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Trust the unicorn, but don't put all your hope in him. — R.E. Vance

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He smiled and as his lips parted, little bits of solid waste fell from them. Hellelujah, we can only be what we are, I thought and wondered if I was as repulsive to him as he was to me. I don't think so, because even though he literally wore a shit-eating grin, I sensed he was genuinely happy to see me — R.E. Vance

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Astarte said the jacket reminded her of an ancient demon called The Judge, who separated the righteous from the wicked - and then burned the righteous. — R.E. Vance

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I never knew so much joy could also hurt so badly. How does one heart have room for both? Unsure — R.E. Vance

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Love is not the doe-eyed virgin you believe her to be. Love is always hungry. Love is always wanting. Love is not rational. Love does not compromise. And Love is not happy simply possessing you. It wants to own you. Control you. Be you. The first murder was because of love. And I promise you that the last of your kind will die for it. "Love is the single-minded hunter who consumes its prey, sucking it of all it's worth and then seeks another. Love is only happy when you are on your knees, begging it to stay. And love will walk away, leaving you to your self pity just to feel your need. "Love — R.E. Vance

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Ahem," a voice said behind me. I didn't need to turn around to know it was Judith, my once human, but now poltergeist mother-in-law. I had once joked with Bella that if anyone hated me enough to come back from the dead to haunt me, it would have been her mom. Seems the joke was on me, because that's exactly what she did. — R.E. Vance

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you humans have an incredible ability to hear exactly what you want to hear and then kill anyone who understands differently. — R.E. Vance

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these guys had been utterly defeated, not by mortal combat, but by a far more formidable foe - human bureaucracy. — R.E. Vance

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Even when they were here, faith was never about them. It was always about having faith in yourself, — R.E. Vance

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Give me the Black Death over a Victorian prude any day. At least the dying screw like it's their last day on earth. — R.E. Vance

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Redemption is reliant on being forgiven — R.E. Vance