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Top Adequate Sleep Quotes

Adequate Sleep Quotes By Matthew Kelly

The world is full of men and women who work too much, sleep too little, hardly ever exercise, eat poorly, and are always struggling or failing to find adequate time with their families. We are in a perpetual hurry-constantly rushing from one activity to another, with little understanding of where all this activity is leading us ... The world has gone and got itself in an awful rush, to whose benefit I do not know. We are too busy for our own good. We need to slow down. Our lifestyles are destroying us. The worst part is, we are rushing east in search of a sunset. — Matthew Kelly

Adequate Sleep Quotes By James MacDonald

One of the most frequent sins of omission is the failure to get adequate rest. — James MacDonald

Adequate Sleep Quotes By Eugene Thacker

The logic of pessimism moves through three refusals: a no-saying to the worst (refusal of the world-for-us, or Schopenhauer's tears); a yes-saying to the worst (refusal of the world-in-itself, or Nietzsche's laughter); and a no-saying to the for-us and the in-itself (a double refusal, or Cioran's sleep).

Crying, laughing, sleeping - what other responses are adequate to a life that is so indifferent? — Eugene Thacker

Adequate Sleep Quotes By Richard Louv

Just as children need good nutrition and adequate sleep, they may very well need contact with nature. — Richard Louv

Adequate Sleep Quotes By Laura Vanderkam

Getting adequate sleep is a sign that the world doesn't need your attention for seven to nine hours each day. It keeps spinning as usual in its orbit. Who wants to admit that? — Laura Vanderkam