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A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Jeff Jarrett

I was always taught that a woman's place was in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. And I'm a firm believer in that. — Jeff Jarrett

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By David Thewlis

I'd been a stepparent for about two years with a woman who had a child, and I came to realize I adored children and was good with them. So I was very happy when Anna got pregnant. — David Thewlis

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

Could anyone fully understand the wonders of how a baby develops in the womb of a woman? This is the mystery about birth. Birth is by divine power of God. — Lailah Gifty Akita

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By John Stevenson

A mother does not become pregnant in order to provide employment to medical people. Giving birth is an ecstatic jubilant adventure not available to males. It is a woman's crowning creative experience of a lifetime. — John Stevenson

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Graeme Simsion

To the world's most perfect woman. It was lucky my father was not present. Perfect is an absolute that cannot be modified, like unique or pregnant. My love for Rosie was so powerful that it had caused my brain to make a grammatical error. — Graeme Simsion

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Marsden Wagner

Beyond the immediate risks to her health and the health of her baby, when a woman chooses c-section, she decreases the chance that she will be able to get pregnant again and increases the chance that if she does get pregnant, the pregnancy will occur outside the uterus, a situation that never results in a live baby and is life-threatening to the woman. Furthermore, the risk of having an unexplained stillbirth doubles when a woman has had a previous c-section. — Marsden Wagner

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Fay Weldon

A woman's body works as if it knew something she didn't, and does not have her best interests at heart. If you need to look your best it will deliver you a pimple; if you don't want it to, your period will start early; if you want a baby badly your body refuses to give you one; if you are content in your life, lo, you are pregnant. — Fay Weldon

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Ken Calvert

The measure would set criminal penalties, the same as those that would apply if harm or death happened to the pregnant woman, for those who harm a fetus. — Ken Calvert

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Amy Lane

That much sexual tension makes me want to hump a phone pole, and that's just not attractive in a pregnant woman. — Amy Lane

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Christina Aguilera

Some people are afraid of change and [feel] that getting older is a bad thing, but I really love maturing and gaining wisdom, and the experience of being pregnant and having a child and seeing what a woman's body can do is amazing. — Christina Aguilera

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Siddhartha Mukherjee

In Eumenides, Apollo, chosen to represent Orestes in his murder trial, mounts a strikingly original argument: he reasons that Orestes's mother is no more than a stranger to him. A pregnant woman is just a glorified human incubator, Apollo argues, an intravenous bag dripping nutrients through the umbilical cord into her child. — Siddhartha Mukherjee

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Sarah Dobbs

Madam Li nods. She reaches over the table for Chinatsu's hand. It would look like a gesture of sympathy for a friend. Chinatsu uncurls her right hand and allows the money to be retrieved. The initial wedge of money that Madam Li takes now is more than she ever takes later on. It almost entirely depletes the stash of money she's been saving for years. The woman's magician-eyes are framed by the steam snaking from their tea. Cat-green, they are striking and marred by yellow jelly spots in the whites.
'You no drink you no eat. What you, pregnant?'
'Would I be here?'
Madam Li screws her chin back into her neck. The chair creaks as she sits back, spine straight. 'Well, if you not going eat drink speaking truth, fuck off.'
Chinatsu's eyebrows flick up. She bursts out laughing. — Sarah Dobbs

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Harold S. Kushner

The Talmud, the compilation of discussions of Jewish Law which I have quoted earlier in this book, gives examples of bad prayers, improper prayers, which one should not utter. If a woman is pregnant, neither she nor her husband should pray, "May God grant that this child be a boy" (nor, for that matter, may they pray that it be a girl). The sex of the child is determined at conception, and God cannot be invoked to change it. Again, if a man sees a fire engine racing toward his neighborhood, he should not pray, "Please God, don't let the fire be in my house." Not only is it mean-spirited to pray that someone else's house burn instead of yours, but it is futile. A certain house is already on fire; the most sincere or articulate of prayers will not affect the question of which house it is. — Harold S. Kushner

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Chester Brown

Feminists have accepted that choice is possible when it comes to a different, difficult subject: abortion. The feminist position (and I agree with it) is that women own their bodies and therefore each woman has the right to choose to get an abortion if she gets pregnant. This is called being "pro-choice". Feminists should be consistent on the subject of choice. If a woman has the right to choose to have an abortion, she should also have the right to choose to have sex for money. It's her body; it's her right. — Chester Brown

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Abdolkarim Soroush

When I have an idea, I'm like a pregnant woman. I just have to deliver. — Abdolkarim Soroush

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Grantly Dick-Read

What manner of mind considers this holy estate [pregnancy] which women are privileged by the Almighty to attain as a slur upon the social conscience? — Grantly Dick-Read

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Sheryl Sandberg

Often without even realizing it, the woman stops reaching for new opportunities. If any are presented to her, she is likely to decline or offer the kind of hesitant "yes" that gets the project assigned to someone else. The problem is that even if she were to get pregnant immediately, she still has nine months before she has to care for an actual child. And since women usually start this mental preparation well before trying to conceive, several years often pass between the thought and conception, let alone birth. In the case of my Facebook questioner, it might even be a decade. By — Sheryl Sandberg

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Sam Crescent

Stop glaring at me, baby. You were the one who attacked me and got you knocked up." Patrick turned to smile at her. He had a knack for reading her mind.
"I'm pregnant, and it's your fault."
"You took advantage of a sleeping man." He walked up to her, wrapped his arms around her waist, and dropped a kiss on her lips. "How was I to refuse a woman what she wanted?"
"Say no."
"When it comes to you that word doesn't exist to me. — Sam Crescent

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Michael Cunningham

I'm not this unusual," she said. "It's just my hair."
She looked at Bobby and she looked at me, with an expression at once disdainful and imploring. She was forty, pregnant, and in love with two men at once. I think what she could not abide was the zaniness of her life. Like many of us, she had grown up expecting romance to bestow dignity and direction.
"Be brave," I told her. Bobby and I stood before her, confused and homeless and lacking a plan, beset by an aching but chaotic love that refused to focus in the conventional way. Traffic roared behind us. A truck honked its hydraulic horn, a monstrous, oceanic sound. Clare shook her head, not in denial but in exasperation. Because she could think of nothing else to do, she began walking again, more slowly, toward the row of trees. — Michael Cunningham

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Kris Kristofferson

Bombing people for economic reasons is as horrible as killing a pregnant woman. — Kris Kristofferson

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Mary Francis Kennedy Fisher

Painting, it is true, was undergoing a series of -isms reminiscent of the whims of a pregnant woman. — Mary Francis Kennedy Fisher

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By R.S. Grey

I liked peanut butter. Peanut butter never got another woman pregnant. Peanut butter never made me cry. Nobody cared if you were photographed in a club with a jar of Jif. — R.S. Grey

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By P.L. Nunn

You came after me. Against the geas, you came after me."

He felt the shifting of muscle behind him as Bloodraven shrugged. "You ride like a pregnant woman. I feared for the horse. — P.L. Nunn

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Bonnie McFarlane

When you're pregnant, people feel like they can come up and give you unsolicited advice. When I was nine months pregnant, this one woman came up and she said, I have one word for you: epidural. And I was like, Oh my God, thanks. But we already picked a name. — Bonnie McFarlane

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Timothy Snyder

In Ukraine's cities - Kharkiv, Kiev, Stalino, Dnipropetrovsk - hundreds of thousands of people waited each day for a simple loaf of bread. In Kharkiv, the republic's capital, Jones saw a new sort of misery. People appeared at two o'clock in the morning to queue in front of shops that did not open until seven. On an average day forty thousand people would wait for bread. Those in line were so desperate to keep their places that they would cling to the belts of those immediately in front of them. Some were so weak from hunger that they could not stand without the ballast of strangers. The waiting lasted all day, and sometimes for two. Pregnant women and maimed war veterans had lost their right to buy out of turn, and had to wait in line with the rest if they wanted to eat. Somewhere in line a woman would wail, and the moaning would echo up and down the line, so that the whole group of thousands sounded like a single animal with an elemental fear. — Timothy Snyder

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Theodore Von Karman

Everyone knows it takes a woman nine months to have a baby. But you Americans think if you get nine women pregnant, you can have a baby in a month. — Theodore Von Karman

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Ani DiFranco

It makes me really sad that women have been ejected from the seat of their power in this society in terms of what happens around childbirth. In other parts of the world, there are places where women can't drive a car, but they're still in charge of childbirth ... The minute my child was born, I was reborn as a feminist. It's so incredible what women do. I find it metaphorically resonant that a pregnant woman looks like she's just sitting on a couch, but she's actually exhausting herself constructing a human being. The laborious process of growing a human is analogous to how 'women's work' is seen. — Ani DiFranco

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Monica Bellucci

Truly, I am a woman of the last minute. When I was pregnant, I organised three different hospitals because I couldn't decide where I wanted to have my baby: London, Rome or Paris. In the end, I decided to go to Rome, arrived on the Monday and gave birth on the Saturday. — Monica Bellucci

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Amelia C. Gormley

Good thing about hanging out with a pregnant woman: designated driver by default. — Amelia C. Gormley

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Richard Dawkins

A consequentialist or utilitarian is likely to approach the abortion question in a very different way, by trying to weigh up suffering. Does the embryo suffer? (Presumably not if it is aborted before it has a nervous system; and even if it is old enough to have a nervous system it surely suffers less than, say, an adult cow in a slaughterhouse.) Does the pregnant woman, or her family, suffer if she does not have an abortion? Very possibly so; and, in any case, given that the embryo lacks a nervous system, shouldn't the mother's well-developed nervous system have the choice? — Richard Dawkins

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By David Sedaris

In the last month of the presidential campaign, I tuned in to conservative talk radio and listened as callers considered the unthinkable. One after another, they all threatened the same thing: "If McCain doesn't win, I'm leaving the country." "Oh, right," I'd say. "You're going to leave and go where? Right-wing Europe?" In the Netherlands now, I imagine it's legal to marry your own children. Get them pregnant, and you can abort your unborn grandbabies in a free clinic that used to be a church. The doctor might be a woman who became a man and then became a woman again, all on taxpayers' dollars, but as long as she saves the stem cells, she'll have the nation's blessing. — David Sedaris

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Anonymous

A lot of men think they are doing women a favour by asking for her hand in marriage, but lets think about this :
She changes her name, changes her home, leaves her family, moves in with you, builds a home with you, gets pregnant for you, pregnancy changes her body, she gets fat, almost gives up in the labour room due to the unbearable pains of child birth, even the kids she delivers bear your name..
Till the day she dies ... Everything she does, (cooking, cleaning your house, taking care of your parents, bringing up your children, earning, advising you, ensuring you can be relaxed, maintaining all family relations, everything that benefit you ... Sometimes at the cost of her own health, hobbies and beauty..
So who is really doing whom a favor? Dear men appreciate the women in your lives always, because it is not easy to be a woman.
*Being a woman is priceless * — Anonymous

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By David Mitchell

The novelist is more like a pregnant woman who delivers her own child unaided. A messy procedure, with lots of groaning. — David Mitchell

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Malala Yousafzai

Under Zia's regime life for women in Pakistan became much more restricted. Jinnah said, "No struggle can ever succeed without women participating side by side with men. There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a third power stronger than both, that of women." But General Zia brought in Islamic laws which reduced a woman's evidence in court to count for only half that of a man's. Soon our prisons were full of cases like that of a thirteen-year-old girl who was raped and became pregnant and was then sent to prison for adultery because she couldn't produce four male witnesses to prove it was a crime. — Malala Yousafzai

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Grey DeLisle

Many thanks for all of the love and good wishes sent our way from my friends out there in cartoon land ... the only place where a nine month pregnant woman can still play a hot goth chick in a belly shirt! — Grey DeLisle

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Mary Ann Glendon

All who are genuinely committed to the advancement of women can and must offer a woman or a girl who is pregnant, frightened, and alone a better alternative than the destruction of her own unborn child — Mary Ann Glendon

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Kourtney Kardashian

I loved dressing for my pregnant body. A pregnant woman's body is so beautiful. Towards the end, it does get harder, and then it became all about flats and comfortable maxi dresses. — Kourtney Kardashian

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Peter Jackson

A pregnant woman is like a beautiful flowering tree, but take care when it comes time for the harvest that you do not shake or bruise the tree, for in doing so, you may harm both the tree and its fruit. — Peter Jackson

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Leigh Bardugo

Matthias handed over the bag. "What are you looking for?"
"A sedative," said the medik.
"Is that safe for a pregnant woman?"
"For me. — Leigh Bardugo

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Roger Hobbs

The elevator came to a jerking halt and the doors slid open. A young vault manager was waiting for us. She looked up and then froze in fear, dropping the papers she was holding. I don't remember much else about her, but I'll never forget her scream. It wasn't even particularly memorable. Like most, it started like a high-pitched yelp and ended in hysterical sobbing. The timing was what threw me off. During most robberies, it takes a few seconds before someone lets out a yelp. Sometimes there is even this strange pregnant silence through the whole thing because everyone's too shocked and scared to move. But not this time. As soon as the elevator doors opened up, the woman started screaming.

I grabbed her by the hair and threw her into one of the teller windows. — Roger Hobbs

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Barbara Wood

There was no doubt what must be done - the law was clear. Written centuries ago, the Lex Caesare decreed that if any woman died while pregnant, the living child was to be immediately cut out of her abdomen. This poor girl, whose name no one knew, was certain to die; but the baby inside her lived and must be given a chance to survive. Selene was fearful. She had never before performed a Caesarean-law operation. — Barbara Wood

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Joshua Ferris

I can't help but be attracted to pregnant women. Unless they're malnourished. I'll see a malnourished pregnant woman on the subway sometimes, big in the belly but with stick-figure arms and hair like a rat's, and I want to buy her a space heater. I want to yell at her parents. I remember going up to this real malnourished-looking pregnant lady on the G train one time and asking her if she'd like a free dinner at Junior's. She couldn't believe I was trying to pick her up on the G train, a pregnant woman with a ring on her finger. I hadn't noticed the ring. It was one hell of a big ring. I tried to convince her that I wasn't trying to pick her up. I offered to give her fifty bucks for cooking oil. That just made matters worse. Turns out she was a famous model. I've seen her on billboards. — Joshua Ferris

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

I got a letter from a sappy woman a while back - she knew I was sappy too, which is to say a lifelong Democrat. She was pregnant, and she wanted to know if I thought it was a mistake to bring a little baby into a world as troubled as this one is. And I replied, what made being alive almost worthwhile for me was the saints I met. They could be almost anywhere. By saints I meant people who behaved decently and honorably in societies which were so often obscene. Perhaps many of us here, regardless of our ages or power or wealth, can be saints for her child to meet. — Kurt Vonnegut

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Katha Pollitt

And yet, women keep trying. They put off the rent or the utilities to scrape together the $500 for a first-trimester abortion. They drive across whole states to get to a clinic and sleep in their cars because they can't afford a motel. They do not do this because they are careless sluts or because they hate babies or because they fail to see clearly what their alternatives are. They see the alternatives all too clearly. We live, as Ellen Willis wrote, in a society that is "actively hostile to women's ambitions for a better life. Under these conditions the unwillingly pregnant woman faces a terrifying loss of control over her fate." Abortion, wrote Willis, is an act of self-defense.5 — Katha Pollitt

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Rachael Wade

I hoped Tia was different. Easier to manage for people like me, who didn't naturally jive with the little tykes. I'd only met her for a few seconds, so I had no idea what I was in for, here. All I knew was this wasn't my element, and her father had just compared me to a pregnant woman.
Wasn't there something wrong with this picture? — Rachael Wade

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Ikechukwu E. Onyekwelonwu

Whenever a woman gets pregnant, she literally bets with her life. — Ikechukwu E. Onyekwelonwu

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Shannon Stacey

When the reception was over I went for a walk and ... she's pregnant."
They were both quiet a moment, exchanging one of those old-married-people looks he still couldn't decipher, but which made him squirm. He and Beth were both adults, but that didn't make telling his parents he'd accidentally gotten a woman pregnant any easier.
"Lot easier to walk with your fly zipped," Leo grumbled. — Shannon Stacey

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Sean McDowell

Imagine you are a pregnant young woman with tuberculosis. The father of your unborn child is a short-tempered alcoholic with syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease. You have already had five kids. One is blind, another died young, and a third is deaf and unable to speak. The fourth has tuberculosis - the same disease you have. What would you do in this situation? Should you consider abortion? If you chose to have the abortion, you would have ended a valuable human being - regardless of the possible difficulties it may have brought you. Fortunately, the young woman who was really in this dilemma chose life. Otherwise we would never have heard the Fifth Symphony by Beethoven, for this young woman was his mother. — Sean McDowell

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Kourtney Kardashian

I find a pregnant body to be beautiful and an incredible reminder of what a woman's body is made to do. — Kourtney Kardashian

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Stephen King

Women's lib, Frannie had decided, was nothing more nor less than an outgrowth of the technological society. Women were at the mercy of their bodies. They were smaller. They tended to be weaker. A man couldn't get with child, but a woman could
every four-year-old knows it. And a pregnant woman is a vulnerable human being. Civilization had provided an umbrella of sanity that both sexes could stand beneath. — Stephen King

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Elizabeth Kolbert

(Female African clawed frogs, when injected with the urine of a pregnant woman, lay eggs within a few hours.) — Elizabeth Kolbert

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Tommy Lasorda

Bruce Benedict is so slow he'd finish third in a race with a pregnant woman. — Tommy Lasorda

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Nicholas D. Kristof

In much of the world, the most dangerous thing a woman can do is become pregnant. — Nicholas D. Kristof

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Rebecca Solnit

A woman is beaten every nine seconds in this country. Just to be clear: not nine minutes, but nine seconds. It's the number-one cause of injury to American women; of the two million injured annually, more than half a million of those injuries require medical attention while about 145,000 require overnight hospitalizations, according to the Center for Disease Control, and you don't want to know about the dentistry needed afterwards. Spouses are also the leading cause of death for pregnant women in the United States. — Rebecca Solnit

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By David Brooks

If you live in a society like ours, in which people seldom object if they hear someone taking the Lord's name in vain but are outraged if they see a pregnant woman smoking, then you are living in a world that values the worldly more than the divine. — David Brooks

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Ann Furedi

When a woman is pregnant, her freedom to choose her future for herself - and to act on that choice, whatever it may be - is the most powerful express of human agency there can be. — Ann Furedi

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Randy Pausch

Ask yourself: Are you spending your time on the right things? You may have causes, goals, interests. Are they even worth pursuing? I've long held on to a clipping from a newspaper in Roanoke, Virginia. It featured a photo of a pregnant woman who had lodged a protest against a local construction site. She worried that the sound of jackhammers was injuring her unborn child. But get this: In the photo, the woman is holding a cigarette. If she cared about her unborn child, the time she spent railing against jackhammers would have been better spent putting out that cigarette. — Randy Pausch

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Lewis H. Lapham

To the United States the Third World often takes the form of a black woman who has been made pregnant in a moment of passion and who shows up one day in the reception room on the forty-ninth floor threatening to make a scene. The lawyers pay the woman off; sometimes uniformed guards accompany her to the elevators. — Lewis H. Lapham

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Barbara Mikulski

A pregnant woman facing the most dire circumstances must be able to count on her doctor to do what is medically necessary to protect her from serious physical harm. — Barbara Mikulski

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Laurell K. Hamilton

I'm pro-choice because I've never been a fourteen-year-old incest victim pregnant by her father, or a woman who's going to die if her pregnancy continues, or even a teenager who made a mistake or a rape victim. I want women to have choices, but I also believe that it's a life, especially once it's big enough to live outside the womb. — Laurell K. Hamilton

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Ishmael Reed

Another California study counted 30,000 substance abusers who are pregnant are White woman. So, The Wire paints the picture of drug addiction, drug dealing, and drug abuse as being a specifically a Black issue. — Ishmael Reed

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Robert A. Heinlein

The shamans are forever yacking about their snake oil miracles. I prefer the real McCoy, a pregnant woman. — Robert A. Heinlein

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By C. G. Jung

you are boys, your God is a woman. If you are women, your God is a boy. If you are men, your God is a maiden. The God is where you are not. So: it is wise that one has a God; this serves for your perfection. A maiden is the pregnant future. A boy is the engendering future. A woman is: having given birth. A man is: having engendered. — C. G. Jung

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Kass Morgan

Today, he'd observed them seize a woman who'd gotten pregnant with an unregistered child. There'd be no chance at lenience. She would be Confined until she gave birth, the child would be placed in the Council's care, and the mother would be executed. The ship could only support a certain number of lives, and allowing anyone to disrupt the delicate balance would jeopardize the entire race. — Kass Morgan

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Tiffany Reisz

I love orgasms. I say a prayer of thanks to God for them every day."
"You say a prayer of thanks for orgasms?" Elle asked.
"Of course. I mean, they're a gift from God, right? A woman doesn't need to have an orgasm to get pregnant, right?"
"So if they have nothing to do with reproduction, then why do women have them?" Kryie asked. She raised her hand and pointed a finger up at hte ceiling, at the sky, where God lived. "Orgasms are God's way of saying He's sorry about periods and cramps."
"Apology accepted," Elle said. — Tiffany Reisz

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Helen Goldie

As time passed, I began to get depressed and cried a lot. It was not because of my pregnancy. Praise the Lord, I wasn't having any more morning sickness, and I remained in good health, but my emotions were taking a nosedive. In my present situation, I was so isolated, and so lonely, and when a woman is pregnant, she doesn't feel pretty any more. In fact, she often feels ugly and awkward. — Helen Goldie

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Desiderius Erasmus

Heaven grant that the burden you carry may have as easy an exit as it had an entrance. Prayer To A Pregnant Woman — Desiderius Erasmus

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Sheila Kitzinger

All that is needed for the majority of labors to go well is a healthy, pregnant woman who has loving support in labor, self-confidence , and attendants with infinite patience. — Sheila Kitzinger

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By R.L. Mathewson

If I order an appetizer is there any chance I can get it quickly? I'm two and a half months pregnant with a Bradford," she said, not mentioning it was twins because the thought was actually starting to scare her and she hadn't told Trevor yet and didn't want him finding out this way. She just hoped the woman understood because she was close to crying. Judging by the slightly startled look on the woman's face she did.
The waitress shook her head. "No, you're right. You probably won't be able to survive the wait," she said, sending Trevor, who was still trying to get the woman to leave, a glare. "I'll bring you out a bowl of clam chowder followed by chicken fingers, they'll only take a few minutes to prepare. Will that work?"
Zoe nodded solemnly. "You are my hero."
"I'll put a rush on your food," the waitress said before walking away.
"Bless you," Zoe said, fighting the urge to kiss the woman. — R.L. Mathewson

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By T. Berry Brazelton

A pregnant woman and her spouse dream of three babies
the perfect four-month-old who rewards them with smiles and musical cooing,the impaired baby, who changes each day, and the mysterious real baby whose presence is beginning to be evident in the motions of the fetus. — T. Berry Brazelton

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Sam Harris

It has been estimated that 50 percent of all human conceptions end in spontaneous abortion, usually without a woman even realizing that she was pregnant. In fact, 20 percent of all recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage. There is an obvious truth here that cries out for acknowledgment: if God exists, He is the most prolific abortionist of all. — Sam Harris

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Rupi Kaur

when my mother was pregnant with her second child i was four i pointed at her swollen belly confused at how my mother had gotten so big in such little time my father scooped me in his tree trunk arms and said the closest thing to god on this earth is a woman's body it's where life comes from and to have a grown man tell me something so powerful at such a young age changed me to see the entire universe rested at my mother's feet — Rupi Kaur

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Katha Pollitt

Why must the woman apologize for not having a baby just because she happened to get pregnant? It's as if we think motherhood is the default setting for a woman's life from first period to menopause, and she needs a note from God not to say yes to every zygote that knocks on her door. — Katha Pollitt

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Christiane Northrup

The Greatest Pregnancy Ever is a treasure. It should be the very first thing a pregnant woman reads - in fact, every woman who intends to have a baby will be thrilled with the empowering message here. — Christiane Northrup

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Neil LaBute

But even with a character like Cary who is relatively outlandish, at the end of the movie he's in a place where I wouldn't have expected him to be - taking on the responsibility of a woman who is pregnant and who used to be his best friend's wife. — Neil LaBute

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Hjalmar Soderberg

A pregnant woman is a frightful object. A new-born child is loathsome. A deathbed rarely makes so horrible an impression as childbirth, that terrible symphony of screams and filth and blood. — Hjalmar Soderberg

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Orson Scott Card

Are you asking us to impregnate all the females on all the ships with your DNA, so that you can be sure of having progeny?"
"No!" said Ram in horror. "What a terrible thing for a woman, to wake up pregnant- a violation of trust. It would destroy all nineteen colonies."
"Not to mention being embarrassing when all the babies look like you. — Orson Scott Card

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By George H. W. Bush

There's a second life involved. No matter what your position is on abortion or the death penalty, you shouldn't put a pregnant woman to death. — George H. W. Bush

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Randy Alcorn

In Illinois a pregnant woman who takes an illegal drug can be prosecuted for 'delivering a controlled substance to a minor.' This is an explicit recognition that the unborn is a person with rights of her own. But that same woman who is prosecuted and jailed for endangering her child is perfectly free to abort her child. In America today, it is illegal to harm your preborn child, but it is perfectly legal to kill him. — Randy Alcorn

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Wendell Berry

The world is so full and abundant it is like a pregnant woman carrying a child in one arm and leading another by the hand. Every puddle in the lane is ringed with sipping butterflied that fly up in flutter when you walk past in the late morning on your way to get the mail. — Wendell Berry

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

If you want to know the value of a month, ask a pregnant woman, if a month matters in her pregnancy. — Sunday Adelaja

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By James F. Clapp III

In early pregnancy her ability to tolerate heat stress improves by about 30 percent and in late pregnancy by at least 70 percent. Indeed, when a woman exercises at 65 percent of her maximum capacity in late pregnancy, her peak core temperature during exercise does not even get up to the level it was at rest before she became pregnant. — James F. Clapp III

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Leslye Walton

She could tell when a woman was pregnant - even before the woman herself might know -just from the way she smelled: a combinaison of brown sugar and Stargazer lilies. Happiness had a pungent scent, like the sourest lime or lemon. Broken hearts smelled surprisingly sweet. Sadness filled the air with a salty, sea-like redolence; death smelled like sadness. — Leslye Walton

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Carl Sandburg

Ordering a man to write a poem is like commanding a pregnant woman to give birth to a red-headed child. — Carl Sandburg

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Tarryn Fisher

I want a cigarette. I want a cigarette. I want to kill the woman my husband loves. This is all her fault. I got pregnant to secure the man that I had already married. A woman shouldn't have to do that. She should feel safe in her marriage. That's why you got married - to feel safe from all the men who were trying to siphon your soul. I'd yielded my soul to Caleb willingly. Offered it up like a sacrificial lamb. Now, I was not only going to have to compete with the memory of another woman, but a shriveled up baby. He was already staring into her eyes like he could see the Grand Canyon tucked away in her irises. I — Tarryn Fisher

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Uri Geller

I was sued by a woman who claimed that she became pregnant because she watched me on television and I bent her contraceptive coil. — Uri Geller

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Now, this is where I draw the line! It's bad enough everybody in town's going to be thinkin' I'm sleeping with a depressed, lice-ridden, hemorrhoidal foreigner who likes to be tied up and might be pregnant, although-since she's just about cornered the market on condoms-I don't know how that could have happened. But I will not-you listen to me, Emma!-I absolutely will not have anybody thinkin' a woman of mine needs a vaginal moisturizer, do you hear me? — Susan Elizabeth Phillips

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Jim Gaffigan

You can't complain around a pregnant woman. I know that because I've lived with one for eight years. Every one of the man's problems is insignificant on a relative basis. HUSBAND: I'm tired. PREGNANT WOMAN: Oh, really? I'm growing a human being. HUSBAND: I have so much work to do. PREGNANT WOMAN: Oh, really? I have to push a baby with your head size out of my body. HUSBAND: I'm going to stand in the corner for the next nine months. — Jim Gaffigan

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Melissa McCarthy

I'm not a great pregnant woman. — Melissa McCarthy

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

I didn't care if Travis had holstered his gun, double-bagged it, or tied it in a knot. He could probably get a woman pregnant just by winking at her.
-Ella's thoughts — Lisa Kleypas

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Sara Gruen

Dear God. Not only am I unemployed and homeless, but I also have a pregnant woman, bereaved dog, elephant, and eleven horses to take care of. — Sara Gruen

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Christine Feehan

Climb back up here. We're going to have to jump."
She stated it so calmly he almost didn't comprehend. His head snapped around. "Are you out of your fucking mind, Rose? You're pregnant. You can't jump out of a moving car."
"Well, it's that or go with it into the ravine. I prefer the sand. Move it, soldier. You've got about fifteen seconds."
She wasn't kidding. The woman was insane, already opening the driver's door and bailing before he could stop her. Kane kicked open the backseat passenger door and dove. — Christine Feehan

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By John Green

But you know what they say about Gutshot: the population never goes up and never goes down, because every time a woman gets pregnant, a man leaves town. — John Green

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By John Green

No, not officially. But you know what they say about Gunshot: the population never goes up and never goes down, because everytime a woman gets pregnant, a man leaves the town. — John Green

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Eliot Schrefer

Superstition, she said. Soup with a bonobo finger in it is supposed to make a pregnant woman give birth to a strong baby. Putting another finger in the bathwater keeps the baby strong. "I hope the stupid polio", I said, and surprised myself by even sort of meaning it. I kissed the top of the bonobo's head. I imagined him in his crate, crying against the bars, someone lifting him out only to chop off a finger. Plunging him back into the crate, then pulling him out a few days later to take another ... — Eliot Schrefer

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Maya Banks

Not that she really wanted to mess with a pregnant woman. There was too much similarity between them and pit bulls for her liking. — Maya Banks

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Lord Chesterfield

How often should a woman be pregnant? Continually, or hardly ever? Or must there be a certain number of pregnancy anniversaries established by fashion? What do you, at the age of forty-three, have to say on the subject? Is it a fact that the laws of nature, or of the country, or of propriety, have ordained this time of life for sterility? — Lord Chesterfield

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Emma Donoghue

I actually tried to think of the story [Room] in gender-neutral terms at first and said to myself, "OK, would this work if it were a man?" Well no, you can't make a man pregnant, so it's got to be a woman. — Emma Donoghue

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By Jodie Sweetin

I think as a pregnant woman we're all looking for stuff that makes us all look cute and fashionable and feel sexy when we're pregnant. — Jodie Sweetin

A Pregnant Woman Quotes By David Mitchell

A book can't be a half-fantasy any more than a woman can be half pregnant — David Mitchell