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Top Accepting Responsibility Quotes

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Ralph Marston

Concern yourself more with accepting responsibility than with assigning blame. Let the possibilities inspire you more than the obstacles discourage you. — Ralph Marston

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By M. Scott Peck

The difficulty we have in accepting responsibility for our behavior lies in the desire to avoid the pain of the consequences of that behavior. — M. Scott Peck

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Wes Fesler

Maturity is developed by respecting others and accepting responsibility for violating that respect. — Wes Fesler

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Michael Vick

I'm willing to deal with the consequences and accept responsibility for my actions. — Michael Vick

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Martin Firrell

I can accept no responsibility for any changes in your existence, miraculous or otherwise. You must take responsibility for your own life. You must have your own life because if you haven't had at least that, what have you had? — Martin Firrell

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Amy Pascal

I accept full responsibility for what I wrote and apologize to everyone who was offended. — Amy Pascal

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Winifred Holtby

To choose, to take, with clear judgement and open eyes; to count the cost and pay it; to regret nothing; to go forward, cutting losses, refusing to complain, accepting complete responsibility for their own decisions - this was the code which she attempted to impress upon the children who came under her influence - the code on which she set herself to act. — Winifred Holtby

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Neal Boortz

The key to accepting responsibility for your life is to accept the fact that your choices, every one of them, are leading you inexorably to either success or failure, however you define those terms. — Neal Boortz

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By John Ortberg

Scratch the surface of any cynic, and you will find a wounded idealist underneath. Because of previous pain or disappointment, cynics make their conclusions about life before the questions have even been asked. This means that beyond just seeing what is wrong with the world, cynics lack the courage to do something about it. The dynamic beneath cynicism is a fear of accepting responsibility. — John Ortberg

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Haile Selassie

There is no power or authority without responsibility, and he who accepts the one cannot escape or evade the other. — Haile Selassie

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Stephen Richards

Overly playing the role of the victim can debar you from accepting responsibility for your actions and emotions. — Stephen Richards

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Maya Angelou

When we decide to be happy we accept the responsibility to bring happiness to someone else. — Maya Angelou

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Jeb Bush

But without a caring society, without each citizen voluntarily accepting the weight of responsibility, government is destined to grow even larger, taking more of your money, burrowing deeper into your lives. — Jeb Bush

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Barbara Marciniak

Those who choose love - daring to feel to the depths of being, accepting responsibility for their actions, and seeking a purpose in life - will find that the world of significant living will unfold its cleverly concealed presence. — Barbara Marciniak

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Jeffrey Gitomer

Accepting responsibility is the fulcrum point for succeeding at anything. — Jeffrey Gitomer

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By John Dewey

The problem of education in a democratic society is to do away with ... dualism and to construct a course of studies which makes thought a guide of free practice for all and which makes leisure a reward of accepting responsibility for service, rather than a state of exemption from it. — John Dewey

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Jimmy Savile

I never got married anyway, because I wasn't particularly keen on accepting the responsibility of another person. — Jimmy Savile

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Gretchen Rubin

When accepting a responsibility, imagine that it's something that you'll have to do next week. That way you don't agree to something just because it seems so far off that it doesn't seem onerous. — Gretchen Rubin

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Kimberlee Roth

Parentified children learn to take responsibility for themselves and others early on. They tend to fade into the woodwork and let others take center stage. This extends into adulthood - adult children may put others' needs before their own. They may have difficulty accepting care and attention. — Kimberlee Roth

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Ronald Reagan

We can have peace and brotherly love by accepting our responsibility to preserve freedom. — Ronald Reagan

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Brian Tracy

The very act of accepting responsibility short-circuits and cancels out any negative emotions you may be experiencing. — Brian Tracy

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Thomas Narofsky

The true key, if you want to live an unstoppable life, then you need to take 100% control of your life. Stop blaming others for your failures and faults and start accepting responsibility for your life. — Thomas Narofsky

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Noam Chomsky

Well, according to the new spirit of the age, in the case of a fourteen-year-old girl who got raped and has a child, her child has to learn "personal responsibility" by not accepting state welfare handouts, meaning, by not having enough to eat. Alright, I don't agree with that at any level. In fact, I think it's grotesque at any level. — Noam Chomsky

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Thomas Henry Huxley

It is not what we believe, but why we believe it. Moral responsibility lies in diligently weighing the evidence. We must actively doubt; we have to scrutinize our views, not take them on trust. No virtue attached to blindly accepting orthodoxy, however 'venerable' ... — Thomas Henry Huxley

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Sharif Abdullah

By accepting responsibility, we take effective steps toward our goal: an inclusive human society on a habitable planet, a society that works for all humans and for all nonhumans. By accepting responsibility, we move closer to creating a world that works for all. — Sharif Abdullah

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Ari Shavit

They must move from a psychological state of victimization to a psychological state of accepting responsibility. The Palestinians must leave behind their revolutionary adolescence and demonstrate that they have reached political maturity. — Ari Shavit

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Chogyam Trungpa

You must personally accept the responsibility of improving your own life. — Chogyam Trungpa

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Kilroy J. Oldster

Personal dignity begins by accepting responsibility for our actions, acting humbly, and extending compassion to other people. Personal humility requires choosing living with quietness of the heart over living in the depths of animosity, despair, and discord. — Kilroy J. Oldster

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Alice Hocker

Worry is accepting responsibility God never intended you to have. — Alice Hocker

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Desmond Tutu

A very important but difficult piece of renewing relationships is accepting responsibility for our part in any conflict. If we have a relationship in need of repair, we must remember that the wrong is not usually all on one side, and we are more easily able to restore relations when we look at our contribution to a conflict. — Desmond Tutu

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By John Allen Fraser

The office of Speaker is almost as ancient as Parliament itself. It emerged in the Middle Ages when the Commons - the ordinary people - of England needed a spokesman in their dealings with the King, someone who would voice their grievances and present their petitions. This was by no means a safe or easy thing to do at that time, and potential spokesman generally had to be pressured into accepting the responsibility. — John Allen Fraser

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Beverly Engel

Most survivors tend to be the care-giver rather than the care-receiver. We tend to be good at being spouses and parents, anticipating our loved ones needs, going the second mile when it came to self sacrifice. But seldom can we ask our loved ones to give to us. We fool ourselves into believing we don't need much. — Beverly Engel

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Napoleon Hill

No alibi will save you from accepting the responsibility. — Napoleon Hill

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Denise Flaim

The solution to the feral cats that already exist is the one no one wants to hear: accepting the fact that feral cats will live among us, and taking responsibility for controlling their numbers by trapping, neutering, and returning them to their outdoor territories. — Denise Flaim

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Hugh Prather

I was just asked to go somewhere. I said, "I can't. I have to stay home. Gayle's sick." Clearly, I was not accepting responsibility for my actions. Next time I want to be more honest and state that I do what I do because I want to do it. — Hugh Prather

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Andy Andrews

From this moment forward, I will accept responsibility for my past. I understand that the beginning of wisdom is to accept the responsibility for my own problems and that by accepting responsibility for my past, I free myself to move into a bigger, brighter future of my own choosing. — Andy Andrews

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Gigi Graham

A fish is free as long as it stays in the water. If it suddenly declares that it wants its freedom to fly in the air like a bird, disaster occurs. A train is free as long as it stays on the track. However, if it demands freedom to take off down a major highway, the result is destruction and devastation. We too can only experience true freedom in its fullest if we remain within the framework of freedom. Often this requires accepting responsibility and practicing discipline. — Gigi Graham

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Lee L Jampolsky

When we combine acceptance with self-responsibility we can then see that whenever we are in a painful or disturbing situation we have two choices: We can work compassionately to bring something positive to the situation or leave. However, the key is the mental stance that we make the choice from, and thus the first step is always accepting the moment without resistance. — Lee L Jampolsky

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Sue Monk Kidd

Women themselves condition their daughters to serve the system of male primacy. If a daughter challenges it, the mother will generally defend the system rather than her daughter. These mothers, victims themselves, have unwittingly become wounded wounders. Women need to attack culture's oppression of women, for there truly is a godlike socializing power that induces women to "buy in" or collude, but we also need to confront our own part in accepting male dominance and take responsibility where appropriate. — Sue Monk Kidd

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Howard Schultz

I believe life is a series of near misses. A lot of what we ascribe to luck is not luck at all. It's seizing the day and accepting responsibility for your future. It's seeing what other people don't see And pursuing that vision. — Howard Schultz

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By John Major

It is time to return to core values, time to get back to basics, to self-discipline and respect for the law, to consideration for the others, to accepting responsibility for yourself and your family - and not shuffling it off on other people and the state. — John Major

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Werner Erhard

Happiness is a function of accepting what is. Love is a function of communication. Health is a function of participation. Self expression is a function of responsibility. — Werner Erhard

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Leo Tolstoy

In the service, especially in the complicated situation such as this, it is difficult not to say impossible, to follow any one straight path without risking mistakes and without accepting
responsibility, but once a path seems to be the right one I must follow it, happen what may. — Leo Tolstoy

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Richard Ashby Wilson

Although distortion of the past is widespread, the most common travesty is one of omission, wherein populist leaders neglect to mention the crimes committed by their own side or recollect them in such a way that evades accepting full responsibility. That politicians are so able to evoke historical arguments in these ways results from a prior failure of the society to engage in a full and frank encounter with past wrongdoings. — Richard Ashby Wilson

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By David Cottrell

To become a courageous leader, you must realize that accepting responsibility is not optional - it's mandatory. — David Cottrell

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Janet Evanovich

The mother and daughter whose roles had reversed - Grandma gladly relinquishing parental responsibility, my mother grimly accepting the task, struggling to find a place for an old woman who'd suddenly become a strange hybrid of tolerant mother and rebellious daughter. My father, in the living room, not wanting any part of it. — Janet Evanovich

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Robin Sacredfire

Beliefs are a powerful thing. I often travel the world and sometimes the local waitresses attending me are nervous if they can't speak English. Now, when this happens, I point at the pictures in the menu. However, I've noticed that the ones with the strongest beliefs, the most nervous ones, still do a mistake in my order. Another interesting things to notice in these situations is that, when I correct them, by pointing again at what I ordered before, they recognize their mistake, but get angry, as if their mistake was my fault, and that's called irresponsibility. Now, when you combine irresponsibility with the wrong beliefs, you have a a very dumb person. That's what stupidity is, it's a human being doing the wrong things with the wrong beliefs and never ever accepting any responsibility for it. That's how those with the lowest spiritual conscience behave in general with themselves and others. — Robin Sacredfire

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Stephanie Dowrick

It should not be difficult to accept the idea that someone else is, in 'your experience of them', in part your self-creation. But it is difficult and sometimes impossible. Impossible because accepting the idea that you are in part creating your 'other' forces you to take on board a high degree of self responsibility. Few of us easily do that. p.234 — Stephanie Dowrick

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Michael Prager

THE RELIABLE WAY OUT OF OBESITY IS VIA PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. This point has been lost on the hundreds of folks who have railed against my arguments for food addiction in periodicals, so I"m eager to make it here: No one but me put the food in my mouth. Even if I had grown up imprisoned in a crawl space under the basement stairs (I wasn't), even if tragedy has befallen me every 15 minutes since (it hasn't), I"m still responsible for what I eat. If my food is out of control (it was), then I'm responsible for finding, requesting, and accepting the help I need. — Michael Prager

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Lady Bird Johnson

The challenge we now face is to build on the record of the past, to continue accepting new responsibilities and seeking new opportunities to serve. — Lady Bird Johnson

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Julia Butterfly Hill

For me, love is not about froufrou New Age-ism. It's about a way of living and honoring the interconnectedness of life and accepting our responsibility and our power to change the world for the better. — Julia Butterfly Hill

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By John E. Douglas

More police and courts and more prisons and better investigative techniques are fine, but the only way crime is going to go down is if all of us simply stop accepting and tolerating it in our families, our friends, and our associates...Crime is a moral problem. It can only be resolved on a moral level. — John E. Douglas

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By David Loy

I remember a Buddhist teachers reflections on the Holocaust ... What terrible karma those Jews mustve had ... This kind of fundamentalism, which blames the victims and rationalizes their horrific fate, is something no longer to be tolerated quietly. It is time for ... modern Buddhism to outgrow it by accepting social responsibility and finding ways to address such injustices. — David Loy

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Ka Chinery

The deterioration of individual thought has resulted in a morbidly dependent society that has lost its sense of personal responsibility and accountability. Society has devolved into a state of thoughtless stagnancy, accepting the tyrannical laws and deleterious social structures without question or reason. This is the downfall of the human race, and the roadblock to Divinity. — Ka Chinery

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Peter Marshall

The choice before us is plain: Christ or chaos, conviction or compromise, discipline or disintegration. I am rather tired of hearing about our rights and privileges as Americans. The time is come - it is now - when we ought to hear about the duties and responsibilities of our citizenship. America's future depends upon her accepting and demonstrating God's government. — Peter Marshall

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Steve Maraboli

The victim mindset dilutes the human potential. By not accepting personal responsibility for our circumstances, we greatly reduce our power to change them. — Steve Maraboli

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Monica Crowley

For Republicans, accepting responsibility means accepting punishment; for Democrats, it means only an admission of error and a suggestion they'll do better in the future. This double standard must end. — Monica Crowley

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By John C. Maxwell

Transmit your vision emotionally by gaining credibility, demonstrating passion, establishing relationships and communicating a felt need. Transmit it logically by confronting reality, formulating strategy, accepting responsibility, celebrating victory and learning from defeat. — John C. Maxwell

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Thomas R. Flynn

Because of the almost irresistible pull toward conformity in modern society, what we shall call 'existential individuality' is an achievement, and not a permanent one at that. We are born biological beings but we must become existential individuals by accepting responsibility for our actions. This is an application of Nietzsche's advice to 'become what you are'. Many people never do acknowledge such responsibility but rather flee their existential individuality into the comfort of the faceless crowd. As — Thomas R. Flynn

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Susan Anderson

The recovery task for this stage is to take hold of yourself one moment at a time, to recognize that you are a separate person, a fully capable adult, responsible for your own self-care. It is no one else's responsibility to meet your emotional needs; only you can do that. Emotional self-reliance involves accepting the intense feelings of the experience, taking stock of your present reality, and assuring yourself that you will survive. — Susan Anderson

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Kim Holden

There have been times in my life I prayed for change.

For rescue.

For strength.

For answers.

There have been times in my life I blamed others for everything that went wrong, bypassing accepting responsibility, because it was easier. — Kim Holden

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Iyanla Vanzant

Until you are willing to accept total and complete responsibility for every aspect of your life, your life will keep sending you experiences designed to get your attention. — Iyanla Vanzant

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Julie Lythcott-Haims

In a 2007 study published in the Journal of Family Psychology,3 researchers asked eighteen- to twenty-five-year-olds which criteria they felt were most indicative of adulthood. Their criteria were, in order of importance: (1) accepting responsibility for the consequences of your actions; (2) establishing a relationship with parents as an equal adult; (3) being financially independent from parents; and (4) deciding on beliefs/values independently of parents/other influences. — Julie Lythcott-Haims

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Wendell Berry

While the government is "studying" and funding and organizing its Big Thought, nothing is being done. But the citizen who is willing to Think Little, and, accepting the discipline of that, to go ahead on his own, is already solving the problem. A man who is trying to live as a neighbor to his neighbors will have a lively and practical understanding of the work of peace and brotherhood, and let there be no mistake about it - he is doing that work ...
A man who is willing to undertake the discipline and the difficulty of mending his own ways is worth more to the conservation movement than a hundred who are insisting merely that the government and the industries mend their ways.
(pg.87, "Think Little") — Wendell Berry

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Thomas D

Maturity is accepting the responsibility and totally understanding what responsibility means. So when we say, accept the responsibility for your attitude, we mean (1) become aware of how you think and how you feel; and (2) if there is any negativity, or if it is simply not as you want to feel then change it to make it right. — Thomas D

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Zig Ziglar

When you forgive somebody else you accept the responsibility for your own future. — Zig Ziglar

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Juls Amor

We can be a victim or a creator. One takes negative memories to use as a crutch, remain the same and blame. The latter takes negative memories accepting responsibility for choosing the situation to learn, evolve and change. — Juls Amor

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Terena Scott

If you are working with authors, you are accepting a great responsibility and must tread very carefully. The author's work is a part of herself, a creative endeavor she has poured her heart and soul into. Protecting and nurturing that work and the author is part of the job of a publisher. — Terena Scott

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Brian Tracy

Accept complete responsibility both for understanding and for being understood. — Brian Tracy

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Eric Greitens

We begin by accepting that we have problems, that we're miles away from perfect. But some people take this too far: they turn acceptance of the world into an excuse for passivity in the face of their own failings, and even in the face of evil. Yes, you have to accept some unpleasant, upsetting, tragic facts about life. But you also have to accept your responsibility to act in the world. — Eric Greitens

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Thomas Francis Jr.

If one is to use public funds he must accept a responsibility to the public. — Thomas Francis Jr.

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Radhanath Swami

When you take a position, you have to accept responsibilities. — Radhanath Swami

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Louise Hay

I grow spiritually when I accept responsibility for my life. — Louise Hay

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Andrew Saul

Self-care means accepting some risk, and accepting much responsibility. It is not for all people or all cases. — Andrew Saul

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Rajneesh

Be the person you are. Never try to be another, and you will become mature. Maturity is accepting the responsibility of being oneself, whatsoever the cost. — Rajneesh

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Tracy Goss

Accepting that you can't control the outcome is not the end of action - it is the opening for the boldest and most daring action. You can accept total responsibility for your choices and actions. You are free to play full-out in creating and implementing an extraordinary future for yourself and your organization. — Tracy Goss

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By D. Todd Christofferson

Integrity is fundamental to being men. Integrity means being truthful, but it also means accepting responsibility and honoring commitments and covenants. — D. Todd Christofferson

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Robin Crow

Leadership is about taking charge and influencing others to follow your vision. It's about going against the odds and accepting responsibility for the outcomes along the way — Robin Crow

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By King Felipe VI

I begin my reign with profound emotion at the honour of accepting the Crown, aware of the responsibility it entails and with the greatest hope for the future of Spain. — King Felipe VI

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Henri J.M. Nouwen

Celebrating the Eucharist requires that we stand in this world accepting our co-responsibility for the evil that surrounds and pervades us. As long as we remain stuck in our complaints about the terrible times in which we live and the terrible situations we have to bear and the terrible fate we have to suffer, we can never come to contrition. And contrition can grow only out of a contrite heart. When our losses are pure fate, our gains are pure luck! Fate does not lead to contrition, nor luck to gratitude. — Henri J.M. Nouwen

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Frederick Soddy

[The blame for the future 'plight of civilization] must rest on scientific men, equally with others, for being incapable of accepting the responsibility for the profound social upheavals which their own work primarily has brought about in human relationships. — Frederick Soddy

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Osho

Listen to your being. It is continuously giving you hints; it is a still, small voice. It does not shout at you, that is true. And if you are a little silent you will start feeling your way. Be the person you are. Never try to be another, and you will become mature. Maturity is accepting the responsibility of being oneself, whatsoever the cost. Risking all to be oneself, that's what maturity is all about. — Osho

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By N. R. Narayana Murthy

I have always looked at my competencies before accepting any responsibility. — N. R. Narayana Murthy

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

Self-reliance - that's a dirty word to Democrats. They want people to believe that self-reliance means you don't do anything with anybody. They don't want it thought of as accepting responsibility for one's life. Enterprise. Imagination. Independence. Entrepreneurism. — Rush Limbaugh

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Curious George Brigade

We reject the blame game and accusations so common in efficient groups. With each person accepting full responsibility for their actions, no on can have any more of the blame than anyone else. Let's all be accountable to ourselves, so we can grow and learn from our mistakes and be buoyed by our successes. — Curious George Brigade

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Iyanla Vanzant

It is always so much easier to blame someone else rather than accepting responsibility for your experiences. — Iyanla Vanzant

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Vaclav Havel

It's not hard to stand behind one's successes. But to accept responsibility for one's failures ... that is devishly hard! — Vaclav Havel

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Buzz Aldrin

There's a need for accepting responsibility - for a person's life and making choices that are not just ones for immediate short-term comfort. You need to make an investment, and the investment is in health and education. — Buzz Aldrin

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

No nation being under another nation can accept gifts, and kick at the responsibility attached to those gifts, imposed by the conquering nation. — Mahatma Gandhi

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Meg Rosoff

Accept love instinctively, without responsibility or conditions. — Meg Rosoff

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Ayn Rand

The greatest guilt of today is that of people who accept collectivism by moral default; the people who seek protection from the necessity of taking a stand, by refusing to admit to themselves the nature of that which they are accepting; the people who support plans specifically designed to achieve serfdom, but hide behind the empty assertion that they are lovers of freedom, with no concrete meaning attached to the word; the people who believe that the content of ideas need not be examined, that principles need not be defined, and that facts can be eliminated by keeping one's eyes shut. They expect, when they find themselves in a world of bloody ruins and concentration camps, to escape moral responsibility by wailing: But I didn't mean this! — Ayn Rand

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Julia Cameron

Owning something also means owning up to something. It means accepting responsibility, which means, literally, responsibility. When we write about our lives we respond to them. As we respond to them, we are rendered more fluid, more centered, more agile on our own behalf. We are rendered conscious. Each day, each life, is a series of choices, and as we use the lens of writing to view our lives, we see our choices. — Julia Cameron

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Edwin Louis Cole

Accepting responsibility for the actions of others contributes to your own greatness. — Edwin Louis Cole

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Philip Schaff

On the other hand, no man is saved mechanically or by force, but through faith, freely, by accepting the gift of God. This implies the contrary power of rejecting the gift. To accept is no merit, to reject is ingratitude and guilt. All Calvinistic preachers appeal to man's responsibility. They pray as if everything depended on God; and yet they preach and work as if everything depended on man. — Philip Schaff

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Henry Cloud

People with boundary problems usually have distorted attitudes about responsibility. They feel that to hold people responsible for their feelings, choices, and behaviors is mean. However, Proverbs repeatedly says that setting limits and accepting responsibility will save lives (Prov. 13:18, 24). — Henry Cloud

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Karl Popper

We all have an unscientific weakness for being always in the right, and this weakness seems to be particularly common among professional and amateur politicians. But the only way to apply something like scientific method in politics is to proceed on the assumption that there can be no political move which has no drawbacks, no undesirable consequences. To look out for these mistakes, to find them, to bring them into the open, to analyse them, and to learn from them, this is what a scientific politician as well as a political scientist must do. Scientific method in politics means that the great art of convincing ourselves that we have not made any mistakes, of ignoring them, of hiding them, and of blaming others from them, is replaced by the greater art of accepting the responsibility for them, of trying to learn from them, and of applying this knowledge so that we may avoid them in future. — Karl Popper

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Hal Elrod

The moment you take 100 percent responsibility for everything in your life is the same moment you claim your power to change anything in your life. However, the crucial distinction is to realize that taking responsibility is not the same thing as accepting blame. while blame determines who is at fault for something, responsibility determines who is committed to improving a situation. It rarely matters who is at fault. All that matters is that you are committed to improving your situation. — Hal Elrod

Accepting Responsibility Quotes By Jann Arden

The first step to truly living a good and fearless life, is accepting responsibility for your actions. Accepting what part you had in any situation. Difficult, to say the least, but liberating. — Jann Arden