment, — Maryrose Wood

Alarm Clock Quotes By Jose N. Harris

My mother said she already knew how I was. She could tell I was
like that since I was a baby. She told me a story about when I was a toddler.
She said that one day, she heard an alarm clock ringing in her room and
when she went inside, she saw me bent over it. When she got closer, she
could she me shaking baby powder on it!
"What are you doing, Joey?" She asked me.
"Baby crying," was my reply. — Jose N. Harris

Alarm Clock Quotes By J.R. Rim

Waking up to an alarm clock is getting punched in the face by time. — J.R. Rim

Alarm Clock Quotes By Catherine Lacey

A tremendous amount of my brain was fitted with noticing new things out where nothing was familiar: buildings, types of cars, types of people, accents, plants, packaged-food items. Before I left my brain never had to register my bedroom, my husband, mailbox, apple core, alarm clock, walls. My brain just said " - , - , - , - , - , - , - , - ," to these things, because a brain lets you keep going, keep not seeing the same walls, underwear, husband, doorknobs, ceiling, husband, husband. A brain can be merciful in this way: sparing you the monotony of those monotonies, their pitiful cozy. A brain lets all the borefilled days shrink like drying sponges until they're hard and ungiving — Catherine Lacey

Alarm Clock Quotes By Caprice Crane

Most of the time, I feel like a total fraud. Like I have no idea how I've made it this far without the world figuring out that I have no idea what I'm doing or that I'm relying on some sign or the fact that I glanced at the clock at 11:11 or the fact that Paul McCartney's "With a Little Luck" was playing on the radio when my alarm woke me up to give me a little extra confidence that "we can make this whole damn thing work out." This "whole damn thing" being my life. — Caprice Crane

Alarm Clock Quotes By Emma Chase

My alarm went off at five a.m., like always. But instead of rising from the bed to go to the office where I'm a star, I threw the clock across the room, smashing it to kingdom come.
It was annoying anyway. Stupid clock. Stupid beep-beep-beeping — Emma Chase

Alarm Clock Quotes By J. C. Watts

Most of all, however, critics of black conservatives say we've forgotten where we came from. I may forget a federal budget number or, God forbid, to set the alarm clock for my weekly 6 a.m. flight to Washington, but I know exactly where I came from. — J. C. Watts

Alarm Clock Quotes By Ray Bradbury

I don't need an alarm clock. My ideas wake me. — Ray Bradbury

Alarm Clock Quotes By Dave Attell

You know what wakes me up? A tongue in the ass. There is no alarm clock on that one, you are up, you are shaking, you are in a karate stance ... the day has begun. — Dave Attell

Alarm Clock Quotes By John Medina

Larks report being most alert around noon and feel most productive at work a few hours before they eat lunch. They don't need an alarm clock, because they invariably get up before the alarm rings - often before 6:00 a.m. Larks cheerfully report their favorite mealtime as breakfast and generally consume much less coffee than non-larks. Getting increasingly drowsy in the early evening, most larks go to bed (or want to go to bed) around 9:00 p.m. — John Medina

Alarm Clock Quotes By S.A. Tawks

Isn't the smell of coffee the best alarm clock? — S.A. Tawks

Alarm Clock Quotes By Jon Acuff

Joy is an incredible alarm clock. It will wake you up and keep you up and pick you up and gently pull you through a thousand rejections along the way. — Jon Acuff

Alarm Clock Quotes By Mark Zuckerberg

I don't have an alarm clock. If someone needs to wake me up, then I have my BlackBerry next to me. — Mark Zuckerberg

Alarm Clock Quotes By Yann Martel

My alarm clock during my childhood was a pride of lions. — Yann Martel

Alarm Clock Quotes By Gail Porter

But I love New York. I used to set my alarm clock when I was there, and get up at 4am and get a coffee, just because I could. — Gail Porter

Alarm Clock Quotes By Aaron Kramer

Tired are my feet, that felt today the pavement;
Tired are my ears, that heard of tragic things-
Tired are my eyes, that saw so much enslavement;
Only my voice is not too tired. It sings. — Aaron Kramer

Alarm Clock Quotes By Charles Bukowski

It was true that I didn't have much ambition, but there ought to be a place for people without ambition, I mean a better place than the one usually reserved. How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 6:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so? — Charles Bukowski

Alarm Clock Quotes By Lia Habel

Miss Dearly: I'll be outside, if you don't want to open the door. But when you're ready, I'd like to play a game with you. Ask me any question you like, and I'll answer truthfully. If the answer makes you feel a little safer, reward me by undoing one of the locks. I play to get my room back, you play for the confidence to be able to leave it.
Oh, by the way: Could you wind my alarm clock?
-Captain Abraham Griswold — Lia Habel

Alarm Clock Quotes By Byron Katie

Stress is an alarm clock that lets you know you're attached to something not true for you. — Byron Katie

Alarm Clock Quotes By Doris Lessing

Sleep is harder to reach and thinner, and sleeping is no longer the Drop into the black pit all oblivion until the alarm clock, no, sleep is thin and fitful and full of memories and reminders and the dark is never dark enough. — Doris Lessing

Alarm Clock Quotes By Hayden Thorne

Calais took all of a fraction of a second - I've yet to learn how to gauge his speed - to appear beside me, taking the alarm clock and shutting it down. Then he worked on my bonds, leaving my gag for last because he wanted to sneak in a kiss. Which he did. Too bad I was too annoyed and cramped to respond, so I just made like a limp doll that made a face at him while he got all Romeo on me. — Hayden Thorne

Alarm Clock Quotes By Jesse McCartney

I have a hard time waking up. No alarm clock works! It sounds childish, but I seriously have my manager, my mom or a buddy of mine wake me up if I have to be somewhere. It's a serious issue! I've been very late for some serious gigs because of it! — Jesse McCartney

Alarm Clock Quotes By T. Haque

Who needs an alarm clock you you have a bladder — T. Haque

Alarm Clock Quotes By Duncan Jones

Here in the UK the audience immediately reacts and they get the fact that: "What would be the most annoying thing in the world?" A Chesney Hawkes alarm clock! — Duncan Jones

Alarm Clock Quotes By Kim Harrison

Jenks snickered. "Yeah, Rache. Why bother? I mean, this could be good. Ivy could invite her mom over for a housewarming. We've been here a year, and the woman is dying to come over. Well, at least she would be if she were still alive."
Worried, I looked up from the phone book.
Alarm sifted over Ivy. For a moment it was so quiet I could hear the clock above the sink, and then Ivy jerked, her speed edging into that eerie vamp quickness she took pains to hide.
"Give me the phone," she said, snatching it. — Kim Harrison

Alarm Clock Quotes By Lia Habel

I walked to the table and picked it up, doing as he asked. And then it struck me that I was setting a so-called zombie's alarm clock for him, and I swear I heard something snap in my ears. I started laughing uproariously.
I heard the monster's bemused voice outside, asking me if I was alright, but that just made it funnier. — Lia Habel

Alarm Clock Quotes By Ziad K. Abdelnour

If you need an alarm clock, you need a new job. — Ziad K. Abdelnour

Alarm Clock Quotes By Kilroy J. Oldster

Alarm clocks are the bane of humanity. Sleep inertia, the decline in motor dexterity, subjective feeling of grogginess, and impaired state of awareness and mental performance is normal after awakening from even a light sleep. Scientific studies reveal that abruptly awakening from a deep sleep amplifies the severity and duration of sleep inertia. — Kilroy J. Oldster

Alarm Clock Quotes By Summer Sanders

The more sleep you get in before the clock turns midnight, the more rested you feel no matter what time your alarm goes off. — Summer Sanders

Alarm Clock Quotes By Groucho Marx

Policeman: "A hermit eh? Then why's your table set for four?"
Groucho: "That's nothing. My alarm clock is set for eight. — Groucho Marx

Alarm Clock Quotes By Tom Hodgkinson

After the alarm clock, it is the turn of Mr Kellogg to shame us into action. 'Rise and Shine!' he exhorts us from the Corn Flakes packet. The physical act of crunching cornflakes or other cereals is portraied in TV advertising as working an amazing alchemy on slothful human beings: the incoherent, unshaven sluggard (bad) is magically transformed into a smart and jolly worker full of vigour and purpose (good) by the positive power of cereal. Kellogg himself, tellingly, was a puritanical health-nut who never had sex (he preferred enemas). Such are the architects of our daily life. — Tom Hodgkinson

Alarm Clock Quotes By Ray Lewis

Don't let your alarm clock, be the only reason you wake up. — Ray Lewis

Alarm Clock Quotes By Gillibran Brown

Such is life, marked by the ticking of the clock and the call of the alarm until the day it all falls into perpetual silence. For most of us, certainly for this boy, life is not composed of great deeds, but of small actions, and that's okay. It's the best I can give and I like it this way. — Gillibran Brown

Alarm Clock Quotes By Jay Leno

I saw something stupid in the paper today. A new alarm clock that makes no noise. It's for people who don't like loud noises. Instead, it slowly hits you with light and gets brighter and brighter until you wake up. I already have one of those.. it's called a window. — Jay Leno

Alarm Clock Quotes By James Rozoff

Most animals sleep in a hole in the ground or hanging from a tree. Man alone has made for himself an elaborate resting place. And yet he is the only one to have developed the alarm clock to rouse himself from it, the only species to spend sixteen or more hours of each day away from it. — James Rozoff

Alarm Clock Quotes By Taylor Jenkins Reid

Falling out of love with someone you still like feels exactly like lying in a warm bed and hearing the alarm clock.

No matter how good you feel right now, you know it's time to go. — Taylor Jenkins Reid

Alarm Clock Quotes By Vladimir Nabokov

It turned out to be only our former chauffeur, Tsiganov, who had thought nothing of riding all the way from St. Petersburg, on buffers and freight cars, through the immense, frosty and savage expanse of revolutionary Russia, for the mere purpose of bringing us a very welcome sum of money sent us by good friends of ours. After a month's stay, Tsiganov declared the Crimean scenary bored him and departed
to go all the way back north, with a big bag over his shoulder, containing various articles which we would have gladly given him had we thought he coveted them (such as a tourser press, tennis shoes, a nigthshirt, an alarm clock, a flat iron, several other ridiculous things I have forgotten) and the absence of which only gradually came to light if not pointed out, with vindictive zeal, by an anemic servant girl whose pale charms he had also rifled. — Vladimir Nabokov

Alarm Clock Quotes By Jay Leno

Postal inspectors have been given advanced warning that Publishers Clearinghouse is sending packets of laundry detergent that could be mistaken for anthrax. Oh, good timing. What genius came up with this promotion? What's next - a ticking alarm clock? Let's put that in a box. — Jay Leno

Alarm Clock Quotes By Ted Nugent

Everybody I hang with - the ranchers, the farmers, the cops, the teachers, the plumbers, everybody I hang with - they've got an alarm clock. They get up, they put their heart and their soul into being the very best that they can be. They want to be an asset to their families and their neighborhood. They want to be productive members of society. — Ted Nugent

Alarm Clock Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

The other night I took Jims with me for a walk down to the store. It was the first time he had ever been out so late at night, and when he saw the stars he exclaimed, 'Oh, Willa, see the big moon and all the little moons!' And last Wednesday morning, when he woke up, my little alarm clock had stopped because I had forgotten to wind it up. Jims bounded out of his crib and ran across to me, his face quite aghast above his little blue flannel pyjamas. 'The clock is dead,' he gasped, 'oh Willa, the clock is dead.' "One night he was quite angry with both Susan and me because we would not give him something he wanted very much. When he said his prayers he plumped down wrathfully, and when he came to the petition 'Make me a good boy' he tacked on emphatically, 'and please make Willa and Susan good, 'cause they're not.' "I — L.M. Montgomery

Alarm Clock Quotes By Nellie L. McClung

Disturbers are never popular - nobody ever really loved an alarm clock in action, no matter how grateful he may have been afterwards for its kind services! — Nellie L. McClung

Alarm Clock Quotes By J.R. Ward

Maybe she just needed out. Out of Caldwell. Out of the CCJ. Out of the electronic family of her alarm clock and the phone on her desk and the TV that kept her dreams away while she slept. — J.R. Ward

Alarm Clock Quotes By Heather Brewer

Lesson #456 of high school life: Never, EVER trust an alarm clock. — Heather Brewer

Alarm Clock Quotes By Anonymous

Problem 3: What innovative change could be made to an alarm clock to make it more effective? Proposed solution: If you hit snooze, your coworkers are notified via e-mail that you overslept. — Anonymous

Alarm Clock Quotes By Tyler Knott Gregson

Come here
and take off your clothes
and with them
every single worry
you have ever carried.
My fingertips on your back
will be the very last thing
you will feel
before sleeping
and the sound of my smile
will be the alarm clock
to your morning ears.
Come here
and take off your clothes
and with them
the weight of every yesterday
that snuck atop your shoulders
and declared them home.
My whispers will be the soundtrack
to your secret dreams
and my hand
the anchor to the life
you will open your eyes to.
Come here
and take off your clothes. — Tyler Knott Gregson

Alarm Clock Quotes By Zig Ziglar

This morning did you wake up to an alarm clock or an opportunity clock? — Zig Ziglar

Alarm Clock Quotes By Lisa Genova

Alice sat at her desk in their bedroom distracted by the sounds of John racing through each of the rooms on the first floor. She needed to finish her peer review of a paper submitted to the Journal of Cognitive Psychology before her flight, and she'd just read the same sentence three times without comprehending it. It was 7:30 according to their alarm clock, which she guessed was about ten minutes fast. She knew from the approximate time and the escalating volume of his racing that he was trying to leave, but he'd forgotten something and couldn't find it. She tapped her red pen on her bottom lip as she watched the digital numbers on the clock and listened for what she knew was coming. — Lisa Genova

Alarm Clock Quotes By Rex Stout

The trouble with an alarm clock is that what seems sensible when you set it seems absurd when it goes off — Rex Stout

Alarm Clock Quotes By Crystal Woods

When reality and your dreams collide, typically it's just your alarm clock going off. — Crystal Woods

Alarm Clock Quotes By Alec Baldwin

I collect travel alarm clocks. I was in a flea market in France once, in 1994, and I opened up this beautiful Jaeger-LeCoultre folding eight-day winding clock folded into a beautiful case, and I went, 'Wow, man.' And I've been collecting travel alarm clocks since 1994. — Alec Baldwin

Alarm Clock Quotes By Munia Khan

The most disturbing sound in the world comes from the alarm clock at 5:30am — Munia Khan

Alarm Clock Quotes By Scientific American

This neuronal correlate of consciousness - the transient assembly - satisfies all the items on the shopping list of phenomena above. The efficacy of an alarm clock is explained as a very vigorous sensory input that triggers a large, synchronous assembly. Dreams and wakefulness differ because dreams result from a small assembly driven by weak internal stimuli, whereas wakefulness results from a larger assembly driven by stronger external stimuli. Anesthetics restrict the size of assemblies, thus inducing unconsciousness. Self-consciousness can arise only in a brain large and interconnected enough to devise extensive neuronal networks. The degree of consciousness in an animal or a human fetus depends on the sizes of their assemblies, too. — Scientific American

Alarm Clock Quotes By LEONORA MORRISON

Why am I impatient I am unsure for what is patience? And why should I ultimately feel that I am lacking in it.
Is it timing? Waiting?
Someone recently referred to it as a staring contest between yourself, fate, god and chance. He also referred to it as a tease, a flirt. It's staring at her image when you want to hear her voice, feel her breath, taste her skin. Patience is the recovery from a really hot dream interrupted by the damn alarm clock. Patience is a hard cock with bound hands. — LEONORA MORRISON

Alarm Clock Quotes By Catherine Bailey

Other sounds woke the hamlet: the blast of a ship's foghorn blown at the pit top to mark the start of the shift; the echo of others - 'buzzers', as they were called - from the pits in the valley below. For the deep sleepers, there was the 'knocker-up'; a human alarm clock, he used a long pole to rattle the window panes of the households that paid him a few pennies each week. — Catherine Bailey

Alarm Clock Quotes By Isaac Marion

All my life I have battled the alarm clock, pummeling the snooze button over and over with mounting self-loathing until the shame is finally strong enough to lever me upright. — Isaac Marion

Alarm Clock Quotes By Richie Havens

I tended to listen to doo-wop, but my grandmother would always have the radio on all day and she'd start with Yiddish and then move on to gospel and later to "make believe" ballroom music. I got to hear all kinds of music and my mother would get up to go to work listening to country music. That was her alarm clock. My dad was a jazz lover and listened to the man who wrote "Misty", Errol Garner. He loved piano players, so I got to listen to that as well. — Richie Havens

Alarm Clock Quotes By L.J.Smith

Think about something else," Kaitlyn said. "Did you ever find a cow alarm clock around here?"
"No. A what?"
"An alarm clock shaped like a cow. It was Lewis's. It used to go off every morning, this sound like a cowbell and then a voice shouting 'Wake up! Don't sleep your life away!' And then it would moo."
Lydia giggled faintly. "I wish I'd seen that. It sounds-like Lewis."
"Actually, it sounded like a cow." Kaitlyn could hear Lydia snorting softly in the darkness for a while, then silence. She pulled the covers over her head and went to sleep. — L.J.Smith

Alarm Clock Quotes By Helen Garner

How on earth could he not see it? It stood on the wooden floor behind him, in the corner just inside the door, where the light from the hallway poorly fell: an old-fashioned alarm clock with three blunt stumps for legs and a bell like a Prussian helmet. Its face, a faithful little moon, was turned up to her, its hands were spread to plead innocence, and its inner mechanism emitted without ceasing the rapid ribbon of blows called the passing of time. — Helen Garner

Alarm Clock Quotes By Paulo Coelho

Waking up each morning to a hysterical alarm clock on the bedside table. — Paulo Coelho

Alarm Clock Quotes By Rachel Renee Russell

AAAAAAAAAAHHH !! (That was me screaming in frustration!) I can't believe I overslept! AGAIN! Now I'm probably going to be late for school! WHY?!! Because my bratty little sister, Brianna, has been sneaking into my bedroom at night and stealing my alarm clock! She's been using it to get up extra early to make a peanut butter, jelly, and pickle sandwich to take to school for lunch. YES! She actually adds PICKLES! I don't know which is more NAUSEATING, Brianna or her disgusting sandwich! Anyway, now I have less than three minutes to shower, shampoo, brush, dress, pack, eat, gloss, and GO! This is how my very CRUDDY day began. . . . — Rachel Renee Russell

Alarm Clock Quotes By Alexander McCall Smith

In bed that night, in the darkness, with the illuminated dial of her alarm clock glowing from the bedside table, she asked herself whether one could force oneself to like somebody, or whether one could merely create conditions for affection to come into existence and hope that it did, spontaneously. Open then our hearts - these words came into her mind, dredged from somewhere in her memory, from some unknown context. If one opened one's heart, then friendship, and love, too, might alight and make their presence known. It was the act of opening that came first; that was the important thing, the first thing. But who was it who said, Open then our hearts? Where did that come from? — Alexander McCall Smith

Alarm Clock Quotes By Hal Elrod

Every time you choose to do the easy thing, instead of the right thing, you are shaping your identity, becoming the type of person who does what's easy, rather than what's right. On the other hand, when you do choose to do the right thing and follow through with your commitments - especially when you don't feel like it - you are developing the extraordinary discipline (which most people never develop) necessary for creating extraordinary results in your life. As my good friend, Peter Voogd, often teaches his clients: "Discipline creates lifestyle." For example, when the alarm clock goes off, and we hit the snooze button (the easy thing), most people mistakenly assume that this action is only affecting that moment. The reality is that this type of action is — Hal Elrod

Alarm Clock Quotes By Molly Harper

Mama Ginger came calling, to set the alarm on my biological clock. Oh, and to remind me that there's no point to me being a woman if I never have children."
"Well, if that's true, I wasted a hell of a lot of money on panty hose and lipstick." Jettie snorted. — Molly Harper

Alarm Clock Quotes By Pablo Picasso

Work is a necessity for man. Man invented the alarm clock. — Pablo Picasso

Alarm Clock Quotes By Ambrose Bierce

OBLIVION, n. Cold storage for high hopes. A place where ambitious authors meet their works without pride and their betters without envy. A dormitory without an alarm clock. — Ambrose Bierce

Alarm Clock Quotes By Alexis Kade

No alarm clock in the world works quite as well as a hungry wolf in your bed. Struggling to breathe, I shoved at the giant oaf lying across my chest, but he staunchly refused to move. Despite his human soul, I was pretty sure — Alexis Kade

Alarm Clock Quotes By Byron Katie

That's the purpose of stress. It's a friend. It's an alarm clock, built in to let you know that it's time to do The Work. — Byron Katie

Alarm Clock Quotes By John Hagee

If love is a dream, then marriage is the alarm clock. — John Hagee

Alarm Clock Quotes By Ned Vizzini

When we got together we would start projects: an alarm clock torn apart and distributed over a wall, a stop-motion video of Lego people having sex, a Web site for pictures of toilets. — Ned Vizzini

Alarm Clock Quotes By Ken Kesey

- he's finished with that; it's like an old clock that won't tell time but won't stop neither, with the hands bent out of shape and the face bare of numbers and the alarm bell rusted silent, an old worthless clock that just keeps ticking and cuckooing without meaning nothing. — Ken Kesey

Alarm Clock Quotes By Eckhart Tolle

A built-in reminder is the simple understanding that whenever any kind of unhappiness arises, you know you've lost the now. That's a built-in alarm clock. The moment you realize you've lost the now, come back to the now. — Eckhart Tolle

Alarm Clock Quotes By Amy Krouse Rosenthal

cozy+smell of pancakes-alarm clock=weekend — Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Alarm Clock Quotes By T.J. Klune

My name is Bear. I am a reluctant homosexual (or, at least, I resemble one). My boyfr - er, life partner (gag!), is apparently like a forty-year-old woman, and his biological clock is exploding all over the place, and we don't know how to turn off the alarm. We need a woman (ha!) to allow us to put our sperm into her so that we can create the miracle that is life! You, as the surrogate, must not be crazy!!!!! — T.J. Klune

Alarm Clock Quotes By Joyce Rachelle

The only time I get headaches is when my alarm clock makes me wake up before noon. Now that's my version of morning sickness. — Joyce Rachelle

Alarm Clock Quotes By Charlotte Eriksson

This morning I woke up before the alarm clock went off and the sky outside was a big red ocean. You're beautiful when you're sleeping so I spent an hour observing the way you breathe. Inhale, exhale, without a thought of tomorrow. The window was open and the air was so crisp and I couldn't imagine how to ever ask for more than this. — Charlotte Eriksson

Alarm Clock Quotes By Anna Quindlen

If you want to write what the world is about, you have to write details ... real life is in the dishes. Real life is pushing strollers up the street, folding T-shirts, the alarm clock going off early and you dropping into bed exhausted every night. That's real life. — Anna Quindlen

Alarm Clock Quotes By Eric Thomas

No Alarm Clock Needed. My Passion Wakes Me. — Eric Thomas

Alarm Clock Quotes By Ursula K. Le Guin

His alarm clock ticked by the head of the bed. He gazed at its whitish face, the hands both drawing downward. There were no clocks, there. There were no hours. It was not the river of time flowing that moved the clock's hands forward; their mechanism moved them. Seeing them move men said, Time is passing, passing, but they were fooled by the clocks they made. It is we who pass through time, Hugh thought. — Ursula K. Le Guin

Alarm Clock Quotes By Colleen Hoover

Im convinced that hell has an intercom system and the buzz of my alarm clock is played at full volume on repeat against the screams of all the lost souls. — Colleen Hoover

Alarm Clock Quotes By Michel Ocelot

I won't tell you how many hours a day I work because you wouldn't believe it. But don't worry; I am in bed at 11 p.m., sleep well and get up early, without an alarm clock. — Michel Ocelot

Alarm Clock Quotes By Kelly Link

The beloved may be treacherous, greasy-headed and given to evil habits, or else it can be a man in his late forties who works too much, or it can be an alarm clock. — Kelly Link

Alarm Clock Quotes By Garry Kasparov

It was an impressive achievement, of course, and a human achievement by the members of the IBM team, but Deep Blue was only intelligent the way your programmable alarm clock is intelligent. Not that losing to a $10 million alarm clock made me feel any better. — Garry Kasparov

Alarm Clock Quotes By Jean-Paul Sartre

There exist concretely alarm clocks, signboards, tax forms, policemen, so many guard rails against anguish. But as soon as the enterprise is held at a distance from me, as soon as I am referred to myself because I must await myself in the future, then I discover myself suddenly as the one who gives its meaning to the alarm clock, the one who by a signboard forbids himself to walk on a flower bed or on the lawn, the one from whom the boss's order borrows its urgency, the one who decides the interest of the book which he is writing, the one who finally makes the values exist in order to determine his action by their demands. I emerge alone and in anguish confronting the unique and original project which constitutes my being; all the barriers, all the guard rails collapse, nihilated by the consciousness of my freedom. — Jean-Paul Sartre

Alarm Clock Quotes By James Baldwin

The summer ended. Day by day, and taking its time, the summer ended. The noises in the street began to change, diminish, voices became fewer, the music sparse. Daily, blocks and blocks of children were spirited away. Grownups retreated from the streets, into the houses. Adolescents moved from the sidewalk to the stoop to the hallway to the stairs, and rooftops were abandoned. Such trees as there were allowed their leaves to fall - they fell unnoticed - seeming to promise, not without bitterness, to endure another year. At night, from a distance, the parks and playgrounds seemed inhabited by fireflies, and the night came sooner, inched in closer, fell with a greater weight. The sound of the alarm clock conquered the sound of the tambourine, the houses put on their winter faces. The houses stared down a bitter landscape, seeming, not without bitterness, to have resolved to endure another year. — James Baldwin

Alarm Clock Quotes By Milan Kundera

In this country people don't respect the morning. An alarm clock violently wakes them up, shatters their sleep like the blow of an ax, and they immediately surrender themselves to deadly haste. Can you tell me what kind of day can follow a beginning of such violence? What happens to people whose alarm clock daily gives them a small electric shock? Each day they become more used to violence and less used to pleasure. Believe me, it is the mornings that determine a man's character. — Milan Kundera

Alarm Clock Quotes By Elizabeth Jane Howard

She laughed at bad jokes, stayed out too late, and overslept too often. Charity Hill loved holidays and she hated budgets and the alarm clock. — Elizabeth Jane Howard

Alarm Clock Quotes By Martin Freeman

I like things that are simple, such as an alarm clock. — Martin Freeman

Alarm Clock Quotes By Maryrose Wood

There is no alarm clock like embarassment. — Maryrose Wood

Alarm Clock Quotes By Milan Kundera

People don't respect the morning. An alarm clock violently wakes them up, shatters their sleep like the blow of an ax, and they immediately surrender themselves to deadly haste. Can you tell me what kind of day can follow a beginning of such violence? What happens to people whose alarm clock daily gives them a small electric shock? Each day they become more used to violence and less used to pleasure. — Milan Kundera

Alarm Clock Quotes By Siri Hustvedt

The very next day, we were told that Abigail had had a massive stroke. She was alive, but the woman we had known had vanished. She did not know where she was or who she was. The alarm clock had gone off. The very old languish and die. We know that, buy the very old know it far better than the rest of us. They live in a world of continual loss and this, as my mother had said, is bitter. [p. 172] — Siri Hustvedt

Alarm Clock Quotes By Jane Stanton Hitchcock

I don't need an alarm clock, for habit is the best alarm there is. — Jane Stanton Hitchcock

Alarm Clock Quotes By Jodi Picoult

As it turned out, growing up was just as she'd feared. One day when your alarm clock rang, you got up and realized you had someone else's thoughts in your head ... or may be just your old ones, minus the hope. — Jodi Picoult

Alarm Clock Quotes By Joseph Hall

Our body is a well-set clock, which keeps good time, but if it be too much or indiscreetly tampered with, the alarm runs out before the hour. — Joseph Hall