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A Cozy Home Quotes By Linda Weaver Clarke

Amelia? Let's make sure we set some time aside every day for one another. We shouldn't bring our work home with us. Okay?"
She smiled. "Deal! — Linda Weaver Clarke

A Cozy Home Quotes By Harbhajan Singh Yogi

Whenever you remember me, now or hereafter, one word you must remember: God only lives in cozy homes. Man without a cozy home is a man without God. And coziness is the relationship between you and your purity, your piety and your principles to which you have agreed. — Harbhajan Singh Yogi

A Cozy Home Quotes By Harbhajan Singh Yogi

The greatest investment and greatest fair deal and enterprise is family, cozy homes. A cozy home is based on cozy people. Cozy people are not brought and imported, they are made from the time of birth to the time of infinity. — Harbhajan Singh Yogi

A Cozy Home Quotes By Emily Carr

The house begins to be a home. The unfamiliar places are beginning to fold the familiar objects into their keeping and to cozy them down. Objects that swore at each other when the movers heaved them into the new rooms have subsided into corners and sit to lick their feet and wash their faces like cats accepting a new home. — Emily Carr

A Cozy Home Quotes By Harbhajan Singh Yogi

A cozy home is not just a sixty-five thousand dollar house bought from Bank of America. A cozy home is a total consciousness of the two individuals within the framework of the home, and in relationship to the entire surrounding of this planet and beyond this planet. God lives in cozy homes. — Harbhajan Singh Yogi

A Cozy Home Quotes By Gemma Halliday

Men. They were nothing but trouble anyway. I mean, really, look where the men in my life had gotten me. Handcuffed, fingerprinted, jailed ... then handcuffed again! That's it, I washed my hands of the whole lot of them. In fact, I was actually looking forward to flying home, sitting in my cozy studio and spending the evening alone with Joanie, Chachi, and the Keebler elves. Now those were my kind of men. — Gemma Halliday

A Cozy Home Quotes By Harbhajan Singh Yogi

What is a cozy home? Where you enter and you feel the radiance of your divine self. — Harbhajan Singh Yogi

A Cozy Home Quotes By Tana French

Places are supposed to look smaller when you go back to them, but my road just looked schizoid. A couple of the houses had had nifty little makeovers involving double glazing and amusing faux-antique pastel paint; most of them hadn't. Number 16 looked like it was on its last legs: the roof was in tatters, there was a pile of bricks and a dead wheelbarrow by the front steps, and at some point in the last twenty years someone had set the door on fire. In Number 8, a window on the first floor was lit up, gold and cozy and dangerous as hell. — Tana French

A Cozy Home Quotes By Violet Haberdasher

Knightley Academy stood out against the moonlight in silhouette, a ramshackle collection of chimneys, turrets and gables. Both boys stopped to take in the sight of the manicured lawns and tangled woods, the soaring chapel and the ivy-covered brick of the headmaster's house. They were home. For this, Henry felt, was home. Not some foreign castle encircled by guard towers, but this cozy, bizarre assortment of buildings with its gossiping kitchen maids and eccentric professors and clever students. — Violet Haberdasher

A Cozy Home Quotes By A.E.H. Veenman

I considered my home sanctuary from the judicial arena, far from the Fernoza Family legacy, and I had no intention of sharing it with anyone. — A.E.H. Veenman

A Cozy Home Quotes By Ree Drummond

It was time for me to go that Thursday night. We'd just watched Citizen Kane--a throwback to my Cinema 190 class at USC--and it was late. And though a soft, cozy bed in one of the guest rooms sounded much more appealing than driving all the way home, I'd never really wanted to get into the habit of sleeping over at Marlboro Man's house. It was the Pretend-I'm-a-Proper-Country-Club-Girl in me, mixed with a healthy dose of fear that Marlboro Man's mother or grandmother would drop by early in the morning to bring Marlboro Man some warm muffins or some such thing and see my car parked in the driveway. Or even worse, come inside the house, and then I'd have to wrestle with whether or not to volunteer that "I slept in a guest room! I slept in a guest room!", which only would have made me look more guilty. Who needs that? I'd told myself, and vowed never to put myself in that predicament. — Ree Drummond

A Cozy Home Quotes By Harbhajan Singh Yogi

It is not possible to live in today's society without a cozy home. What is a cozy home? A cozy home is a place where there is a unity in all those who live there, an understanding in all those who relate to it. There is a will to sacrifice for each other; there is a will to live for each other; there is a will to protect each other. — Harbhajan Singh Yogi

A Cozy Home Quotes By O. Henry

But the best, in my opinion, was the home life in the little flat
the ardent, voluble chats after the day's study; the cozy dinners and fresh, light breakfasts; the interchange of ambitions
ambitions interwoven each with the other's or else inconsiderable
the mutual help and inspiration; and
overlook my artlessness
stuffed olives and cheese sandwiches at 11 p.m. — O. Henry

A Cozy Home Quotes By Harbhajan Singh Yogi

God lives in cozy homes. Happiness, which a cozy home can give you, is so divine on this Earth, you don't need anything more than that. God is unseen but His creation is known and seen. What is known and seen for you, if you cannot relate to that how can you relate to the unknown? If you can relate knowingly to your unknown thought, you can always find happiness. But you have to have nerves for it. You have to have a mental capacity for it, you have to have trained yourself, and this is the part of that training I have come to share with you. — Harbhajan Singh Yogi

A Cozy Home Quotes By Harbhajan Singh Yogi

Today in the west we are asking the question, why is man unhappy? Answer is very simple. We have created a very fast society but we do not have a cozy home, and without a cozy home we do not have a mental state of nerve relaxed personality. Without having a mental state of nerve relaxed personality, you cannot face this fastness of the outer world; it's impossible. — Harbhajan Singh Yogi

A Cozy Home Quotes By M. Judeth Nelson

Money isn't the only measure of making a house a home. — M. Judeth Nelson

A Cozy Home Quotes By Elizabeth Strout

Isabelle's moods began to vary with alarming speed. She wondered if she had always been this way and simply failed to notice. No. Good heavens, you noticed something like this: driving to the A&P feeling collected and cozy, as though your clothes fit around you exactly right, and by the time you drove home feeling completely undone, because as you walked across the parking lot the smell of the grocery bag you held in your arms mingled with the smell of spring and produced some scrape of longing in your heart. Frankly, it was exhausting. Because for all those moments of hope that God was near, of some bursting, some widening seeming to take place in her heart, Isabelle had other moments that could only be described as rage. (117) — Elizabeth Strout

A Cozy Home Quotes By Laini Taylor

Home. the word always had air quotes around it in her mind. She'd done what she could to make her flat cozy, filling it with art, books, ornate lanterns, and a Persian carpet as soft as lynx fur. And of course there were her angel wings taking up one whole wall. But there was no help for the real emptiness; its close air was stirred by no breath but her own. When she was alone, the empty place within her, the missingness, as she thought of it, seemed to swell. Even being with Kaz had done something to keep it at bay, though not enough. Never enough. — Laini Taylor

A Cozy Home Quotes By Aerin Lauder

There are certain parts of the home that I think embellishment feels cozy and inviting. Then there are other environments, for example, the living room, where I don't have a ton of items on the table. — Aerin Lauder

A Cozy Home Quotes By Charlotte Ronson

I like to go out, but sometimes it's nice to stay cozy at home, watching movies or TV, especially early in the week. — Charlotte Ronson

A Cozy Home Quotes By Jason Mraz

I feel at home in intimate concert halls. I can take risks and I'm immediately forgiven if the risk is a failure because it's such a cozy atmosphere. It opens up the opportunity for conversation and for interacting with the crowd. — Jason Mraz

A Cozy Home Quotes By Linda Weaver Clarke

As they passed the giant saguaro cacti, Amelia knew they were getting close to home. They were magnificent, standing like humungous pitchforks in the middle of the desert. To her, it represented the American West...
Amelia noticed Sam in the distance. He seemed intrigued by the Teddy Bear Chollas. Sam was not originally from Arizona, so he seemed enchanted by the fuzzy little cactus.
As he reached toward it, Amelia yelled, "Stop! No! Don't touch that, Sam!"
But it was too late. The little razor sharp needles seemed to jump toward his finger... — Linda Weaver Clarke

A Cozy Home Quotes By Caisey Quinn

You know that feeling, when you've had the worst day of your life and it seems like the universe is out to get you? And then you get home and as soon as you walk through the door it's like you're shutting all of that out? The heavens smile on you and you get all cozy in the tub or bed or whatever and all that bad stuff just melts away? 'Cause you're in your safe place? — Caisey Quinn

A Cozy Home Quotes By Stacy Keibler

When I'm home, I like a cozy, comfortable, calming space. — Stacy Keibler

A Cozy Home Quotes By Gabrielle Zevin

An absolutely delightful book about books, The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry will draw you in with its wonderfully written characters and emotional resonance . . . A delight in every sense of the word . . . The little bookstore on Alice Island might just begin to feel like a second home, a cozy place to return to again and again when you need an escape from the world. — Gabrielle Zevin

A Cozy Home Quotes By Nina LaCour

It's a dark place, not knowing.
It's difficult to surrender to.
But I guess it's where we live most of the time. I guess it's where we all live, so maybe it doesn't have to be so lonely. Maybe I can settle into it, cozy up to it, make a home inside uncertainty. — Nina LaCour

A Cozy Home Quotes By Thomas Ligotti

To Eden with me you will not leave
To live in a cottage of crazy, crooked eaves.
In your own happy home you take care these nights;
When you let your little cat in, please turn on the lights!
Something scurries behind and finds a cozy place to stare,
Something sent to you from paradise, with serpents to spare:
Tongues flowering; they leap out laughing, lapping. Dissapear — Thomas Ligotti

A Cozy Home Quotes By Zak Bagans

I discovered that what most people call creepy, scary, and spooky, I call comfy, cozy, and home. — Zak Bagans

A Cozy Home Quotes By Daniel Handler

One's home is like a delicious piece of pie you order in a restaurant on a country road one cozy evening - the best piece of pie you have ever eaten in your life - and can never find again. After you leave home, you may find yourself feeling homesick, even if you have a new home that has nicer wallpaper and a more efficient dishwasher than the home in which you grew up. — Daniel Handler

A Cozy Home Quotes By Jennifer L. Scott

Driving to see my childhood home was very significant for me. It taught me the importance of home, especially to children. Your home is more than just a shelter. It is more than just a place to showcase your design skills. It is more than just a means to an end (especially if you would rather live somewhere else). It is the most importance place of your life. It provides you solace and refuge from the harsh world. It provides tangible comforts, like your cozy sofa and warm bed. But it also provides other comforts in the energy it gives off. You will have so many memories in this home. There will be many firsts here, and if you have children, they will remember even the smallest details about your home - especially all of its off-beat character. — Jennifer L. Scott

A Cozy Home Quotes By Ed Lynskey

Alma didn't want Isabel to start singing the praises of their pet, a rescue beagle, or she wouldn't shush until sundown.
"I've found the missing lady," Alma said. "Say welcome home, Betsy Sweet. — Ed Lynskey

A Cozy Home Quotes By Anonymous

Friends, this world is not your home, so don't make yourselves cozy in it. Don't indulge your ego at the expense of your soul. Live an exemplary life among the natives so that your actions will refute their prejudices. Then they'll be won over to God's side and be there to join in the celebration when he arrives. 13-17 — Anonymous

A Cozy Home Quotes By Tonya Kappes

Jephus Hardy?"
Stunned. My jaw dropped when I saw Cephus Hardy walk up to me in the magazine aisle of Artie's Meat and Deli. I was admiring the cover of Cock and Feathers, where my last client at Eternal Slumber Funeral Home, Chicken Teater, graced the cover with his prize Orloff Hen, Lady Cluckington. — Tonya Kappes

A Cozy Home Quotes By Hanya Yanagihara

If you love home - and even if you don't - there is nothing quite as cozy, as comfortable, as delightful, as that first week back. That week, even the things that would irritate you - the alarm waahing from some car at three in the morning; the pigeons who come to clutter and cluck on the windowsill behind your bed when you're trying to sleep in - seem instead reminders of your own permanence, of how life, your life, will always graciously allow you to step back inside of it, no matter how far you have gone away from it or how long you have left it. — Hanya Yanagihara

A Cozy Home Quotes By Harbhajan Singh Yogi

If you can do any favor for yourself, if you want to understand yourself, if you really want to build anything for yourself, try to make a plan to have a cozy home and a cozy partner. When even God may leave you, your partner should not-that kind of partner; a partner who does not know how to part. If your partner knows that he can part, he does not yet have the power to unite. — Harbhajan Singh Yogi

A Cozy Home Quotes By Maya Angelou

You can never go home again, but the truth is you can never leave home, so it's all right. — Maya Angelou