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1930s Gangster Film Quotes & Sayings

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Top 1930s Gangster Film Quotes

1930s Gangster Film Quotes By Nora Roberts

He's back in Maine now.She did say he badgered her with questions. Of course, she didn't have the answer until she spoke to me and found out you were here." Gennie frowned at the sea and said nothing. "She wondered if you were following Macintosh in the papers. It took me over two hours to figure why she would have asked that.
Gennie turned back with a speculative look which Serena met blandly. "Perhaps I'm not following you," she said, automatically guarding Grant's secret.
Serena took the pot the waiter placed on the table. "Coffee,Veronica?"
Gennie let out an admiring laugh and nodded her head. "You're very quick, Rena."
"I love puzzles," she corrected, "and the pieces were all there. — Nora Roberts

1930s Gangster Film Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

The truth is not a downer," Abraham said in his lightly accented voice. "The lies that you pretend to accept are the true downer. — Brandon Sanderson

1930s Gangster Film Quotes By Noelani Goodyear-Ka'opua

A shared characteristic in each of these translations is that ea is an active state of being. Like breathing, ea cannot be achieved or possessed; it requires constant action day after day, generation after generation. Unlike — Noelani Goodyear-Ka'opua

1930s Gangster Film Quotes By Jonny Diaz

By the time I got to high school, I didn't play anything but baseball because I was on a mission. I really wanted to get a scholarship. I really wanted to focus all my time and efforts on baseball. When I got up to Florida State, God spoke to me very clearly and called me out of that and called me into music, which up until that point had just been a hobby. — Jonny Diaz

1930s Gangster Film Quotes By Georgette Heyer

Yes, Nicky, but you think I know everything because I never tell you anything I am not quite certain of — Georgette Heyer

1930s Gangster Film Quotes By Michelle Shocked

If I'm going to be held captive by social media, I'm going to use it against itself. — Michelle Shocked

1930s Gangster Film Quotes By Michael Cisco

There is no perfection but in chance — Michael Cisco

1930s Gangster Film Quotes By David Mitchell

The novelist is more like a pregnant woman who delivers her own child unaided. A messy procedure, with lots of groaning. — David Mitchell