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def leppard lyric from Rock of Ages: It's better to burn out than fade away. This is not a Curt Cobain quote. He was quoting them !!!!! — Victoria Danann

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He was breathing heavy, but speaking assurances, words of encouragement delivered in short sentences. "Hang in there now. It'll be okay. We're almost there. Almost there. — Victoria Danann

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Great Paddy Shits in the Mornin', Elora! He's a vampire! No' a stray dog! — Victoria Danann

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Elora: "If you bite me, I'll stake you."
Baka: "If I bite you, I'll stake myself. — Victoria Danann

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What is it that you want with me, Baka?"
He looked at her in a predatory way that, she sensed, had nothing to do with blood. "The same thing any man who isn't blind would want from you." Elora arched a right eyebrow and took another sip of golden liquid as she waited for him to spell it out. "Your phone number. — Victoria Danann

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Sir Storm, I have decided that you are a god of poetic justice."
Baka to Storm — Victoria Danann

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Storm gave the gun to Elora so that she could practice the reload. He moved behind her to make sure her form was correct. The first two shots missed altogether. One hit a target in the crotch-two targets away from where she was aiming. By the fourth round she was managing to hit her target...in the crotch.
Ram said, "I'm beginnin' to sense a very disturbin' pattern here. — Victoria Danann