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Slash Quotes 522529

Drugs and sex go hand in hand when you're a rock and roll musician. Whereas if I were a violinist, it might be a little different. — Slash

Slash Quotes 376067

I think that was the whole idea behind doing the solo record was to be able to do musically whatever I wanted to do. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1651443

It's not so much about how good a player you are, its how cool you are. — Slash

Slash Quotes 240460

If it had been any different, if I had been born just one minute later, or been in the wrong pace at the right time or vice versa, the life that I've lived and come to love would not exist. And that is a situation that I would not want to consider in the slightest. — Slash

Slash Quotes 240492

A day doesn't go by where I don't get surprised by something. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1263841

My dad is a huge rock and roll lead guitar fan. I didn't even really know that until recently. Everything has to have a guitar solo in it. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1025344

I was never into hanging out on the Sunset Strip. When it came to Guns N' Roses and the scene that was going on then, that was something we pretty much hated. That was what we had to scratch and claw through, and as soon as we got established enough to leave, we never went back. — Slash

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The last time I talked to Axl was in 1996. That was the last time we exchanged any sort of words. There was a rumor that I talked to him a while back [and asked to rejoin the band]. I did go to his house one night, and I talked to his assistant about something that had to do with this lawsuit that we were involved in. But it got turned into something else. He went out and made a press release that said I actually spoke to him, which was all bullshit. I was really shocked. — Slash

Slash Quotes 631180

I allow myself one nice car. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1908896

I think when I was a kid, and I was in England and it was all about The Stones, The Who, The Kinks and The Beatles and that's what my dad was into. — Slash

Slash Quotes 2050331

I don't believe in having regrets. — Slash

Slash Quotes 646500

If you were a kid and you wanted to come out and make a statement now, you'd have to really dig deep to find something that no one has exposed already. — Slash

Slash Quotes 995019

[the best advice about women] was from Robert Evans. The line was in his book, but he told me, "When it comes to a woman's mind, I know nothing." — Slash

Slash Quotes 1410365

You can't wait around for destiny to give you what you think you deserve, you have to earn it, even if you think you've paid your dues. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1217979

My dad is a huge rock n' roll lead guitar fan. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1949347

It seems like a lot of what was going on when I quit is still going on. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1154402

Once you've lived a little you will find that whatever you send out into the world comes back to you in one way or another. It may be today, tomorrow, or years from now, but it happens; usually when you least expect it, usually in a form that's pretty different from the original. Those coincidental moments that change your life seem random at the time but I don't think they are. At least that's how it's worked out in my life. And I know I'm not the only one. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1204757

I mean, the thing about Guns N' Roses was that it wasn't trying to attach itself to the '80s, or anything that had to do with the '80s. It's just who we were at that time. We were doing what we wanted to do. That had really nothing to do with anything around us, except for the simple fact that we were rebelling against that stuff. — Slash

Slash Quotes 723890

As for Guns N' Roses, I don't think there's ever a chance of a reunion. — Slash

Slash Quotes 431431

I once asked Axl why he left the 'E' off his name. He started crying and said he thought he'd spelled it right. — Slash

Slash Quotes 157838

When I was a kid, a lot of my parents' friends were in the music business. In the late '60s and early '70s - all the way through the '70s, actually - a lot of the bands that were around had kids at a very young age. So they were all working on that concept way early on. And I figured if they can do it, I could do it, too. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1199191

I do all my interviews on the toilet. — Slash

Slash Quotes 895888

People want you to produce records. They don't care what it took to make it. When a band is out doing concerts, the fans don't want to know about equipment difficulties. They want their hour-and-a-half release, and that's it. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1748925

I had no aspirations to be a musician, but I picked up a guitar for two seconds and haven't put it down since. — Slash

Slash Quotes 135618

I do consider myself British. I have very strong feelings about my British heritage. — Slash

Slash Quotes 159767

When it comes to actually writing, I like to write in a full room with the amps blasting, and a big drum set. — Slash

Slash Quotes 220197

I love classical music. It has left a major mark on my playing. — Slash

Slash Quotes 278865

That's one of the cool things about going to local bars: seeing what people are doing and jamming with them. I'm a huge advocate of jamming with others; you learn a lot. So I love to go and do that - even if people wipe the stage up with you.. — Slash

Slash Quotes 326351

It's not something you can find. There's a moment you arrive at
there's no words for it. A bunch of people come together at this place where a note hits your heart and your brain tells your finger where to go. It's an otherworldly thing, like when a painter gets the right combination of colors together. — Slash

Slash Quotes 509774

I never want to draw attention to myself, but that's all I do. — Slash

Slash Quotes 526061

So when I got to be about 13 or 14, I started listening - even though my parents music was way cool - to contemporary hard rock at that time, which was Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Ted Nugent and all that, and that's just where I came from. — Slash

Slash Quotes 565157

Rock n' roll is about attitude and rebellion. It's supposed to be fun and spontaneous. — Slash

Slash Quotes 625654

Axl [Rose] is not the type of person to make something up. So I was sort of shocked that he went that direction. That caused me a lot of problems. — Slash

Slash Quotes 665495

Restlessness is a fickle catalyst; it can drive you to achieve or it can coax your demise, and sometimes the choice isn't yours — Slash

Slash Quotes 815101

What does surprise me, though, is the amount of attention this band [Guns'n'Roses] has garnered 11 years after the original lineup broke up. That's an interesting phenomenon. It was even interesting back in the day. I mean, [we were] this glorified garage band. It was a great band, but it was not the kind of band you expected to become what it has. — Slash

Slash Quotes 824616

That's always stuck with me, with music. I've never really gotten jaded about it. I've always loved music for the sake of doing it, and the longer I do it, the more I like it. Hopefully, I'll be able to have that same point of view in this business, or at least with doing this. — Slash

Slash Quotes 852138

I love playing music as much as if not more so than I did when I was 19; that compared to most of my peers is pretty surprising. I wake up every day and get really excited about doing stuff that I have been doing for the last 30 years. I just love it. — Slash

Slash Quotes 913842

I don't physically put Appetite For Destruction in and listen to it, but I hear it on the radio or at sporting events or wherever else it pops up, and it's great. I dig everything about it. When I hear Appetite, it sounds like exactly what it was. It sounds like a record made by an angry bunch of kids. — Slash

Slash Quotes 918579

I guess you could say there are two Slashes. There's the crazy, rock-and-roll Slash, he's wild. And then there's the real Slash- he collects miniature soaps and treats his hookers real nice. — Slash

Slash Quotes 921975

I was the one that allegedly "quit and joined my old band." That wasn't true. But it was said so matter-of-factly on the Internet that the guys weren't really sure what I was up to. — Slash

Slash Quotes 937764

Directing is like guitar playing. That's a unique mind-set and talent, unto itself. I like the idea of putting everything together to make a great movie. — Slash

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Slash Quotes 1002677

I am married and I have two kids now, and I love them all to death. So I am trying to put all that together and maintain the same pace I've been keeping. But really, I relish what we do. A year and a half sounds like a cakewalk to me. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1090883

I've always had to do things my way; I play guitar my way; I've taken myself to the edges of life my way; I've gotten clean my way; And I'm still here. Whether or not I deserve to be is another story. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1169196

There are people who have an image of me as being rude and inconsiderate. But I'm completely the opposite, because I was raised not to be. I might have been tripping over myself drunk, but I was always courteous. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1175325

When that band started out, I was 18 years old. So that was my reality all the way up until I quit the band. And even then, you know, Guns N' Roses has a nasty way of sticking around. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1175929

Whenever society gets too stifling and the rules too complex, there's some sort of musical explosion. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1183725

Guitar is the best form of self-expression I know. Everything else, and I'm just sort of tripping around, trying to figure my way through life. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1252401

No one expects the rug to be yanked out from underneath them; life-changing events usually don't announce themselves. While instinct and intuition can help provide some warning signs, they can do little to prepare you for the feeling of rootlessness that follows when fate flips your world upside down. Anger, confusion, sadness, and frustration are shaken up together inside you like a snow globe. It takes years for the emotional dust to settle as you do your best to see through the storm. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1409226

I've been on the road for so long that it's a part of my being. Even after all these years, I love playing. I love recording. I love writing. I love rehearsing. I love touring. I love all that stuff. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1411397

You know, when you really connect with the instrument and everything just comes out on an emotional level very naturally through your playing. That's, you know, a great night. And I think the reason I love touring so much is you're chasing that high around all the time, trying to have another good night. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1413400

A lot of vices that I've had over the years were always to make up for some sort of character deficiency, one of them being shyness. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1419919

An anagram of Axl Rose is oral sex. Why do I know? Because when I'm not playing music I love solving erotic jumbles. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1422351

And, so, when I picked up the guitar, suddenly, just playing a couple of notes really, really spoke to me. It was almost like I should have been doing it prior to that. You know, it was something that just felt really natural. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1443903

We had a really vast music collection and I was raised around rock'n'roll, it's just the way it was. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1457838

Axl and I came from completely different backgrounds. Because of that we made an interesting pair trying to figure each other out. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1479116

Risk isn't a word in my vocabulary. It's my very existence. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1491556

When we weren't being transcendent we specialized in self-inflicted disaster. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1550173

One time we played a concert in Antwerp, Belgium. At least I thought it was Antwerp, Belgium. Turns out it was a Stop 'n Shop in Wisconsin somewhere, but it was fun man. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1570595

The only time I think I've ever gotten sick of playing Guns and Roses songs really was during - after having played them in Guns and Roses, and then in Snakepit, and then playing 'It's So Easy' and 'Brownstone' in Velvet Revolver. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1571615

My mom did costumes for the Pointer Sisters. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1661715

If I could hang out with Jimi Hendrix, it wouldn't be over dinner. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1715661

When I see footage of Guns N' Roses, I see that fu**ing hunger and attitude. You could not f**k with those five guys. It was just raw. It was this lean, hungry thing on its way up. It was as sincere as any rock 'n' roll that I've ever heard, and I'm proud of that. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1741963

For me, the original Guns N' Roses is the embodiment of a certain kind of chemistry that really couldn't be duplicated. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1766336

The era itself has nothing to do with anything. We weren't really attached to that at all. I just saw this thing where they had a Poison concert on VH1, and to me, that is being attached to an era. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1767694

If I ever go bald, I'll kill myself. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1790636

Guitars are like women. You'll never get them totally right. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1888265

Originally, I wanted to call the band 'Guns 'n Robots.' I still believe that if we had just called ourselves 'Guns 'n Robots' we'd still be together. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1892642

The only difference is that, in the last 10 years, the public has been so affected by reality TV and the Internet. They really dwell on entertainers' misgivings. — Slash

Slash Quotes 1905122

I got into rock-and-roll because I wanted the chicks. The Dixie Chicks. — Slash

Slash Quotes 2011239

I'm not overly greedy. — Slash

Slash Quotes 2031718

I got the name Slash because I used to work in a grocery store and I was in charge of reducing prices for really big sales. — Slash

Slash Quotes 2074328

I'm not ridiculously wealthy, but I don't squander money either. — Slash

Slash Quotes 2132914

But if I was still trying to be in Guns N' Roses while I wasn't in the band ... I wouldn't want to maintain an image like that. — Slash

Slash Quotes 2134963

I still party all the time and hang out with everyone who drinks, but I just don't personally, and don't really have the desire to get blitzed drunk any more. — Slash

Slash Quotes 2199479

That's a wonderful side effect of leather pants: when you pee yourself in them, they're more forgiving than jeans. — Slash

Slash Quotes 2226299

I always loved rock guitar. I just never put it together that that's what I'd end up doing. — Slash

Slash Quotes 2228941

I just play, just you know, If i just sit down with the guitar and just do whatever for, you know, an half an hour or an hour whatever. That's pretty much, that should do it for me. — Slash

Slash Quotes 2241155

And, as soon as I could put together the, you know, three or four notes that made up, like, sort of a rock and roll lick, you know, like a Chuck Berry kind of thing, I was off and running. Just completely taken over. — Slash