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Hope was always creating pleasantly ideological, and therefore impossible things. — Sean DeLauder

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Hedge was enthralled by her symmetry, yet the word was too cool and dry. She was beautiful. — Sean DeLauder

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Want your words to live forever? Write them on your pants in mustard. — Sean DeLauder

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Most distinguishable about the idiot, Hedge noted, was their fear of that which was different. Those who feared difference always made a point of finding difference in others in order to feel more secure in their sameness. — Sean DeLauder

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Charms and oaths and guardian spirits were all the product of a need for something to believe in because people didn't believe in themselves, a need to let problems resolve on their own rather than confront them. People were predominantly fearful of disruption, even of the things they found overbearing, even as they attempted to wish them away. It was why they invented heroes. It was why the world suffered through long periods of stagnation between innovations. Because rather than change the things that needed change, people preferred to cower and wait until a hero arrived to do it for them. Assuming by that point it was not already too late. — Sean DeLauder

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Doubt was a giant-sized beast with heavy boots that pounded through the cities of the mind, sparking an occasional life only so Hope could rise again for a splendid recrushing. Doubt reveled in nothing more than destroying Hope. And Hope, being immortal, lived out its days with blithe indifference to its regular obliteration. Neither cared at all about the suffering they caused: Doubt because it enjoyed suffering; Hope because it was too stupid to recognize it. — Sean DeLauder

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That was the mark of genuine beauty. Not being beautiful oneself, but making everything around them beautiful. — Sean DeLauder

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Evil became invisible when it was everywhere. Like air, everyone forgot it was there until it was blowing hard enough to knock off their hat or muss up their hair. — Sean DeLauder

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The single most frustrating and saddening aspect of human life is its shocking brevity. — Sean DeLauder

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A name isn't important. It doesn't make you, you make it. — Sean DeLauder

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Unless was a sword held carefully by the blade. A single slip and all the delicate designs could fall apart in a clatter of severed fingers. — Sean DeLauder

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History loved to lie, through simple distortion or complete fabrication. Lies were the cosmetics of history, and when history could not be beautiful, it preferred to be shocking. — Sean DeLauder

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It was an ignorant perception of the past at which most scoffed, but those who were wiser simply shook their heads in embarrassment knowing similar fears and ignorance confronted them in different forms now. — Sean DeLauder

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That was my cathartic moment - when I realized humans have difficulty believing in themselves, but if someone believes in them, they can accomplish anything. — Sean DeLauder

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For all their simplicity, humans could be remarkably perceptive, though they didn't know it most of the time, and their ability to thrust straight through deception and see to the heart of truth was often lost with childhood. By adulthood humans had trained themselves to be coy and manipulative in response to the coy and manipulative society in which they lived, which led them to believe that everyone was trying to be as coy and manipulative as themselves and were uncertain about what was true and what was not. Beyond their few flashes of clarity, everything became a muddle of colliding doubts. — Sean DeLauder

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At that moment he understood, far better than he had before when he studied their histories and their political structures before he arrived, what it was to be human. Their whole existence was centered upon suffering. That was the first time he considered humanity's massive potential. They made frequent mistakes, yes, but if those mistakes were adequately painful they made every effort to avoid repeating them, to improve upon their errors. To be more careful so they didn't catch their thumb under the hammerhead. — Sean DeLauder

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Most people tacitly agreed to permit cruelty rather than risk being subject to it. — Sean DeLauder

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It was easier to scribble over memories a person didn't want to remember, so they searched for these people - the abused and neglected. — Sean DeLauder

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That was the nature of hope. Sustaining, but of little practical purpose besides. — Sean DeLauder

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Was it right to extinguish those few bright spots for the sins of the many? On the other hand, was it okay to spare all the foul corruptions for the sake of a few? — Sean DeLauder