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I don't think there's any deep psychological reason. It isn't comparable, say, to America's involvement with Vietnam and the emotional scars that that has left behind. A much more cogent way of looking at it is that the British have suddenly realized that they have their own equivalent of the perennial western. We have an immense, extremely colorful, diverse history of the empire, and I think people are just beginning to realize that there are jolly good stories there for the telling. — Valerie Fitzgerald

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I cried because nineteen years of living could leave behind no more lasting memorial than a few carefully adjusted impressions of a character in a handful of mortal minds. — Valerie Fitzgerald

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Being asked for one's advice is always flattering — Valerie Fitzgerald

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I cried silently in the unsilent dark — Valerie Fitzgerald

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Hatred has a way of destroying the hater more surely than the hated'. Trite, but true in a most terrible way. — Valerie Fitzgerald

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L have no recollection of just when, or more important, why l set about telling the story of the Siege. l suppose it was because l realized l had the right background - and because no one else, as far as I knew, had ever tried it. — Valerie Fitzgerald