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Agatha was a connoisseur of headaches, and was relieved at the transitory nature of this one. — Phil Foglio

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Agatha Clay: "I've never had coffee. Lilith said a young lady shouldn't drink stimulants."
Zeetha: "Drink your coffee like a warrior."
Agatha Clay: "...Yes, Zeetha. — Phil Foglio

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Why the hell can't people just write nice happy stories about people having happy sex? That's what I want, and I bet a whole bunch of other people want it too. — Phil Foglio

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I didn't really think about becoming a professional artist until high school, when I realized that everything else required too much math. — Phil Foglio

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Tarvek: "You call that 'throwing?'"
Gilgamesh: "Hey, at least I got his hat! — Phil Foglio

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As Master Payne escorted her to the waiting coach, a small frown crossed her face. "People keep giving me rings," she confided to him, "But I think a small death ray might be more practical. — Phil Foglio

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Klaus Wulfenbach: Was my son upset? Bangladesh DuPree: Oh, him? Yeah! He's all set to be a hero and rescue her
and then he finds out he'd need fireplace tongs to get her undressed? Yeah, upset is the word. — Phil Foglio

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One of the characteristics I cherish in my friends is their childlike gullibility, and several excited minutes were spent trying to actually find this book. — Phil Foglio

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She's a smart girl, so she doesn't trust you, but she obviously likes you. — Phil Foglio

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Any plan where you lose your hat is a bad plan. — Phil Foglio

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Marie clasped her hands together and looked vulnerable. Payne flinched. "The only time you don't tell me something is when you think it's dangerous, because being a fragile, sheltered noblewoman, I might faint at the thought of experiencing physical harm like a common person." She sighed, and seemingly from nowhere, produced an enormous cast-iron frying pan easily one hundred centimeters in diameter. "And then," she said sadly, "I have to damage one of the good pans by smacking it against your thick, common skull until you tell me - — Phil Foglio

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My only requirement for that first story was that there had to be a fight or an explosion on every page. Naturally, no one wanted to publish it, but I liked the character, did a few stories to keep my hand in. — Phil Foglio

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No, Klaus, it isn't a game. I am determined to change. I do love him. It should be enough. Besides, they always win. There must be something to their philosophy. --Lucrezia Mongfish: — Phil Foglio

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We start out talking about the story, trying to figure out who is who and what should happen, taking notes the whole time. Then I do a rough layout of the issue, showing what happens on each page. Then we discuss that some more. — Phil Foglio

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If we had to go live action, I'd hold out for Tim Burton to direct. — Phil Foglio

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I've also been busy doing stuff for Steve Jackson Games. — Phil Foglio

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As it happened, I had a friend who was a good person who liked to present himself as a dreadful one. Using him as a role model, I created the first Buck Godot strip. — Phil Foglio

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You know, there's more to being an evil despot then getting cake whenever you want it."
"If that's what you think, then you're DOING IT WRONG! — Phil Foglio

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Now I am in control!" He followed this statement with a burst of laughter that showed the owner had done a fair share of gloating in his time, and had the basics down pat. — Phil Foglio