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So it's not all that important who people really are. Honestly, you could end up spending your life with almost anyone, and it wouldn't matter who - because the person they are to you is totally dependent on your view of them. — Steph Bowe

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You just don't get it. The point I'm trying to make - the point you're deliberately ignoring - is that tomorrow it might all go away. You have to do what you want and take what you want now. — Steph Bowe

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It was like one of those weird dreams you have before waking and nothing makes sense and you very often cut people up and make them into soup.
Or is that just me? — Steph Bowe

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Sometimes books feel like the only thing that keep her sane. Actually, she knows that they're the only reason she's still even vaguely okay right now. That's what she clings to: reading great books and seeing great films and, for as long as she's immersed in them, being able to forget, if only for a short time, about the reality of her life. — Steph Bowe

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She was too dependent on what other people thought of her, and that was her downfall. She cared too much. She was only what other people saw in her - -that is, what she imagined they saw in her. — Steph Bowe

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When I was young - really young - I used to think that the kids who had money, who were popular at school and who did well at things must have had horrible home lives - abusive parents or nasty siblings or lived in cupboard under stairs.
It's kind of sick when you think about it, but what I figured was that life should be fair - everyone had to have good and bad things in their lives, and no one could have a wholly good life or a wholly bad life because that would upset the balance of things.
I know now that I was wrong. — Steph Bowe

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You looked so beautiful- your hair spread out around your head against the linoleum. Though your think brown curls had thinned since you'd started losing weight, they still fell in soft waves. You reminded me of a mermaid, your skin all shiny, your lips so full compared to the harshness of your angular cheekbones and pointed chin. — Steph Bowe

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Sometimes you see someone doing something that does not fit at all with your idea of that person. You realise that, a lot of the time, you don't really know people, even one of your best friends.
Instead, you get to know a little bit about that person - the little things they want to reveal, or inadvertently reveal - and then you make up a whole lot of rubbish that's your idea of the person. — Steph Bowe

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Sometimes the hardest person in the world to talk to is your best friend, because it matters so much. — Steph Bowe