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Moriah Densley Quotes & Sayings

Enjoy the top 5 famous quotes, sayings and quotations by Moriah Densley.

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Famous Quotes By Moriah Densley

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I would feel much better about this whole affair if you would slap me and get it over with. I know you want to. — Moriah Densley

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Even now she could not muster much angst toward Lord Devon. She had experienced twenty-and-four kisses in her lifetime stolen by gentlemen, bohemians, even royalty from all the continental nations, men who could not kiss without trying to maul her. But number twenty-five - Wilhelm - had set her aside despite his obvious arousal. Rather chivalrous, in a way. — Moriah Densley

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He prefers men - it must be true. Wasn't that the way of it, the most appealing being out of reach? — Moriah Densley

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Dickens must have first heard his famous The law is an ass quote from a woman. And she was damned right, for all the good it did her. — Moriah Densley

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You have a spine of steel and fire in your eyes, Rosalie. To have such a quality, one must be shaken to the foundation of one's soul and put back together. I want to know how you emerged from hell made of steel and fire. — Moriah Densley