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Famous Quotes By Theresa Romain

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You can't hide and pretend to be someone you're not,Pearl. You can never belong to anyone else."
She set her jaw, refusing to flinch or look away. "Anyone besides myself, you mean? That's true. Though it was always true. — Theresa Romain

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Let me help," said Benedict. "Let me do this for you."

He took the spade from her hand, allowing her to step back and stand beside Maggie. To slip an arm around her crying daughter.

With smooth, slow movements, he turned over the earth. Quietly, doing what needed to be done with a graciousness that meant everything.

And that was when she realized: she had fallen in love with him. — Theresa Romain

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She did not know what sort of person he was. But she thought---she hoped---that he would hold her trust as the fragile, precious thing it was. — Theresa Romain

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How can I know life with me won't become a cage to you?"

"Because I choose it---that is, if you'll have me. It makes all the difference to leave when one wishes, and to go where one wishes. Not to be getting away from something, but to be going somewhere you want to be. To a home. With someone I love. — Theresa Romain

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Any place could be a cage. And maybe, with the right person, any place could be a home. — Theresa Romain

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He wanted Charlotte's happiness more than his own. But how much greater would his own be if they were together? Somehow, sometime---maybe when she flirted with him over sour ale, maybe when she bandaged his arm---she had come to rest upon his heart.
Somehow, he had come to love her. — Theresa Romain

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He flicked his fingers out, just a whisper of a touch against the back of her hand. "You are brave, Miss Perry."
"I am what I have had to be, Mr. Frost." Her hand turned beneath his, and for a second they were palm against palm. "As are you. — Theresa Romain

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Awful fondness you people have for knives. It's really not right. — Theresa Romain

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... Parrying, puckishness, and a touch of profanity. — Theresa Romain

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Her mind blank, she pulled a sheet of paper toward herself, then folded over a vertical strip. Sliding her nail along the edge to weaken it, she tore off a thin strip. Then another. The smooth actions helped order her thoughts. "No, it is not appropriate, but it might be all right. Why do you think you must nickname me? Is it to belittle me or to create a bond between us?" "I'm not sure which is the right answer," he replied. "To be honest, at first I expected you to be selfish and spoiled." "Such compliments will give me the vapors." Smoothing her strips of paper, she began pleating them into a little spring. If her hands trembled a little, he would not notice. — Theresa Romain

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What Louisa wants for Christmas,
Get kissed
Find some good books
make peace between prior best friends
convince the polite world of her charm
and finally, get kissed some more;

"You're blushing, my girl," Lady Irving said, "Not thinking of something you shouldn't, are you?"
"I'm so pure-minded that I can't imagine what you're talking about." Louisa lied. — Theresa Romain

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You're babbling," she said. "Go back to the part about making a home with someone you love."
His lips curved. "Did you like that part?"
"I did," she admitted, "like that part."
"Good. I like it too. — Theresa Romain

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As she hung in the seat, Bart stepped back and raked her with a molten gaze. "I imagine you," he said, "with your collar undone. With your habit shirt unbuttoned and your hair unpinned." She swallowed. "That is a lot of undoing. — Theresa Romain