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Guys Who Are A Waste Of Time Quotes By Dave Eggers

It's the usual utopian vision. This time they were saying it'll reduce waste. If stores know what their customers want, then they don't overproduce, don't overship, don't have to throw stuff away when it's not bought. I mean, like everything else you guys are pushing, it sounds perfect, sounds progressive, but it carries with it more control, more central tracking of everything we do. — Dave Eggers

Guys Who Are A Waste Of Time Quotes By Tyrese Gibson

I'm definitely more talented than most of the guys I know. A lot of guys who just want to have sex will sit with the same woman and try all night. I'm able to look at a woman, have a five-minute conversation with her, and tell if it's a waste of time or not. I figure things out a lot faster. — Tyrese Gibson

Guys Who Are A Waste Of Time Quotes By Esa-Pekka Salonen

It would be very tempting to say that why paint because we have Michelangelo, we have Leonardo [Da Vinci], we have all these guys. Why waste your time, because most likely you're not going to be on that level anyway. — Esa-Pekka Salonen

Guys Who Are A Waste Of Time Quotes By Robert B. Parker

Jeez, on those TV real-life cop shows they don't do this. They got all kinds of guys with microscopes and computers figuring shit out.' 'We're a small department,' Jesse said. 'We can't afford smart people.' 'This could be a total waste of time,' Simpson said. 'Ah,' Jesse said, 'you are beginning to understand the intricacies of police work. — Robert B. Parker

Guys Who Are A Waste Of Time Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

No," I said automatically, "don't do anything about Dad. You can't fix my relationship with him."
"I can block or run interference."
"Thanks, Jack, but I don't need blocking, and I really don't need any more interference."
He looked annoyed. "Well, why did you waste all that time complaining to me if you didn't want me to do something about it?"
"I don't want you to fix my problems. I just wanted you to listen."
"Hang it all, Haven, talk to a girlfriend if all you want is a pair of ears. Guys hate it when you give us a problem and then don't let us do something about it. It makes us feel bad. And then the only way to make ourselves feel better is to rip a phone book in two or blow something up. So let's get this straight - I'm not a good listener. I'm a guy."
"Yes you are." I stood and smiled. "Want to buy me a drink at an after work bar?"
"Now you're talking," my brother said, and we left the office. — Lisa Kleypas

Guys Who Are A Waste Of Time Quotes By Rahul Dravid

Even though it's a shortened format of the game, Twenty20 allows people with different skills to play in a team and play their specific roles. Obviously there's not too much time to waste balls, but if you look at guys who play well in the top six, they have a fairly decent amount of good cricketing ability. — Rahul Dravid

Guys Who Are A Waste Of Time Quotes By Kathy Reichs

Then Ben tugged my elbow. Nodded to his left.
"Can you pull the car around? I'll be there in a sec."
Kit's gaze flicked to Ben, then he nodded. "Five minutes."
As my father strode away, Shelton and Hi both unleashed dramatic yawns.
"Welp." Hi stretched his arms over his head. "I'd better go check on various things that aren't right here. You coming, Shelton?"
"Oh, you know it." Hiding a smile. "Stuff to do. No time to waste."
They hurried off together, chuckling quietly.
Thanks, guys. This couldn't be more awkward.
Ben was looking at me, a soft smile on his lips.
Panic. — Kathy Reichs