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Afrikaans Quotes By Peter Abrahams

Most of the black women who lived in the lower end of Vrededorp came from the countryside and were there to be near their menfolk who worked in the mines. They spoke neither English nor Afrikaans. — Peter Abrahams

Afrikaans Quotes By Adhir Kalyan

If I hadn't left South Africa, I felt I was at risk of being pigeonholed. I looked around and saw actors who, 10 to 15 years into their careers, were still playing stereotypical Afrikaans characters, stereotyped Indian characters. That was not something that I wanted for myself. — Adhir Kalyan

Afrikaans Quotes By Tanit Phoenix

Afrikaans is my first language, although you would never know, as my English accent has more of an American-British thing going on from all my years of travelling. — Tanit Phoenix

Afrikaans Quotes By Zakes Mda

My plays have been translated into all of the official languages of South Africa except Afrikaans. — Zakes Mda

Afrikaans Quotes By Robert Lane Greene

A truly enlightened attitude to language should simply be to let six thousand or more flowers bloom. Subcultures should be allowed to thrive, not just because it is wrong to squash them, because they enrich the wider culture. Just as Black English has left its mark on standard English Culture, South Africans take pride in the marks of Afrikaans and African languages on their vocabulary and syntax.
New Zealand's rugby team chants in Maori, dancing a traditional dance, before matches. French kids flirt with rebellion by using verlan, a slang that reverses words' sounds or syllables (so femmes becomes meuf). Argentines glory in lunfardo, an argot developed from the underworld a centyry ago that makes Argentine Spanish unique still today. The nonstandard greeting "Where y'at?" for "How are you?" is so common among certain whites in New Orleans that they bear their difference with pride, calling themselves Yats. And that's how it should be. — Robert Lane Greene

Afrikaans Quotes By Robert Lane Greene

Afrikaans was the language of the white minority in South Africa, and the forced learning of it created resentment among blacks. Even so, Nelson Mandela made it a point to learn this language in prison in anticipation that it would help him lead the whole of South Africa. — Robert Lane Greene

Afrikaans Quotes By Al J. Venter

To paraphrase an old Afrikaans idiom; it is necessary to eat a bag of salt with these people to realise the extent of their misery and suffering within touching distance of one of the wealthiest little communities to be found on any continent. For those who wish to follow in my footsteps, it's all there for the taking but it requires moments of considerable insight, humility and understanding of the frailties of human nature. Some would call it compassion. — Al J. Venter

Afrikaans Quotes By Antjie Krog

It's hard for me to speak, whether in English or Afrikaans. The reason I write is because I cannot speak. I feel blunt. — Antjie Krog