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4 Leaf Clover Love Quotes & Sayings

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Top 4 Leaf Clover Love Quotes

4 Leaf Clover Love Quotes By Jerry Spinelli

I'm looking over a four-leaf clover that I overlooked before. — Jerry Spinelli

4 Leaf Clover Love Quotes By Leslie Le Mon

A clover that sprouts four leaves, rather than three, is a mutation and is considered 'lucky' according to Irish mythology. Why? According to Celtic lore, each leaf of clover represents something special. One leaf represents faith, one hope, one love and, and , if a fourth leaf is present, that's luck. — Leslie Le Mon

4 Leaf Clover Love Quotes By Linda Weaver Clarke

This is what we call a shamrock. It has three leaves. Do you know what it represents?"
"Luck? Amelia answered.
Lee smiled. "That's what everyone says."
Rick shrugged. "Well, I know it's Ireland's emblem."
Lee shook his head and said earnestly, "It's much more than that. It represents our religion ... who we are. When St. Patrick was trying to teach Christianity here in Ireland, he used this shamrock as an example." Lee pointed to each leaf and said, "This is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost ... "
Rick still held the clover in his hand. He looked at it and twirled it between his fingers as he said, "I'm calling this the Shamrock Case from now on. I love what it represents. — Linda Weaver Clarke