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Abstinence Programs Quotes By Joycelyn Elders

I'm against abstinence programs because I really consider "abstinence only" child abuse. — Joycelyn Elders

Abstinence Programs Quotes By Darrel Ray

The abstinence-only programs and reclaimed-virginity movement make men and women ashamed of being sexual creatures before or outside of marriage. — Darrel Ray

Abstinence Programs Quotes By Peggy Orenstein

Right-wing influence on sex education has played an equal, if not greater role. Federally mandated abstinence-only programs, which began in the early 1980s, not only reinforced that intercourse was the line in the sand of chastity, but also, using the threat of AIDS as justification, hammered home the idea that it might well kill you. Oral sex, then, was the obvious work-around. I doubt, though, that social conservatives would consider it a victory that, across a range of studies, college students who identify as religious are even more likely than others to say oral sex is not "sex," or that over a third of teenagers included it in their definition of "abstinence" (nearly a quarter included anal sex), or that roughly 70 percent agreed that someone who engages in oral sex is still a virgin. — Peggy Orenstein

Abstinence Programs Quotes By Cecile Richards

The national policy of promoting abstinence-only programs is a $1.5 billion failure and teenage girls are paying the real price. — Cecile Richards