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Famous Quotes By Yoshi Wada

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For a long time in the 1970s, I was experimenting to build musical instruments and use them. I did a lot of ethnic music studies and other things, like electronic music. Making homemade musical instruments and performing was my major activity from the time. — Yoshi Wada

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I remember, in elementary school, being asked what my father does and not knowing how to answer. When I asked my mom what I should say next time, she replied, "Just say he's self-employed." I love that. — Yoshi Wada

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When I was just getting started making my own music, my dad said, "You should think about art, but also anti-art and non-art." — Yoshi Wada

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Initially, when I was making the bagpipes and reed instruments, it was different from the other instruments. In terms of sound itself, it may not be different, but in performing with it, it was a necessity to build it if I was going to perform and make scores with it. By making the instruments, it helped me compose the way I want. — Yoshi Wada

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I don't want to release things too similar to each other. I've been working on selecting something different from my other work. — Yoshi Wada

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Scottish bagpipe has two tenors and one bass - three drone pipes - and then the one chanter. If you put bagpipes together, it creates such a fine sound. — Yoshi Wada

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I don't think I differentiate between composition and improvisation. Improvisation could be a large part of a composition. — Yoshi Wada

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I got into one of the Scottish classical styles called piobaireachd, which is a very old music that started around the 1700s or something. I really got into this music. After that, I started to compose bagpipe music in my notations. Then I started building bagpipes by myself, and then I started to perform with the instrument myself in the 1980s. — Yoshi Wada

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At the beginning, I felt sort of reluctant about my music from my past. But in the last couple of years, I felt good about what I did in the past. The way I see my work, time passes from the time I performed or recorded a work. When I look at it now, 25 years or 30 years ago, if I see that it has value today, I will agree to release it. — Yoshi Wada

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I was an ignored guy and have been for many years. But I suppose I became well-known after being ignored. After the release of the CDs and LPs, especially the LPs, people like it. I was impressed. — Yoshi Wada

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I wasn't so interested in merchandising through CD or whatever form. I wasn't really so aggressive about promoting my own work. I had my recordings from the past, but I never thought someone was interested in releasing it. — Yoshi Wada

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I would sing myself with a tambura and just regular a cappella singing and practicing. I did that around 1973 and 1974, and I finally developed my own style of singing. — Yoshi Wada

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Most of my music is improvisation, and composition is improvisation. Even if I have a score, it is improvisation. — Yoshi Wada