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For the uniqueness of man lies in his capacity for self-transcendence. — Ruth Nanda Anshen

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Man alone, during his brief existence on this earth, is free to examine, to know, to criticize, and to create. In this freedom lies his superiority over the forces that pervade his outward life. He is that unique organism in terms of matter and energy, space and time, which is urged to conscious purpose. Reason is his characteristic and indistinguishing principle. But man is only man
and free
when he considers himself as a total being in whom the unmediated whole of feeling and thought is not severed and who impugns any form of atomization as artificial, mischievous, and predatory. — Ruth Nanda Anshen

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Knowledge is a process, not a product ... — Ruth Nanda Anshen

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[B]eyond the divisiveness among men there exists a primordial unitive power since we are all bound together by a common humanity more fundamental than any unity of dogma. — Ruth Nanda Anshen

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Information is not synonymous with knowledge. Information is only data, parts of the whole. Knowledge has a moral imperative to enhance intellectual and spiritual unity. — Ruth Nanda Anshen

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Even as the cell is the unit of the organic body, so the family is the unit of society. — Ruth Nanda Anshen

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Knowledge [...] no longer consists in a manipulation of man and nature as opposite forces, nor in the reduction of data to mere statistical order, but is a means of liberating mankind from the destructive power of fear, pointing the way toward the goal of the rehabilitation of the human will and the rebirth of faith and confidence in the human person. — Ruth Nanda Anshen