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Rick guided her to the outside balcony where they made love under the springtime mountain night. As Renee moaned across the valley below, Rick realized that he hadn't closed the door and that her delightful calls probably echoed into the lobby below. There was a thought that he should close the door. But he didn't. — Rich Hoffman

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Witnessing the Vette's demise, the way Rick felt, there wasn't a king on Earth who he would bow to. No religious figure whose hand he'd kiss. No icon of history he'd worship. No one whose autograph he'd seek. He was becoming a legend, and he was alive to feel it happen. — Rich Hoffman

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And you've spent your whole life wanting to be an outlaw," James said. "And you wonder why I don't listen to you. — Rich Hoffman

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But think about it. We've tried for over twenty years to do everything right, to save our money, to pay our bills, to raise our kid, and to live within the law. We've done everything the right way, at least to the best of our ability." Rick grabbed her hand. "But that's not enough. That guy is right about at least that much. He's giving us a chance to do something that will lash out, and he's willing to pay for it. I can see the sincerity all over his face. He's not trying to con us. He just wants an ally, a foot soldier."
"Why you?" Renee asked bluntly. "Is it that hard to find someone crazy enough to do something that extreme?" She caught herself and started laughing. "Maybe it is. — Rich Hoffman

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I hope you achieve what you two are trying to do," Rick said. "Just remember, the answer is almost never where everyone else has been looking. And the answer is almost always covered up by some kind of danger. — Rich Hoffman