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Top A Zippo Quotes

A Zippo Quotes By Frank Sinatra

I want to be buried with a Zippo, a roll of dimes & a bottle of Jack! — Frank Sinatra

A Zippo Quotes By Craig Johnson

Lonnie smiled and nodded as Herbert repocketed the cutter and produced a chopped-down, brass Zippo lighter, the one that he had carried in the seventies in Vietnam. St. Peter leaned down to the Crow woman and asked her if she had anything she wanted to say, and she told him that to her, there — Craig Johnson

A Zippo Quotes By Charlie Munger

Accounting incomes were reduced by discrepancy [ but] the net amount paid by lawyers for lawyerly discrepancy is close to zippo. In this case, the goddess of justice was blind. — Charlie Munger

A Zippo Quotes By Paullina Simons

This Zippo read, 'Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil.. for I'm the baddest motherfucker in the valley. — Paullina Simons

A Zippo Quotes By Dawn Flemington

I thought you quit smoking."
"Did. For recreational purposes." His father flicked open his Zippo lighter. The smell of the lighter fluid filled the immediate proximity. "This is medicinal." He lit the cigarette, clicked the top of the lighter shut, and closed his eyes as he took in his first drag. "Ah. That feels better. — Dawn Flemington

A Zippo Quotes By Tim O'Brien

In the next days it took little provocation for us to flick the flint of our Zippo lighters. Thatched roofs take the flame quickly, and on bad days the hamlets of Pinkville burned, taking our revenge in fire. It was good to walk from Pinkville and to see fire behind Alpha Company. It was good, just as pure hate is good. — Tim O'Brien

A Zippo Quotes By Stephen King

You're a firestarter honey...just one big Zippo lighter — Stephen King

A Zippo Quotes By Joe Dunthorne

Jordana is in the umpire's highchair.
I walk under the rugby posts and on to the tennis courts, stopping a few metres in front of her, in the service box.
Her legs are crossed.
I wait for her to speak.
'I have two special skills,' she says.
She pulls a sheaf of papers from under her bum. I recognize the font and the text boxes. It's my pamphlet.
'Blackmail,' she says.
She holds up her Zippo in the other hand. I can tell that she has been practising this.
'And pyromania.'
I am impressed that Jordana knows this word.
'Right,' I say.
'I'm going to blackmail you, Ol.'
I feel powerless. She is in a throne.
'Okay,' I say. — Joe Dunthorne

A Zippo Quotes By Clifford Riley

Dan opened the Zippo and lit the fuse.
It hissed for half a seconds, then the rocket shot screaming away.
"Over there!" One of the kidnappers shouted.
Amy started to rise. "Let's go!"
"Wait," Dan said, aiming the second rocket. "It's a two-part plan." He lit the fuse and the rocket shot off in the direction of the would-be kidnappers.
"Run now!" Dan said.
Amy and Dan burst from the dumpster and scrambled for the entrance of the lot. Looking behind him, Dan saw that one of the kidnappers was frantically fanning his butt, which was smoking slightly.
"Part two was completely unnecessary, wasn't it?" Amy yelled as they ran.
"Yup! — Clifford Riley