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Famous Quotes By S.L. Whyte

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Yes,it is remarkable how far a person can travel by sea. — S.L. Whyte

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Remember, Reilly, gossip is just people's insecurity and fear of what they don't really understand," Eilam said. "It is unconsciously propagated to feed their egos."
"Doesn't it ever bother you?", Reilly asked as he pulled the top off his yogurt.
"I've lived too long to put any stock in the external judgements of others,or to take anything personally. — S.L. Whyte

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Whenever anyone harbored ill will toward the beast or said he'd got what he deserved, the spell increased and the evil grew stronger and stronger in the gargoyle. It became more and more difficult for people to forgive-and love-not only the beast, but each other as well. This, too, made the evil increase. — S.L. Whyte

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What is time? How is it measured? Why do we measure it? What is its purpose?
-Mr. Ludwig — S.L. Whyte

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A wish becomes a greatest desire at the very moment when a person's belief in the seemingly impossible is stronger than any doubt.
-Kevin McNamara — S.L. Whyte

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Some may think that little creature is useless," Eliam said. "But even the very smallest of all creations is essential to our existence. Every single one adds to the whole. — S.L. Whyte