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I think there are too many guns. That's a problem. I'd rather have immigrants than guns. — Myka 9

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I think there is more creative freedom as a solo artist by far because you might get a group push back on an idea because it's more of a democratic process. You can sink or swim on your own ideas on a solo project. — Myka 9

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There are tools that help sharpen freestyle skills like having a diverse vernacular, some sense of music theory, being outspoken, phrasing, spacing, cross word puzzles, thesauruses, the ability to expand on an issue and embellish that with more descriptive terminology. — Myka 9

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I'm somewhat of a raptivist but I wasn't attempting to make a socio-political statement as much as I was attempting to voice for the voiceless whatever ideas that came to mind if I was in that situation. — Myka 9

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America is supposed to pride itself on freedom of religion, race, and class. It's something that is carried on from ignorance and territorialism. I don't know if it's a transcendental pre-colonial mentality but I don't see too many other races of people trippin' about who is coming in and coming out. I think it's primarily racism disguised as class wars. — Myka 9

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If you're doing something that you love to make a living, make sure you love it and make sure you do it. — Myka 9

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There are people that smuggle drugs, human trafficking, and terrorism but there are throngs and throngs of people that come through that aren't seeking to hurt anyone. They just want to feed their family. — Myka 9

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The secret to freestyling is working on the creation of thought and it being expressed from your cerebral cortex, to the air in your lungs, to your larynx, pharynx, to your tongue to form a word via whatever consonants and vowels you're working with as well as having a sense of style, cadence, and rhythm. — Myka 9