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Top Real Estate Location Quotes

Real Estate Location Quotes By Venita VanCaspel

The three most important rules in selecting the right piece of real estate are location, location, location (and when we have periods of tight money I would add terms, terms, terms). — Venita VanCaspel

Real Estate Location Quotes By Jillian Dodd

In third period Math, we were forced to sit in alphabetical order. Which put me right behind Logan, who was throwing all those passes to Aiden in the scrimmage. He took off his navy blazer and when he leaned forward to write, I could see muscles bulging across his back and shoulders. I can already tell Math is going to suck, but at least I'll have a nice view.
It's like what Grandpa always says about real estate. Location, location, location. — Jillian Dodd

Real Estate Location Quotes By Ivana Trump

For example, if I make money, I put it in real estate. I always did very well. Location, location, location. — Ivana Trump

Real Estate Location Quotes By Christopher Buckley

With real estate, it's location, location, location. In public speaking, it's acoustics, acoustics, acoustics. — Christopher Buckley

Real Estate Location Quotes By W.Chan Kim

The first involves streamlining operations and introducing cost innovations from manufacturing to distribution. Can the product's or service's raw materials be replaced by unconventional, less expensive ones - such as switching from metal to plastic or shifting a call center from the UK to Bangalore? Can high-cost, low-value-added activities in your value chain be significantly eliminated, reduced, or outsourced? Can the physical location of your product or service be shifted from prime real estate locations to lower-cost locations, as The Home Depot, IKEA, and Walmart have done in retail or Southwest Airlines has done by shifting from major to secondary airports? Can you truncate the number of parts or steps used in production by shifting the way things are made, as Ford did by introducing the assembly line? Can you digitize activities to reduce costs? By — W.Chan Kim

Real Estate Location Quotes By Jeff Bezos

Real estate is the key cost of physical retailers. That's why there's the old saw: location, location, location. — Jeff Bezos

Real Estate Location Quotes By Dave Barry

Ask any real estate broker to name the three most important factors in buying a property, and he'll say: "Location, location, location." Now ask him to name the chief justice of the United States Supreme Court, and he'll say: "Location, location, location." This tells us that we should not necessarily be paying a whole lot of attention to real estate brokers. — Dave Barry

Real Estate Location Quotes By Nelson DeMille

As with real estate, what matters with bullet holes is location, location, location. — Nelson DeMille

Real Estate Location Quotes By Richard E. Pattis

The three most important aspects of debugging and real estate are the same: Location, Location, and Location. — Richard E. Pattis

Real Estate Location Quotes By Holly Black

If you are a crazy person who needs to have clandestine meetings, then, just like in real estate, what matters most is location, location, location. — Holly Black