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I was so full of missing her that I felt my heart would splinter into a thousand tiny pieces, but I found comfort in the thought of them together up there in the shade of those old trees, overlooking the bay. It tempered my grief ever so slightly, like a feather come to lodge in a dark place. — Ute Carbone

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Sometimes you have to work hard for what you want. Sometimes, hard work is what makes it precious. — Ute Carbone

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In my lifetime I have learned, among other things, not to overcook
veal and never to forget a woman's name the morning after. On that day I
added another little ditty to my list: never blow up a dead whale with
dynamite. — Ute Carbone

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I made my promises in English and Anton did the same and even if the little priest understood not a word of it, we were given to know it was understood by God and that the union was made for better or worse, no matter what the tongue, for the language of the heart is spoken in all the corners of the earth. — Ute Carbone

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The kiss was flight, the kind of kiss that had magic I hadn't known existed. Or maybe it was the kind of kiss that I had known long before but had all but forgotten, like the scent of roses once they're no longer in bloom. — Ute Carbone

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How do I begin to explain? It's because. Because I feel responsible. Because she's a little girl with big green eyes that blink too often when she gets excited. Because she has this big dream about Florida, where she thinks she'll find her mother, like the whole state is Disney World, nothing but palm trees and happiness. Because she misses her mother with a longing as big as the state. Because I've been blessed to have so much love in my life. — Ute Carbone

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I'd believed in that story, the story of us. It was still there,
that antiquated fairy tale notion. I was older now, though, and it was
time to let the fairy tale go. — Ute Carbone

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You said you wanted Superman. And when Superman comes along, you give him the stink eye."
"I did not."
"Yes you did," Steve said. "If looks could kill, poor Superman would be a goner. — Ute Carbone