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Top A Positive Atmosphere Quotes

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Jillian Ellis

If there is a mutual respect between players and coaches, that keeps the team honest and makes for a very healthy environment which in turn promotes other important qualities such as work ethic, integrity and a positive atmosphere for competing and winning. — Jillian Ellis

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Jerry Kramer

College was especially sweet because of the positive, hopeful atmosphere of a college campus. — Jerry Kramer

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Thomas Hardy

It was a typical summer evening in June, the atmosphere being in such delicate equilibrium and so transmissive that inanimate objects seemed endowed with two or three senses, if not five. There was no distinction between the near and the far, and an auditor felt close to everything within the horizon. The soundlessness impressed her as a positive entity rather than as the mere negation of noise. — Thomas Hardy

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Shaun McNiff

Creative energy manifests in the 'aura' of the environment - the distinct atmosphere, quality and 'air of the place.' It has a contagious effect on people. When we walk into the environment, we know immediately whether or not the energy is present. Most of us need communities as sources of motivation and vitality; and in keeping with the basic movements of energy in nature, people charge one another in positive and negative ways. — Shaun McNiff

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Joyce Meyer

Think positive thoughts! I can remember when I thought my thoughts didn't make much difference. After all, they were in my head and certainly weren't affecting anyone but me. I was wrong - and so are you if this is your attitude. Thoughts operate in the spiritual realm. You cannot see thoughts just as you cannot see angels, but they are real; they merely function in a realm not visible to the eye. Thoughts become words, attitudes, body language, facial expressions, and moods - and all of these affect the atmosphere we dwell in. — Joyce Meyer

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Dalai Lama XIV

If you approach others with the thought of compassion, that will automatically reduce fear and allow an openness with other people. It creates a positive, friendly atmosphere. With that attitude, you can approach a relationship in which you, yourself, initially create the possibility of receiving affection or a positive response from the other person. And with that attitude, even if the other person is unfriendly or doesn't respond to you in a positive way, then at least you've approached the person with a feeling of openness that gives you a certain flexibility and the freedom to change your approach as needed. — Dalai Lama XIV

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Maddy Malhotra

The greatest pollution problem is not found in the atmosphere, water, or soil; but in the minds of 90% of the population, which are contaminated with negative thoughts and beliefs. — Maddy Malhotra

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Dalai Lama XIV

If your mental attitude is positive, even when threats abound, you won't lose your inner peace. On the other hand, if your mind is negative, marked by fear, suspicion and feelings of helplessness, even among your best friends, in a pleasant atmosphere and comfortable surroundings, you won't be happy. — Dalai Lama XIV

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Emma Goldman

Free love? As if love is anything but free! Man has bought brains, but all the millions in the world have failed to buy love. Man has subdued bodies, but all the power on earth has been unable to subdue love. Man has conquered whole nations, but all his armies could not conquer love. Man has chained and fettered the spirit, but he has been utterly helpless before love. High on a throne, with all the splendor and pomp his gold can command, man is yet poor and desolate, if love passes him by. And if it stays, the poorest hovel is radiant with warmth, with life and color. Thus love has the magic power to make of a beggar a king. Yes, love is free; it can dwell in no other atmosphere. In freedom it gives itself unreservedly, abundantly, completely. All the laws on the statutes, all the courts in the universe, cannot tear it from the soil, once love has taken root. — Emma Goldman

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Okakura Kakuzo

Much has been said of the aesthetic values of chanoyu- the love of the subdued and austere- most commonly characterized by the term, wabi. Wabi originally suggested an atmosphere of desolation, both in the sense of solitariness and in the sense of the poverty of things. In the long history of various Japanese arts, the sense of wabi gradually came to take on a positive meaning to be recognized for its profound religious sense ... the related term, sabi, ... It was mid-winter, and the water's surface was covered with the withered leaves of the of the lotuses. Suddenly I realized that the flowers had not simply dried up, but that they embodied, in their decomposition, the fullness of life that would emerge again in their natural beauty. — Okakura Kakuzo

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Franco Harris

How you look at a situation is very important, for how you think about a problem may defeat you before you ever do anything about it. When you get discouraged or depressed, try changing your attitude from negative to positive and see how life can change for you. Remember, your attitude toward a situation can help you to change it
you create the very atmosphere for defeat or victory. — Franco Harris

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Rick Pitino

When it comes to team dynamics - on a basketball court or in a corporate setting - maintaining a positive atmosphere is crucial. — Rick Pitino

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Dalai Lama XIV

Compassion naturally creates a positive atmosphere, and as a result you feel peaceful and content. — Dalai Lama XIV

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Jens Lekman

Sometimes it's not like I write very specific, it's more like I add an atmosphere almost to something that might have been quite awkward in my mind from the beginning. Something has happened and I want to force myself to think of it in a more positive way. And then I force myself to write something that convinces me that this is actually something pretty good or something that I learned something valuable from. — Jens Lekman

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Jack Welch

Celebrating creates an atmosphere of recognition and positive energy. Imagine a team winning the World Series without champagne spraying everywhere. And yet companies win all the time and let it go without so much as a high five. Work is too much a part of life not to recognize moments of achievement. Make a big deal out of them. If you don't, no one will. — Jack Welch

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Tarthang Tulku

It is important to recognize the power of our emotions-and to take responsibility for them by creating a light and positive atmosphere around ourselves. This attitude of joy that we create helps alleviate states of hopelessness, loneliness, and despair. Our relationships with others thus naturally improve, and little by little the whole of society becomes more positive and balanced. — Tarthang Tulku

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Kenneth G. Ortiz

Just keep a positive mind and all things positive will greet you within your atmosphere ... — Kenneth G. Ortiz

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Dalai Lama

A compassionate attitude helps you communicate more easily with your fellow human beings. As a result, you make more genuine friends and the atmosphere around you is more positive, which gives you greater inner strength. This inner strength helps you spontaneously concern yourself with others, instead of thinking only about yourself. — Dalai Lama

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Kim Stanley Robinson

The Earth is bathed in a flood of sunlight. A fierce inundation of photons - on average, 342 joules per second per square meter. 4185 joules (one calorie) will raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree Celsius. If all this energy were captured by the Earth's atmosphere, its temperature would rise by ten degrees Celsius in one day. Luckily much of it radiates back to space. How much depends on albedo and the chemical composition of the atmosphere, both of which vary over time. A good portion of Earth's albedo, or reflectivity, is created by its polar ice caps. If polar ice and snow were to shrink significantly, more solar energy would stay on Earth. Sunlight would penetrate oceans previously covered by ice, and warm the water. This would add heat and melt more ice, in a positive feedback loop. — Kim Stanley Robinson

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Frank McCourt

There were positive things about the church, that is, in the European cultural sense, the architecture, the liturgy, the music, the art, such as it was, the stations of the cross in the church, the tradition, and the atmosphere of awe and mystery in the mass. The atmosphere of miracle, one of mainly mystery, that's what fascinates me. — Frank McCourt

A Positive Atmosphere Quotes By Faith Blatchford

hen we allow hope to be challenged, our faith wavers and our words often become negative. Speaking the truth, rather than negative words has a two fold effect. First, the spoken word builds up our hope and faith. In addition, words of blessing released into the atmosphere actually have power to bring positive change. — Faith Blatchford