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Imagine living in a world where we no longer believe that war can lead to peace. War can't lead to peace anymore than ignorance can lead to knowledge. War leads to premature death, pain, suffering, hatred, fear and more separation. — Renee Paule

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We must walk alone, but fight together - for One cause, instead of against each other. — Renee Paule

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We speak sweet intentions, but our hearts remain silent. — Renee Paule

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Gratitude is the appreciation of things that are not deserved, earned or demanded - those wonderful things that we take for granted. — Renee Paule

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... we're lazy when it comes to doing things that are good for us; we also want someone to follow - someone to go first, for them to take the risks thereby smoothing our path; a sort of guarantee that we won't stumble. Ironically, we also want to be followed in some way; we are both sheep and shepherd. — Renee Paule

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We're humanity and no matter how individual or superior we think we are, we're part of a greater whole. We can't find completeness somewhere else any more than an individual part of a one-thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle can. We all belong together and we always will. When we hurt each other what we're really doing is hurting ourself and damaging the world in which we all must live. — Renee Paule

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... life isn't a battle between us and the rest of the world, but rather a battle to overcome ourselves - our inimitable egos ... — Renee Paule

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We're the only obstacle we need to overcome. — Renee Paule