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Top 6 Packs Quotes

6 Packs Quotes By Paul Andrew Hutton

Unprotected by the army, the Mexican peasants were helpless to resist the Apache raiders, with scores carried off into captivity and hundreds more slaughtered. The desert now reclaimed the untilled fields. Cattle, sheep, mules, and goats wandered free only to fall prey to the great packs of wolves and coyotes that trailed the Apache raiding parties just as the raven shadows the predator on his rounds. Skeletons lined the roads, littered the burned haciendas, and were picked clean by scavengers in deserted villages. It was a perfect reign of terror. — Paul Andrew Hutton

6 Packs Quotes By Johnny Bench

I spent every bit of my money to try and get a Mickey Mantle card, and I don't have one. Growing up in Oklahoma, Mickey Mantle was my idol. And here I am, and I'd go pick cotton to have enough money, and I'd buy all of these packs, and I'd chew all of the gum, and I'd never find a Mickey Mantle card. — Johnny Bench

6 Packs Quotes By Saul Williams

Yes, there is a science to the aroma of sleeping women

(and to think of the girlfriend I was tempted to break up with because she slept too much)

i now know, they NURTURED here there: they slept in packs dreamt in cycles nursed her in shifts and became her ON ROTATION — Saul Williams

6 Packs Quotes By Larry Merchant

Fernando Vargas may have had a 6-pack in his stomach, but he didn't have a six-pack on his chin. — Larry Merchant

6 Packs Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

So it goes."
Unlike many of these quotes, the repeated refrain from Vonnegut's classic Slaughterhouse-Five isn't notable for its unique wording so much as for how much emotion - and dismissal of emotion - it packs into three simple, world-weary words that simultaneously accept and dismiss everything. There's a reason this quote graced practically every elegy written for Vonnegut over the past two weeks (yes, including ours): It neatly encompasses a whole way of life. More crudely put: "Shit happens, and it's awful, but it's also okay. We deal with it because we have to. — Kurt Vonnegut

6 Packs Quotes By Gail Carriger

All the London ton acknowledged Scotland as a barbaric place. The packs there cared very little for the social niceties of daytime folk. Highland werewolves had a reputation for doing atrocious and highly unwarranted things, like wearing smoking jackets to the dinner table. Lyall shivered at the delicious horror of the very idea. — Gail Carriger

6 Packs Quotes By Cat Johnson

How are you this morning? You get up in time for your workout?"
"Yeah. Just finished that. It was just a run ... well, a run in full combat uniform including our packs, but it was only five miles so not so bad."
Her eyes opened wide. "Oh, sure. That's nothing. I do at least that every morning, you know, before tea. — Cat Johnson

6 Packs Quotes By Cindy Ross

Long distance hiking is not a vacation, it's too long for that. It's not recreation, too much toil and pain involved. It is, we decide, a way of life, a very simplified Spartan way of living ... life on the move ... heavy packs, sweating brow; they make you appreciate warm sunshine, companionship, cool water. The best way to appreciate these things that are precious and important in life it is take them away. — Cindy Ross

6 Packs Quotes By Janny Wurts

Doubt packs more damage, kept secret. — Janny Wurts

6 Packs Quotes By Carrie Vaughn

I was under the impression that werewolf packs were not meant to be run by committee."
"Yeah," I said. "But I dont want to be like all those other werewolves, you know?"
"Says the werewolf named Kitty."
"It's too late to change my name now," I grumbled. — Carrie Vaughn

6 Packs Quotes By Colin Quinn

New York Stat agreed to pay $12 million to settle a lawsuit filed three decades ago by inmates swept up in the bloody 1971 revolt at Attica prison. The settlement will be paid in the form of chocolate bars and packs of Newports that can be picked up in the commissary. — Colin Quinn

6 Packs Quotes By A.C. Williams

I don't think fireflies have friends. They seem to be singular bugs. They travel in packs, I guess, because when you see one, usually you'll see others. but they're never flocking together, like gnats or hornets. They're individuals. They're independent. Maybe that's why I like them. They're okay by themselves. That and their butts glow green. And that's just cool. — A.C. Williams

6 Packs Quotes By Nalini Singh

Hawke nodded. He trusted the alphas of the leopard and falcon packs on a gut level. Neither Lucas nor Adam would ever knife him in the back, of that both parts of him were dead certain. — Nalini Singh

6 Packs Quotes By Robert Pattinson

I thought I was supposed to have a fake six-pack in this scene — Robert Pattinson

6 Packs Quotes By Grant Morrison

Words are ugly when they travel in packs. — Grant Morrison

6 Packs Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

I think that, people are people. That's why the way I treat the lady working in the deli who slices my ham is the same way I treat my friend who drives a Chrysler. That's why the way I treat the guy who packs my groceries is the same way I treat my rich friends. Because people are people. Some are rich and some are poor, and they're all people. — C. JoyBell C.

6 Packs Quotes By Raymond Coppinger

More importantly, modern dogs simply don't behave like modern wolves. Popular dog "experts" like Cesar Millan may tell you that a good dog owner needs to play the role of the alpha wolf, the dominant pack leader. But the fact is that dogs don't live in hierarchically organized packs. Indeed it's doubtful that most wolves live this way. — Raymond Coppinger

6 Packs Quotes By R. J. Reynolds

We strongly oppose warning labels on cigarette packs for several reasons: first and foremost, warning labels may improperly imply that it has been scientifically established that smoking causes disease — R. J. Reynolds

6 Packs Quotes By Jack London

And not only did he learn by experience, but instincts long dead became alive again. The domesticated generations fell from him. In vague ways he remembered back to the youth of the breed, to the time the wild dogs ranged in packs through the primeval forest and killed their meat as they ran it down. — Jack London

6 Packs Quotes By Lauren Oliver

It was unfair that people could pretend to be one thing when they were really something else. That they would get you on their side and then do nothing but fail, and fail, and fail again. People should come with warnings, like cigarette packs: involvement would kill you over time. — Lauren Oliver

6 Packs Quotes By Mitch Hedberg

I saw soda pop for $1.20 a six pack. That price messes with your head. You start thinking you're gonna sell soda pop. Suddenly I've got packs of pop with me. "Looking to buy some pop? 50 cents a can. It's not refrigerated because this is a half-assed commitment!" — Mitch Hedberg

6 Packs Quotes By Joseph B. Wirthlin

Many years ago, large packs of wolves roamed the countryside in Ukraine, making travel in that part of the world very dangerous. These wolf packs were fearless. They were not intimidated by people nor by any of the weapons available at that time. The only thing that seemed to frighten them was fire. — Joseph B. Wirthlin

6 Packs Quotes By George Armstrong Custer

Benteen, come on, big village, be quick. Bring packs. — George Armstrong Custer

6 Packs Quotes By Craig Johnson

Slogans about smoking: Cigarettes are killers that travel in packs. — Craig Johnson

6 Packs Quotes By David Letterman

Here's what the kids get. They get free McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken for a year, and 52 six-packs of Pepsi. And I'm thinking, well, actually, it might be healthier if they were taking steroids. — David Letterman

6 Packs Quotes By Erik Weihenmayer

When I'm following someone, I'm listening to a bear bell strapped to their packs. When I'm leading on a climb, like on a rock, I like to feel my way through it on my own, so I know the tricky moves and where to place gear. — Erik Weihenmayer

6 Packs Quotes By David Sedaris

Boxes of records made me think that LPs should be outlawed or at least limited to five per person, and I soon came to despise the type who packs even her empty shampoo bottles, figuring she'll sort things out and throw them away once she's settled into her new place. — David Sedaris

6 Packs Quotes By Jodi Picoult

Dogs are like the kids in school I cannot stand: the ones who hang around and then leave when they realize they are not getting what they want or need from the conversation. They travel in packs. They lick you and you think it's because they like you, but it's really just because your fingers still smell like your turkey sandwich. — Jodi Picoult

6 Packs Quotes By Lauren Groff

They handed over spider plants in terra-cotta, six-packs, books, bottles of wine. Yuppies in embryo, miming their parents' manners. — Lauren Groff

6 Packs Quotes By Will Wright

The Sims is kind of an interesting case because we had all these expansion packs. We were able to incrementally add on and explore without invading the core dynamic or the core game play. — Will Wright

6 Packs Quotes By H.P. Lovecraft

A dog is a pitiful thing, depending wholly on companionship, and utterly lost except in packs or by the side of his master. Leave him alone, and he does not know what to do except bark and howl and trot about till sheer exhaustion forces him to sleep. — H.P. Lovecraft

6 Packs Quotes By Alan McInally

Alan Pardew has had to juggle his pack — Alan McInally