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You, my reader, who see me close, wonder about my heartbeats and measure my words, you my close friend who know my eyes and the home of their prose, you, my only lover, who always move my life, my poetry's pace and rhyme,...
I can not disclose the shape of metaphors, nor what they bashfully display behind the robes of their naked source; but you can use the eyes of heart to feel what they are made of.
And if it's a tear or a smile I evoke, it means we are human, it means we care and we love.
It means we are both beautiful. (Soar) — Soar

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There are things we do that the human mind doesn't understand, yet the same things are meant for the heart to fully comprehend. — Soar

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Although steady and slow are the trail to love, there is no path to see through without the engine of passionate and true. (Soar) — Soar

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In dealing with many words and different cultures every day, I have come to realize that the essence of life can be reduced to the magic of three sentences, in the order of their strength: "I apologize", "I love you", "Hi". The use and the meaning you replenish them with become the mirror of yourself, eventually of an entire humanity. (Soar) — Soar

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Beautiful feelings soar freely, while true care roots deeply. Real love can only be
defined by them both. — Soar

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I am often asked by editors, fans, friends about what I read or which authors influence my writing.

My answer seems surprising to them, for people expect names and quotes from me, while I give them the source of "feelings".
I believe that becoming a writer is not about finding similarities, nor following the same trends, with different accessories. I often un-follow subscriptions and newsfeeds when I want to write about something.

When I write I follow, read and am inspired by Life, People and Passion. I guess my "current" is personal and universal.
(Soar) — Soar

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At times, love is silent because of too much hurt or too much care. At all times,
love is the strongest voice you can always rely on. — Soar

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To withstand the nothing, it really takes everything.
But it can also take just one thing: a heartbeat in truth beside you; when the mask has been removed.
(Soar) — Soar

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When the words have been said and the music has been played, feelings
are the only form of art which will remain to reign. — Soar

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If you don't look before the dusk and beyond the dawn, you won't be able to see the sun. (Soar) — Soar

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Not every given chance deserves love, but every love deserves a given chance. — Soar

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I am a convinced believer that nothing is "as it is", but it is something that "can become", or we can make out of, if we put faith in our inner resources and feelings to bring the right impetus to the driving wheels of our lives' mechanism. (Soar) — Soar

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When flying dreams hit the soil of reality, all that remains are the imprints of experience. — Soar

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If you want the light, like you say you do, then why do you keep it strangled in the
dark? If you preach love, like you strive to, why do you run away from practising?
My love,
the universe you fumble for doesn't exist, if you don't start from within. Before you,
all that I can be is eyes and heart. And all that I can do is to remain by your side,
for I can't love you any less than the more I do now. — Soar

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Reality is not made of dreams, until you make them real. — Soar

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I will not impress you with words, I will prove to you their definition. It's a genuine vocabulary. — Soar

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Time, so majestically fine, was passing by when I asked him to stop, a while, and lay his imprint upon the spaciousness of feelings: his face, reflected in the mirror of my memories, his smile, envisaged by my eyes, in quest of his new dwellings with wells of meanings. And there, he stopped its moment... and kissed my curiosity. It was then when I felt in love with him. — Soar

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Haven't you seen and heard that every word I seed for you is a feeling, and every thought I bloom bears a meaning?
Rivers of words, blending together for the same course, the action of my being:
my universe, your beauty. — Soar

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Winning a love is just an outcome, keeping a love is a true accomplishment. — Soar

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Eyes closed on an open soul...the world starts from within its core towards its final frontier: the end surface. — Soar

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Whenever I learn a new word, I feel strong, for I discover a new world.
Whenever I share a word, I feel weak: I give away a sparkle of my dreams. (Soar) — Soar

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Falling in desire with truth and hope is enhancing our soul with a precious love... — Soar