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Famous Quotes By Teodor Flonta

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While the new Legionnaire man eliminated his enemies in the name of God, with a cross in his hand, the new Communist man eliminated God altogether and stood on His pedestal. They were both equally thirsty for blood. — Teodor Flonta

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Man is by nature a curious animal. You can hide the truth from him temporarily, but not for ever. — Teodor Flonta

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He thought of his wife, of his son, of his youth. He thought of life. He thought of death and then he thought of life again. — Teodor Flonta

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Never give up on learning because what you put up there in your brain," he indicated my head with his index finger, "the Communists won't ever be able to take away from you. — Teodor Flonta

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The night I was born, my great uncle Moanea, the village forester, shot a wolf. The villagers roasted it in the fire and fed the meat to the dogs. — Teodor Flonta

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However, at 17 years old, I was ready to face any challenge and tackle any obstacles blocking the road to my dreams. I was ready to take on the world. I was unstoppable. Bygones were bygones. The future, however uncertain it might be, awaited me. — Teodor Flonta

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I knew that coming from a family with an unhealthy social origins, things would be harder for me. Nonetheless, in my heart, hope never died. However, over time, I had learned that trying never died either. Trying was one thing I always had to do more than others, because, in the self-proclaimed society of equals, we were made to be less equal than many of the families around us. — Teodor Flonta

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Stalin is dead! Stalin is dead! No school today!" we yelled. "Stalin is dead! No school today ... " was a chant to linger in my ears for years to come. — Teodor Flonta

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My father also told me that he felt free in that little hole in the ground, much freer than he felt outside, where he was always being chased by the criminals of the regime. That freedom came from inside, from his thoughts, from his soul; and nobody could take that from him. — Teodor Flonta

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The cane leaves a mark on your flesh for a few hours, a day or two. The good answers to the questions leave a mark on your brain for many years, sometimes even for life, my father said. — Teodor Flonta

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All the light was now coming from the East; and it looked breathtakingly new. In a very short time, everything was nationalized, from banks to factories, from pharmacies to little distilleries. — Teodor Flonta