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Famous Quotes By Seth King

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And if you ever feel yourself losing your way again,Cooper,and find that you just can't get your shit together,just reach out and love someone.Love is the most adult action anyone can ever carry out in this emotionally-stunted world,and once you love,the rest will fall into place.It has to. — Seth King

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Let love destroy you. God knows life is going to anyway. — Seth King

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But whatever happened, I knew I'd always have this summer, and that first night on the pier under the stars, with the waves surging around us, when we both glowed. And armed with that, I was not afraid. This summer, and this life, had been a privilege. I was sure of that. — Seth King

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You are so special and important and elegant and smart and kind and worthwhile, and you are so much better than me and everyone else I've ever known in every single way, and you are the only truth I have ever found in this lying world, and I love you to the floor of me, and it breaks me to imagine a future without you in it, and I just want you to know all that, just because. — Seth King

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Life's supposed to be a little hard. If your life is too easy, you're doing it wrong. — Seth King

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You're beautiful, and beautiful things don't demand attention. It just gravitates to them. — Seth King

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Everyone has issues. The key is finding someone whose issues mesh well with your issues. — Seth King

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Sometimes you couldn't pinpoint the exact moment you realized you were in love with someone. Your feelings gradually deepened and changed and transformed and took root until one day you turned around and realized your life has bent itself around someone, and you'd never even noticed it. But this was different. — Seth King

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You know, we all have scars, Summer. If yours are only on the outside, you should consider yourself lucky. — Seth King

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We don't get to choose how much time we get in this life, but we do get to choose how we spend it. — Seth King

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Sometimes I just wonder,like,how could anyone else possibly be this lost,too?!Sometimes the words are so beautiful and true and unsettling I just want to hug my book and make sure nobody else in the world ever reads those words,because they are mine,Goddamnit,and they apply to me, and damn it if anyone else is going to steal my words and plug them into their lives! — Seth King

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She was everywhere and nowhere and nothing and she was gone. — Seth King

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His eyes are ravenous but his body is still tense, and so I slip my bra strap off my shoulder and motion my finger at him. He takes a deep breath, slips off his silver cross necklace, and tosses it aside. Whatever is about to happen, it seems that he does not want God around to witness it. — Seth King

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The love you left behind is so much greater than the regrets your departure created. You were more than worth the trouble. I pray I was too. — Seth King

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Comparison is the enemy of happiness, — Seth King

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But for every epic love tale splashed out in lights for the world to see, there were ten million more couples that loved each other in the dark just as beautifully. — Seth King

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Humans appeared on a watery rock spinning around a ball of flames suspended in the middle of an endless ocean of nothing, and yet you still don't believe in a miracle like love? — Seth King

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His eyes locked with mine, and I drowned in them. That was odd. I always thought you could only drown in water, never humans. — Seth King

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Life's supposed to be hard. If your life is too easy, that means you're doing it wrong. — Seth King

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If eyes are windows into the soul, books are rabbit holes into the imagination. — Seth King

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Because I, Summer Johnson, Purveyor of Pragmatism, Lover of Logic, Ultimate Believer in the Rational, and Person Who Was Maybe Going To Die Soon, wanted to drown in someone. — Seth King

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Empathy was a sword with two edges. I was blessed with the ability to care deeply for people, and cursed with the knowledge that they would nearly always choose the worst for themselves. — Seth King

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Whoever's reading this out there - you deserve to have someone's hands be glued to you, for their eyes to be stuck on you. You deserve for their face to catch on fire when they look at you, for them to lay eyes on you and devote the rest of their day to you. Don't ever let yourself settle for anything less than magic from Dumbledore's freakin' wand. That feeling - you know, that crazy, irrational, my-brain-won't-work-without-you, I'd-make-you-eggs-every-morning-for-the-rest-of-my-life - that feeling is the most important thing you will ever find. No matter what happens in this life, that feeling - that love - will keep you warm, and carry you through. So find that magic feeling and never let anythng take it away from you. — Seth King