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Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By James Martin

Paradoxically, admitting your own powerlessness can free you from the need to fix everything and allow us to be truly present to the other person, and to listen. A cartoon in The New Yorker had one woman saying testily to her friend, 'There's no point in our being friends if you won't let me fix you. — James Martin

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Anonymus Autor

He gasped in despair while he wrote to her knowing everything is going to end.
He: Why did you ruin my image in front of your mother and family though I wasn't the bad guy?
She replied Coldly: I acted childish and took revenge, I wanted to end this relation.
He kept asking all that she accused him of.
She kept admitting false allegations, something kept breaking inside him.
Silence kept creeping into him, sorrow enveloped his soul and tears fell of his eyes for he knew all had ended. — Anonymus Autor

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Rita Zahara

Trust, like love, is a word that has great power Everybody deserves their own space, in their own time. You are even entitled to keep secrets. But it is not secrets that destroys things, suspicion does. For it may take many years to build trust, sometimes.. all it takes is suspicion, you don't even need proof to destroy trust. So, if you say you can trust someone, you're admitting to something that is even greater than love. Trust, like love, is a word that has great power. — Rita Zahara

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Benjamin Alire Saenz

She does not know how to measure her life. When Sam was alive, she measured it through his love. She had always measured herself through the look in his eyes. She is afraid of admitting that to herself. — Benjamin Alire Saenz

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Johnny Stone

I have to admit that trying to force me into admitting I love you is pretty low, and such an uncommon trait for someone who claims to be a submissive. — Johnny Stone

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Mark Nepo

To love by admitting our connection to everything is how we stay well. — Mark Nepo

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Stephen Fry

How to seperate the humiliation from the loss, that's the catch. You can never be sure if what tortures you is the pain of being without someone you love or the embarrassment of admitting that you have been rejected. — Stephen Fry

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Becky Wicks

She really liked you, Noah,'
'Yeah, well, maybe I'm just an asshole.'
I realize my hand is still in his hair and I retract it quickly. He grabs it, holds it against him. You're not an asshole I'm thinking, but for some reason I can't say it. It would be like admitting something else; like the fact that he's an asshole to every girl who likes him, but never to me. And then I'd have to really think about why that is and that's not something I'll ever be comfortable with at all, even though his eyes are like maps and his words are like anchors and his songs are like personal messages and I love all that.
- Chloe — Becky Wicks

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

You really know when people are lying?"
He nodded.
"Prove it."
"Got a boyfriend?"
"Is there a man you're interested in?"
"You're lying."
I stiffened. "I am not."
"Yes, you are. He may not be a boyfriend but there's someone you're interested in enough that you're thinking about having sex with him."
I glared. "I am not. And you can't possibly know that."
He shrugged. "Sorry, Mac, I hear the truth even when the person isn't admitting it to themselves." One dark brow lifted. "I don't suppose it might be me?"
I blushed. He'd just made me think it. Us. Naked. Wow. I was a perfectly healthy woman, and he was a gorgeous man. "No," I said, embarrassed.
He laughed, gold eyes glittering. "Lie. A whopper. Gotta love that. Have I told you I'm a big believer in fulfilling a woman's fantasies? — Karen Marie Moning

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Paul David Tripp

Love is daily admitting to yourself, your spouse, and God that you are not able to love this way without God's protecting, providing, forgiving, rescuing, and delivering grace. — Paul David Tripp

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Monica Burns

You're wicked through and through."
He leaned into her, his nostrils picking up her musky scent. "Tell me the truth. You love it when I'm
being wicked. You like the danger and excitement of it all."
She opened her mouth quickly in an attempt to deny his statement, but he simply stared her into
admitting the truth. "Yes. Yes, I like it when you're being wicked. — Monica Burns

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Megan Hart

I'm in love with him, & I think I've known that for a long time, but now I can't stop myself from admitting it. I love the way he dances for me, trying to make me laugh, not caring if he looks a little like a fool. He is adorable and charming, and the breath leaves my lungs and my heart forgets to beat, moment after moment.
I love him.
I love him.
I love him. — Megan Hart

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Shamara Ray

It's been said that I have a problem admitting when I'm wrong. The main reason is because I never am. — Shamara Ray

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Mary Doria Russell

You know what's the most terrifying thing about admitting that you're in love? You are just naked. You put yourself in harm's way and you lay down all your defenses. No clothes, no weapons. Nowhere to hide. Completely vulnerable. The only thing that makes it tolerable is to believe that the other person loves you back ... — Mary Doria Russell

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Yoon Sang-hyun

I love you, Im Meahri. I'm sorry because you suffered alone. For admitting it so late, I am sorry. You aren't going anywhere now. I am not letting you go anywhere. — Yoon Sang-hyun

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Kelly Moran

The truth is I do love you. Admitting that means opening myself up to all that pain when you leave. After you realize this wasn't love, but gratitude. — Kelly Moran

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Nicholas Browne

I love people that read. I think it screams humility. When someone reads, they are essentially admitting they want more, that the world is not enough for them. They want more knowledge, more experience. Whatever this life is, they want more of it. — Nicholas Browne

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Anne Bronte

And if you think you have wronged me by giving me your friendship, and occasionally admitting me to the enjoyment of your company and conversation, when all hopes of closer intimacy were vain - as indeed you always gave me to understand - if you think you have wronged me by this, you are mistaken; for such favours, in themselves alone, are not only delightful to my heart, but purifying, exalting, ennobling to my soul; and I would have your friendship than the love of any other woman in the world! — Anne Bronte

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Mindy Kaling

I love romantic comedies. I feel almost sheepish writing that, because the genre has been so degraded in the past twenty years or so that admitting you like these movies is essentially an admission of mild stupidity. But that has not stopped me from watching them. — Mindy Kaling

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Rick Riordan

The rivalry ends here," [Percy] said. "I love you, Wise Girl. — Rick Riordan

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Penelope Ward

But the right thing...was admitting that I couldn't possibly fully love her if my heart beat faster for someone else — Penelope Ward

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Olivia Lynde

Much better now. And Sunny - there's no such thing as 'too much' when it comes to us. Too much mutual interest, or awareness, or desire, or too much damn love - there's no such thing."
"I love you beyond obsession," I murmur, terrified because it is too much.
"I love you to insanity," he replies, utterly solemn. "That's who I am, and that is who we are. I don't have any qualms about admitting it, and I don't have any regrets. Do you? — Olivia Lynde

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Carl Jung

The only important thing is to follow nature. A tiger should be a good tiger; a tree, a good tree. So people should be people. But to know what people are, one must follow nature and go alone, admitting the importance of the unexpected. Still, nothing is possible without love ... For love puts one in a mood to risk everything, and not to withhold important elements. — Carl Jung

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Rob Sheffield

In some circles, admitting you love Top 40 radio is tantamount to bragging you gave your grandmother the clap, in church, in the front row at your aunt's funeral, but those are the circles I avoid like the plague or, for that matter, the clap. — Rob Sheffield

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Rick Warren

The sooner we give up the illusion that a church must be perfect in order to love it, the sooner we quit pretending and start admitting we're all imperfect and need grace. This is the beginning of real community. — Rick Warren

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Colleen Hoover

You're in love with her, aren't you?" I pause. Am I? I sign and clasp my hands behind my head, not sure what to say. "I'm trying so hard not to be," I say quietly, admitting it to myself for the first time. — Colleen Hoover

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Christina Lauren

I want to be good to you." He rolls me to face him, and kisses me once before admitting, "I'm just fucking wild for you."
"I think I spotted that just now," I whisper.
"I mean," he clarifies, "the I love you kind of wild. — Christina Lauren

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Kenya Wright

What are you most scared of?" she asked and I wished she hadn't. I didn't like admitting it.
"I'm scared of dying alone. — Kenya Wright

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Julie Ann Walker

I've loved you all along. I just changed my about admitting it to myself and letting you love me. — Julie Ann Walker

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Christa Parravani

Nobody wants to be alone in misery. Cara experienced no shame in admitting that need. Not only did she not want to suffer alone, she demanded co-suffering from all who dared love her. — Christa Parravani

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Freya North

How can he love me then not? He went,he ran. And I cannot bring him back. Yet I left the door metaphorically wide open, hoping he'd come back and bang on it proclaiming, "I want to be here with you. Always." Soon I'm going to have to shutit. For my safety and my sanity. Let go. I don't want to. Won't letting go be just that - letting go? Giving up? Admitting failure? Admitting that it is really, truly over? — Freya North

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Jaggi Vasudev

Seeking means admitting that you do not know. Once you have cleared your slate, truth can imprint itself upon it. — Jaggi Vasudev

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Roxane Gay

I love Twitter. It doesn't keep me from writing and I think it's a really convenient scapegoat when the truth is that the real issue is self-control. I am totally fine admitting i have none. I'm not going to blame Twitter for affecting my writing. And also, Twitter doesn't affect my writing. — Roxane Gay

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Nutan Bajracharya

Am I not fit to this world or people around of me not fit for me, arguable ... without proper answer. Everyone had their logic, explanations, clarifications, examples but here also not solution. But the person himself/herself at least can figure out what's right and what's wrong. Then also there is no solution until he or she admitted that he or she is wrong. Admitting own mistake is hard to find because of so called pride. It's life you have to face everything here without solution, and the last thought is, all the problems solution will be after death only. It's the fact of the life. — Nutan Bajracharya

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Grace Paley

The abortion isn't what they(conservative pro-life men of 1940s) are thinking
about; they're really thinking about sex. They're really thinking
about love and reducing it to its most mechanical aspects - that is to
say, the mechanical fact of intercourse as a specific act to make
children in this world, and thinking of its use in any other way as
wrong and wicked. They are determined to reduce women's normal sexual
responses, to end them, really, when we've just had a couple of
decades of admitting them. — Grace Paley

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Kandi Steiner

There's more courage in admitting you love someone and fighting for them than letting them go because it hurts less." Suddenly, — Kandi Steiner

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Virginia Alison

We, as women, have this slight flaw. Yes, admitting it, we are flawed with a faultless memory in regards to the good and bad in men...Stored within our memory banks is every loving gesture and sugar coated word, thoughtful moments, places, arguments, indiscretions, lies all catalogued, timed and dated...The list, for us, is endless...
It is not our fault...You give us so much to remember... — Virginia Alison

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Leo Tolstoy

The true meaning of Christ's teaching consists in the recognition of love as the supreme law of life, and therefore not admitting any exceptions. — Leo Tolstoy

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Anthony De Mello

The three most difficult things for a human being are not physical feats or intellectual achievements. They are, first, returning love for hate; second, including the excluded; third, admitting that you are wrong. — Anthony De Mello

Admitting You Love Someone Quotes By Karen Robards

Lora followed his eyes to the subject of their conversation. He was such a masculine man, tall and strong and sure of himself, cocky almost. A male chauvinist to his toenails, she suspected, as incapable of admitting to feeling hurt and lonely and afraid as a pig was of flying. But he was vulnerable too, enormously vulnerable. More than many people who openly asked for it, he needed love. He needed someone to hold him in her arms and convince him that what he had done was not so bad, was not unforgivable, did not put him beyond the pale of normal society. To convince him that he was lovable. And loved. And she meant to be that someone. — Karen Robards