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Famous Quotes By Tyga

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I never wanted to be that fad type of artist. When I looked up to artists, watching TV, I wanted to see somebody. I wanted to touch that person. I wanted to sound like them. I wanted to move like them. That' s what I want my fans to do. So that's why, everything that I do, the music I make, how I dress, it's all based off my lifestyle. — Tyga

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When I go home and get off tour, I'd like to have a peace of mind. I like to chill. I don't like everything to be all chaotic like how it is when I step outside, you know? — Tyga

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Sour Patch, Swedish Fish. I love candy, man. I can't go without candy. And when I'm recording, I always have a TV on with cartoons - on mute, though. When I'm recording, I like to look at the TV now and then and see some crazy, wacky stuff. When you're thinking creative, it just keeps you creative. Everybody got their way of making music. — Tyga

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We can admire what we see, but we can only love what we truly know. — Tyga

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Hate comes from Intimidation. Love comes from Appreciation. — Tyga

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I'm a creative person, and I've got a lot of ideas. People probably thought that my mentality was quick fame because I made 'Rack City' and it blew up fast, but I have over 1,000 songs recorded. — Tyga

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Sometimes the music just has to tell the story without you trying to tell the story. It depends on the type of music you want to make. If it makes you feel good and party then you go with that. If it makes you feel like speaking on something real and doing a story then it's the beat just has to have the story. — Tyga

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Life without you is like a broken pencil, there's no point. — Tyga

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Moving on is easy what your leaving behind is what makes it hard. — Tyga

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I want to make people feel certain ways when they listen to my music. Whether it's partying or going through relationship problems or grinding or getting dressed and feeling fly. I want to be who I am and have emotion in my music that affects people. — Tyga

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My heart beats, echoes into the cold streets where nightmares and darkness begin to meet. — Tyga

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I feel like too many people on the West Coast, they're too needy. They feel they need Snoop or Game. I never did any tracks with any West Coast artists. Not because I didn't want to, but because I didn't feel like that's what I had to do in order to get on. I just did music. — Tyga

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Every girl deserves to be treated like a princess. — Tyga

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You can't hate/love others without loving/hating yourself first. — Tyga

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I have a lot of tattoos. I probably have over 100 tattoos. I don't know. It's just a mural ... a collage. — Tyga

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You can do nice things for people all of the time and it's never noticed but as soon as you make one mistake it's never forgotten. — Tyga

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I'm definitely inspired by Michael Jackson. I watch all his videos all the time. And Busta Rhymes, early Busta Rhymes - I really was inspired by him. He's really the reason why I started rapping. Because all his visuals. I loved his videos when I was younger. — Tyga

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A lot of my fans know that I love candy. I eat candy all day. — Tyga

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I don't like Drake as a person. He's just fake to me. — Tyga

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I've always treated my career like independent. Everything that I got is because of myself, my own endorsements, my own touring myself. — Tyga

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I don't follow trends. I'm a trendsetter. I represent all the younger generations; fly kids, creative kids - they look up to me. I got a program that's called ROAR. I go to all high schools everywhere we go, and I talk to all the kids, and I give away 30-35 tickets and passes to the kids doing good in school. Stuff like that means a lot to me. — Tyga

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I ain't never been hater. I ain't got no time. — Tyga

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I did not have to dream I made it a reality. — Tyga

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I make negative music, but I also make positive music because that's what thrown at me with life. — Tyga

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I keep telling myself that I don't miss you and that I don't love you hoping that someday I will believe it. — Tyga

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I'm making music that I love and I want to hear. At the same time, things like making money, making crazy money - you gotta find ways to reach to everybody but uplift everybody. — Tyga

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Tattoos, for me, are like a timeline of my life. I could look at a certain tattoo, and it reminds of me of a certain time in my life and why I got that tattoo. — Tyga

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Kids look up to me. I'm not saying I make my music for kids, I do what I feel, its just a self reflection of how I am as a person and it relates to a lot of people. — Tyga

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Hater n-ggas marry hater b-tches and have hater kids. — Tyga

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Life is about strategy nottragedy. Make the best one. — Tyga

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I think we all do our own thing and we all have our own talents, but it's good to know that you have a family tree of success so if you need the help on your journey to success then you can look around and see it around you. — Tyga

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Some people think it's wrong, being single isn't right. But if you hurt the right person, you'll be wrong all your life. — Tyga

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I never grew up in the Valley. I lived in Compton/Gardena my whole life. — Tyga

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Girls always want a reason to get crazy. I get the feeling that girls are crazy anyway, so they just want a reason to really get wild. Why not let it be to a Tyga song? — Tyga

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I'ma make you feel like a virgin again. — Tyga

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Close your eyes, they'll never see your vision — Tyga

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You go to Miami, and you might only hear one Tyga song on the radio. You go to L.A., and you might hear six or seven on the radio. There's certain things you do for your city. — Tyga

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There's not a lot of pretty, young female artists that's out. It's a lot of talent out there, but they don't know how to go about it. I feel like there should be way more sexier women in hip-hop and R&B then it is - more originality. — Tyga

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At the end of the day, people have the right to have opinions. I have the right to have an opinion. And I have the right to say what I want on my music 'cause it's my music. If you don't like it, don't click on it, don't download it. — Tyga

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Instead of wiping away your tears, wipe the people who make you cry. — Tyga

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Wake up everyday stronger than yesterday, face your fears and wipe your tears. — Tyga

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Girls grab me all the time. To me, that's regular, so it's not really crazy. — Tyga

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I wanna move on but my feelings too strong. — Tyga

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I know it's my fault I should've gave more. — Tyga

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I never regret my past ... Only time I wasted was on the wrong people. — Tyga

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It's hard to forget someone whos given so much to remember. — Tyga

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A lot of people don't know I'm from the West Coast. My swag is different. Me being from Young Money, affiliated with them, some people think I'm from down South. They think maybe I'm from New Orleans like them. It's just good to show people and build outside of Young Money, build my brand outside of that. — Tyga

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God will never send anything your wayyou couldn't handle. — Tyga

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Making music is like being the president: You can't tell people you're going to make health care free to get them behind you, but when you get that role, you don't do it. — Tyga

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Music changes every three months. There's always new artists coming out. There's always new sounds. There is always a new hit coming out. You gotta stay relevant as much as you can and feed your fans as much as you can. — Tyga

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We look up for inspiration, down for desperation, right and left for information. — Tyga

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I can make any type of music, so I wouldn't want to describe myself as having one type of sound. I think music is about keeping it diverse. — Tyga